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Hi Scrappy! *hands houndstooth hat and magnifying glass* I come not bearing food, but instead a mystery for you to sink your teeth into! Some people, myself included, noticed that the new Shiny Cocoa Scarab had overwritten the Fiery Golden Collectable Scarab in our albums. Do you have any idea where those mischievous little Fiery Golden Collectable Scarabs could have skittered off to? ~catchinglights
Well, that makes me sad. Why would you come not bearing food? That's just plain rude...*pulls out my own snacks from a drawer* Luckily I always keep extras around!
Now, we have indeed heard about these little rascals sneaking off somewhere! And please do not fret, we have our absolute best meepits on it and this will be fixed ASAP!!!

Hello, Scrappy! I have a question. Once I bought a background in a side account with that free NC we receive when we create the account. I used it for a little time at the side but then sent it to my main because it would fit a custom I was making. The thing is, while discussing it today with some friends, I read two distinct comments: one person said what i did would be considered cheating, while the other one said it wouldn't. This is what I need to know: is it, indeed, cheating? If it is, I will discard the background in question, because I don't want my 11-year efforts all thrown away because of a single background.
Okay, there is no simple answer for this one but I am happy you reached out. Let me make this clear folks, you CANNOT abuse this power. So, creating sides just to collect the free NC to buy items and transfer over is in no way acceptable. However, if you are within your limit of sides and are not abusing a multiple account rule then yes, this is allowed.
Let me repeat this for the ones in the back, CREATING MORE ACCOUNTS THAN ALLOWED JUST TO COLLECT THE NC IS AGAINST THE RULES!!! So, to answer your question...yes you are fine! As long as you are within the limit then you are not breaking any rules :)

Hiya Scrappy! I hope your trip around Neopia went well this past week, though we sure are glad to have you back :-) So, a bunch of summer items in the NC mall retired suddenly without warning (i.e. they did not have the little black star indicating an upcoming retire date), and many of us were saddened/confused by this because we (I) sometimes wait until we know something is retiring before buying it if we don't have an immediate outfit planned (because sometimes things come out in GBCs and then we don't need to buy them separately). Is there any chance these items could be returned to the mall with a retirement date set that gives us a little warning? Typically the closing of a seasonal shop doesn't mean that all of the items in that shop are no longer available at all :( ~One sad NC Mall shopper
It was AMAZINGGGGGG!!!!!! Wow, my little office littered with photos and stories of Neopia is just not the same as seeing the real thing! Okay, folks, sooo on Scrappy's travels I guess the shopkeeper was not informed of our closing date! (Even though it was stated that the summer shop was closing) So, I've decided to throw some of the most recent items in the fall shop for a week....BUT take note, they will be retiring in a week! Also, let me know if there are any other items that you had the unfortunate luck of missing out on (maybe I can throw that in there as well)!
Hope this warms you're little NC Mall shopping heart!!!

Hiya everyone! First and foremost, let me just say I missed you all dearly! I hope everyone has made it through a Scrappy-less week (I'm sure it was miserable and lonely without me though)!

Traveling was absolutely amazing!! It is always such a treat to get out of your normal routine and try new things! I almost got lost in the sea at one point buttttt I managed to find my way (with a little help, obviously)! Just a little note, if you neomailed me during that week, chances are I didn't see it...sorry friends! If it was absolutely vital then reach out to me again (account support is not vital for Scrappy, FYI)

I won't bore you all with the details of my trip but it was QUITE the adventure! However, I am absolutely stoked to be back because we have some awesome stuff coming soon :) I can't wait to show you all everything in store for you guys! I hope all my little Neopians are doing fabulous and I promise to never leave you again....except on another journey, and maybe some ice cream runs, and to retire on a beach one day.....maybe we should just forget I said anything.


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