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Dear Fyora, I am a faerie fan, so pardon all the questions: what do the faeries of Neopia do on an average day? Does Illusen stay in Meridell, or does she visit Faerieland? And can there be a faerie plot?
Fyora: Wow, lovely question! It's hard to state a typical day, as they are constantly changing. I spend most of my time looking over Faerieland, repairing and building where I can, and running my shop in the Hidden Tower.
Oh my dear Illusen, I miss her when she is gone but she visits often. She looks after Meridell so she cannot leave too often but it is always a pleasure when she does!
As for your last question, I sure hope not! I don't think Faerieland needs anymore mischief! Although, we do have something quite special coming up... (Don't tell Scrappy, I might've forgotten to tell her...)
Xarthab: What's special? A party? A battle? A take over of Neopia?! Can I be apart of it? *Fyora walks away, Xarthab chases after her as his voice gets quieter in the distance* Wait Fyora..I want to be apart of the take over!

Hello Queen Fyora! (A little scared to ask the following) really don't exist male faeries in Neopia world? :O ~caraotico
Fyora: We have found no use for them as of yet.
Xarthab: No use?! But we are awesome! Well, I guess I can only speak for myself *grins slyly*

Hi Your Majesty Fyora! *bows in devotion* I was wondering.. it's been a while since the fall of our beloved Faerieland, do you think the faeries; after working so hard and sending neopians on quests; are finally able to work some magic to revamp and put Faerieland back in the clouds? ~joslucca3000
Fyora: I sure hope so. I am so grateful for the amazing Neopians and how many quests all of you go on! We are so close and I know if we just keep trying and don't give up then one day we will restore our rightful place in the sky!
Xarthab: Yeah that must be rough...falling out of the sky, like WOW. That's a longggg fall...

Dear Queen Fyora & Xarthab, Have you had any word from your meepit engineers about the World Challenge lately? ~darkdread44
Fyora: Sorry, all my focus has been on, of course, restoring my land.
Xarthab: Aha, something I know more about than Fyora! Finally!

But, uh, no my meepits have little information at the moment...

Hello your majesty *bows* I was just wondering why there is no option for petpets to be painted by the Fountain Faerie like our pets are? ~brat_1030
Fyora: That is a far different concoction for Naia. Her gifts are highly sought after and difficult for her to create. However, maybe in the future she will create such a gift! I will let her know of your wishes!
Xarthab: Who wants to be painted by her anyways?! You know what you should really get...an orange paint brush! Orange is an absolutely outstanding color!! *Fyora chuckles* HEY WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING AT?!

FYORA I NEED TO KNOW THIS RIGHT NOW AND RIGHT AWAY. ... ... ... Can faeries catch colds? ~horsiepony
Fyora: Indeed we can but we can also heal at any time so they don't quite last.
Xarthab: In case ANYONE OUT THERE is wondering...I CAN CATCH A COLD, TOO!!!!

O great and lovely Queen Fyora of the once fallen and now returned land of the Faeries... please tell me about your hair!!! What shampoo are you using, or is that just already a part of your likeness?? Might I inquire about having a wish granted for natural purple locks of my own? Thank you my Queen, and may neopia continue to bask in your radiance. ~wavent
Fyora: Oh dear Neopian, wouldn't you like to know.....
I'm sorry to inform you that some secrets are meant to stay that way. My hair care is definitely one of those secrets.

However, I will consider granting your wish...
Xarthab: *spits hair out of his mouth* Ugh, Fyora will you please keep your hair out of my face!

Hi Xarthab! I was just wondering, how come I never see any purple Grundos when I'm visiting Kreludor? ~debbie1188
Fyora: *stares at Xarthab suspiciously*
Xarthab: Eh they're around... *mutters under his breath* Unfortunately...

Quick note about 800. I said I was pretty much finished, that does not mean I won't accept anymore submissions for 800. However, if you have already submitted one PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't submit another. Also, if you haven't submitted yet, please do so ASAP. Thanks, love ya guys!!

P.S. Hope everyone LOVES this weeks special edition!!!

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