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Hi! I have a question about Spotlight entries. For the contests where we have to format our writing (ex: Pet Spotlight, Storytelling), should we be using HTML or CSS? Square brackets or pointy ones? Thanks a bunch! ~ zigzagoon12345
Please use HTML, and make sure to use square brackets! We won't get the formatting you sent if you use the pointy ones!

Hey CQ, just wondering why is it that if you send an individual score on team challenge day you can't then later complete the team challenge with a newly earned score? I got confused and sent my score before I had a partner, and it won't let me send or receive a request now even though I played again and have a new score ready, and I'm kicking myself that I missed out on the stamp :( Is this something you could consider changing in future DDs please? ~ mrsrabbit287
Hi! Currently, it works that way because you can only do one challenge per day - the same way you can't go back and do AAA's challenge once you beat Abigail's. You get the choice of one challenge, and by doing the individual one, you're essentially choosing not to do the team one. Be sure to keep an eye on this in the future!

I can't seem to find a good answer anywhere and it just makes no sense to me. I just bought two clothing items, mynci t-shirt and green ogrin t-shirt. the action "move to closet" is not showing up for me? theres nothing in my closet, so why can't I move these clothing items, to my closet, so my neopet can wear them? ~ bulld0gg0furry
These aren't actually wearables. I know it can be confusing, they're relics from before customization was a thing! Any item with a hanger icon on the bottom can be worn - anything without one cannot! Hope this helps!

Hi Country Queen, I'm writing in on behalf of a bunch of NCers ;). For the NC part of DD, Lulu Plays Detective, on March 27, 2017 we were supposed to get the Screw Flower, however a lot of us who clicked the clue very early on, right after midnight, got the Diet Neocola Can Bangle (the prize for the 28th), and now we have the bangles x2 and no flower. Will this be fixed or should we all just send in a ticket? ~ pinkpuppies
Hi - sorry for the mix up! Send in a ticket and we'll get you the right item asap!

Hiya~ So, I was reading the latest Pet Spotlight, as I am wont to do, and I noticed something that TOTALLY caught me off guard. The entry mentioned that the pet had a husband and daughter! It was a super brief mention, but still, I was under the impression ANY kind of mention like that was against the rules? Does this mean the rules are loosening on that? I mean, not to the point where we could post epic love stories or do romantic roleplays, but just that we're now allowed to mention it? ~ loba_negra
Neopets can have families, there just can't be any romance involved. So, family like that can be mentioned, there's just no going into it too much more.

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