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*drops a frozen tuna on your desk* So from what I've observed there is some confusion concerning the paint war that just transpired. Candy is clearly the victor, but there is evidence that the Marble color was activated too. Will we be seeing both Candy and Marble colored pets in the future? ~ potential_ruler
Yes you will! Feelings were so overwhelmingly positive for both paint brushes that we decided to release both! You can look forward to more Candy and Marble pets to come!

TNT, I'm an aspiring writer trying to get both a short story and an article published in The Neopian Times. I would love some feedback on my writing from the writing neoboard, but I have one question. Is there a way for users to view my writing through say, a link to a G-Doc or a PDF, that way I don't have to spam my own thread with my story? Or is linking to outside sites against the rules? Thanks guys, I think you've had enough things thrown at you, so I'll give you guys slorg shaped cookies on a plate and just leave them at the door. ~ hackenbacker
Links to other forms are considered leading users offsite, and not allowed! However, many users post their stories on a petpage or something like that. You can also head on over to the writers board and ask them! They're pros at this, and there's some great people that hang out on the Neopian Times writers board over there who I'm sure will be glad to help you out!

With the release of the new colors (the 3 options were all fantastic by the way), I've been wondering - Have there been any rejected ideas or concept art regarding unreleased paint brushes? Also, how does the released color get chosen? Like, does the art team do a couple of designs/concepts and pick from those, or is there typically just one design which gets used? ~ traveltoromantis
First, we had a team brainstorming session of a bunch of different ideas. We narrowed it down to three we thought were unique, cool, and that y'all would like. Then the art team only concepted those 3, and then put them up for a user vote. We usually don't have the art team do concept art unless we're serious about potentially moving forward with that idea.

Hello! I was wondering if it is okay to have one account be used as the main for everything except for posting on neoboards and neomail? For some reason I have a strange aversion from using my main account for neomail or on the neoboards. I almost always use my side accounts when I message people or post. Maybe a more accurate question is "Does it matter what account I use for posting on boards and for sending players messages?" Thanks a whole bunch, I love this site and I love the work you guys do. This site has been going for a long time thanks to the staff and the people passionate about it. *throws celebratory donuts for everyone* ~ gilthorpe
Sure thing - you do you, friend! You're free to post and message from both main and side accounts as much or as little as you'd like. If you prefer to do that from a side account, that is completely up to you.

Thanks for the "Other" gender option on the Neoboards, TNT! We're all grateful that you're sensitive to the times! That said, will an "Other" gender option be available for our pets in the future? Thanks for publishing this question! ~ indulgences
Glad you're happy with it! Now, I never say never, because who knows what we'll think of or do in the future, but for now, we have no plans to change that. A pet's gender is used to inform their body assets, like the eyes, or the whole body for colours like Elderly or Royal. Allowing an "other" option would mess with that stuff, so for now, you can treat your pet however you'd like, but their official gender is pretty set.

If you complete a Fountain Faerie quest more than once, like 3 for example, will you be able to use the Rainbow Fountain 3 times or does each fountain pass just overwrite the previous one earned? ~ emiemi345
Unfortunately, no, fountain rewards do not stack. If you receive a trip to the Rainbow Fountain, you must use it before turning in another Fountain Faerie quest, or you will lose out on that reward.

Hey TNT! *gives freshly baked blanket* Whatever happened to Mr. Coconut? I miss having him wish me good night. ~ i_like_potatoes10494


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