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Hi CQ! Do you happen have any updates for us on AAAs Revenge? I know myself and many other avatar collectors are eagerly awaiting the chance to collect the new avatar related to the game. If you could share any details on progress to fix the game award the avatar once again that would be great! ~ andrewo94
Hi! So I don't have a formal update at the moment, but I did shoot a paper airplane over to some folks who can look into that and hopefully get it resolved asap!

Dear CQ, Is there a trick to winning the customization spotlight? Is it strictly a random voting gig? Is there a way to garner more or any votes? I have been entering since the beginning of time, no wins. Are my pets too ugly to win? I love them all but you know what they say about a mother's love. Maybe they do only have a face a mother could love. I thought they could launch a thousand ships myself. NP/NC I have tried with both. Maybe it's the clothes? I make sure they are always clean. Can I buy votes with chocolate muffins? I have no cookies. I am just sadly confused as to how I can get people to notice how amazing my pets are and vote for them. Oh no, I think I am becoming one of those beauty queen moms, scary! It makes me very sad and confused. *I left a muffin, thought you might like a change from cookies*. Can you remove my name, please? I don't want to out myself as the "crazy customization spotlight mom". ~ username removed
I'm sure your pets are indeed beautiful - aren't they all! - but unfortunately there is no trick to winning. It is random who sees which pets to vote on each time you go to vote, so just keep on trying - your pets' day will come!

Hey CQ! A lot of us buy the monthly collectible and we think the bonus is glitched, a lot of us, myself included, didn't get it when we bought the fifth and last one. I just wanted to ask if you are aware of this, or if we should all just send in a ticket each, I don't want to stuff up the ticket system. Please remove my username! ~ username removed
Hi there! So sorry about this! We are aware and have somone actively working on this as we speak to get it sorted out! Once it is, we'll be running a script to catch anyone who missed out, so don't worry - we will get you your bonus!

Hello! I'm glad the Petpet Protection League is back! I was hoping you could clarify something about the winners and the neopoint prize. Do only the top 200 get the prize, or does everybody with that specific petpet get the neopoints? Thank you! ~ hershee_the_dog
We're glad too! Only the top 200 get a trophy, but every owner gets 10 neopoints per day they've had the petpet!

Howdy CQ (gives fresh coffee) I was wondering if I get premium neo and I get the 5th pet that comes with it what happens to the extra pet if for some reason I had to give up my premium and go back to regular neopets. Thanks ~ foxytattooed
*sips coffee* If you give up premium, unfortunately you do have to give up your fifth pet. It goes into limbo for a quite a while (I believe it's like 3 months) where you can reclaim your pet if you get premium back, but after that it goes to the pound.

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