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I know graphic descriptions of violence or death are not allowed in NT submissions, but can we mention them? Can they be major offscreen plot points if they're not described? Thanks for the answers :) ~ yami_wolfwood
You can indeed mention them, as long as they happen off-screen! We just ask that you keep any reference to violence at a minimum. For example, "a horrible battle occurred" is fine, but describing what happened at that horrible battle is not. Hope this helps clear things up!

Round 1453 of the Mystery Pic competition awarded 2 prizes and double the nps. What should we do? Thanks. ~ doggetts_back
Sorry about that! It happens sometimes. Silly scripts *rolls eyes*. Just delete the excess prize and continue on with your life, never giving this strange occurrence a second thought.

Hello! So I noticed in the new features last week there was an update about Elephante day. And in it you said something about never-before-seen paintbrush surprises....does this refer simply to new Elephante colors, or something more exciting?? :O ~ debgorax
So, some pets are running out of colours for us to make! Therefore, we decided to roll out some new paint brushes. We did a couple test options to run by you guys to see what you thought for Elephantes!

Hey NT! *throws cookies* I was wondering about submitting a comic into the Neopian Times – how would I divide them into parts to appear over several issues? Is this automatic or do I have to do something specific? Thanks! (Please remove my username) ~ username removed
*Catches cookies* Ah thank you, I really needed those today. Anyway, to submit a comic series, submit each part individually, with the parts labelled. For example, if you were submitting a 6 part comic series, submit each one separately titled: "Comic Name": Part 1, "Comic Name": Part 2, etc. Good luck!

Hiya CQ! So first off, I have to say THANK YOU to the art department for all the wonderful new items hitting the NC mall recently, you have made us all very happy on that front ^-^ That said, I know a lot of users are still having issues purchasing NC through paypal, and now it is also looking like a lot of the off-site NC card retailers are out of stock in NC cards as well. Do you have any recommendation for those of us who would really love to be able to purchase all of these wonderful new NC items but are finding ourselves unable to, or any timeline for when PayPal will be back up and running? (please remove my username) ~ username removed
Hi! We're working on it but unfortunately the timeline is a bit out of our hands :( In the meantime, you can keep looking for NC Cards online, or buy NC directly through the site! Sorry for the inconvenience, we're doing all we can!

Is that new item referencing a popular web series where someone eats a burrito he found in a wall? Because that's what I thought of immediately when I saw it, but it seems like most people on the boards see it as a real-world political statement.(Oddly, some see it as a statement of solidarity in the face of adversity, and others see it as insulting to those affected by the situation. Kinda makes me think we're all just projecting our concerns onto this poor burrito.) ~ username removed
Some projecting has indeed gone on here, and with you too I'm afraid (although what a crazy coincidence, because really how often is burritos in walls a thing?). It was actually a reference to an old song... What can ya do?

So there has been talk for a few months now that Country Queen may have in fact left Neopets and there's someone new (you) answering editorial questions. Its neither here nor there if its true or not in terms of PANIC STATIONS - but if it is, you're probably getting bored of all the questions starting 'Hey, CQ...'. Do you have a different name? What is it? ~ herdygerdy
Wait... What? CQ IS GONE? WHO AM I?? *looks at ID badge* Oh, whew, I'm still me. Goodness, you scared me there! In all seriousness, I am indeed the one and only Country Queen and as a general note, we know y'all do a fair amount of sleuthing as to our real lives and identities and sometimes you are super creepily correct, but you are definitely not always correct (seriously, there are some that have been pretty fun that we okay I, still laugh about).

Sooo why is the rarity index on omelettes so high? Ohhh or more interestingly, how do you guys determine the rarity index of an item? Is it based on accessibility or restock rate... or item abilities or maybe a combination of the three? Do you have a fancy equation you use based on the perceived demand for the item and how many of said item you'll release into the market? Chocolate omelette is my fave btw! ~ melanyanastasia
So rarity does indeed play a role in the restocking process. We set omelette rarities so high so that way they won't show up in a shop somehow! That would be no good at all! As for the rest of your questions, that's for us to know!

Howdy Neopets Team! We know there is something on the horizon involving The Battledome. Without giving too much away, can you mention whether it involves more of a plot/war, more of an alteration/update to the Battledome structure, both or something completely different?! The entire community has been waiting since 2012 for something and everyone is just very excited - Thank you =) ~ _mariokart_
I don't want to give anything away, so all I will say is that it is an event, not just a structural update. As for the rest, you'll have to wait and see!

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