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The customisation and games for Neopets always uses flashplayer and my closet never works to be able to update my pets clothing. But flashplayer is kinda outdated technology. Do you think Neopets will ever upgrade to something better? ~ silly_mistake
That's the plan! Eventually, it'll all be HTML5, but balancing resources between regular site content, developing events both new and recurring, and fixing issues that pop up is tough, so it's a slow process. Hang tight - some day flash on Neopets will be a thing of the past!

Hello TNT! In regards to last weeks question, you said that being able to change your username/pet name is not on the horizon "right now" so does that mean it miiiight happen in the future? Thanks! :) ~ smeehoo27126043
So this is a hard one to answer, I won't say it definitely will not ever happen, because like I said it's something we know y'all want and we'd want to give you, but at the same time, the level of work involved in completely overhauling the back end of our site to make it possible is enormous. I know that's not much better than what I told you last week, but it's the best I got ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Hey, I was wondering if PetPets are ever gonna actually have responses other than the automated one? It's kinda boring talking to them... Have a cookie, by the way! (Don't scoff them all!) Please remove my username. ~ username removed
We don't have any plans for that right now, but the meepits have mentioned it more than once. They're starting to look more organized too... Oh Fyora, I'm getting out of here...

Frisbee tosses giant holiday cookie! Let's say an event is coming to the battledome, will Neopians be given advanced warning to train their pets? ~ johnnysslorg
Consider this your advance warning :) I don't have a timeline yet, as we had to focus on the recurring site events that go on this time of year! But nonetheless, as y'all know, something may or may not be in the works...

I heard that if your pet wins the Holiday Dream Neopet Giveaway, then the color change is permanent and can't ever be changed afterwards. Is this true, or just a rumor? ~ peirigill
Definitely a rumor! Although if it's your dream neopet, we don't know why you'd paint it, but it can be painted again if you so choose.

*Happy Thoughts*

Biscuit Bruce is soooo cute! Keep up the lovely 'pet day colours *u* You rock~!! ~ neohappy123

*piles holiday boxes beneath Neo tree^ Thank you and congratulations to all the Staff! Our precious AC. plus the Starlight Celebration is wonderful! Tradions are honored, new ones begun with lovely art, stories, and great gifties, May the Blessings of the Season of Light be with you all! ~ cloonshannagh

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