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For years my main platform for playing Neopets is on my iPhone. Unfortunately, it means that I miss out on doing many things. No flash games (Only HTML like Neggsweeper), no customization, and no map just to name a few. It would be nice if I didn't need to get on a computer just so I could participate in time sensitive activities such as the Altador Cup or any plots. So, any news on a mobile version of the site? ~ liktra
We've started working on trying some things in HTML5, which is the first step in a mobile-friendly Neopets. It's definitely something we know users want and are working to make happen!

*Tosses delicious cupcakes that are red velvet with cream cheese at CQ* So I love the idea behind making Trudy its own page. But it's not working the way it should. I talked to a whole bunch of people I know here and they all agree we're all having the same problem. When we go to the page to spin it, it'll spin but then it either takes an endless amount of spins to pop up and give out the prize or it never does give out the prize. If we can't get prizes from Trudy, it would've been better as a pop up because at least it worked. Could you get people to get some urgent attention to this pretty please? Thanks! ~ eleventh_muse
Ooooh my FAVOURITE! Yum! Anywho, so we've made some tweaks and all should be working normally now. If you're still seeing issues though, be sure to let us know so we can continue ironing out any other issues!

I've been making submissions for the Gallery Spotlight every week for the last several weeks, but I never got a rejection letter. Is this a glitch? Are you guys able to see our submissions? Or is my gallery not even good enough to get a rejection letter? :( Please remove my username. Thanks! ~ username removed
So first of all, everyone gets a response - whether it be good or bad! If we send a rejection, we generally include a reason so you know what else you can do to get into a future spotlight. Now, we get a high volume of entries, and with only spotlighting one a week, they can take a while to get to. Re-submitting your entry will send your gallery back to the end of the list, which is probably why you haven't heard back. Be patient and best of luck!

I am hearing rumours that Neopets is shutting down and deleting all the Neopets. Is that true? ~ evil_fairy_doll
No! It is definitely not true! These rumours pop up every so often, but they're just rumours. We have no intention of going anywhere, anytime soon.

Hello, I have been a member of neopets since 2001. I see that there is only one more account anniversary shield left for me to obtain, the one that marks 15 1/2 years membership. Any chance we can get some new shields? ~ flame_thrower6
Yikes! Sorry about that, we'll look into getting all caught up for you all!

Hey CQ! I know that it's next to impossible to design an Altador Cup system that everybody likes, but I did like the Finals Bracket concept you implemented this year. If I may suggest though, if you keep the system, could you increase the weight of the top 6 bracket? Say to like, 5 or 7 points or so? I understand wanting to give 7th a chance to compete with the top 6 in a close race, but the way things played out, 7th got an easy 1st spot in their bracket because they outpaced 8th going into the finals by like 16 points. This near-assured spot was enough not only to knock 6th down to 7th, but also the 4th and 5th place guys despite none of them placing in the bottom of their bracket like you mentioned in your last response. The 3 point difference means that former 6th place has to defeat all the podium to outpace 7th, or place 2nd just to tie with 7th (which they might be able to do this time around, but it's a tight race!) ~ mae_na
Hi! Yes, if we keep a Finals Bracket next year, one of the things we would change is the value of the points. To give you guys an idea into our thinking here, the points leading into the last bracket in the past few years have much more spread out than this year, and so we planned it for that. As it turns out, having all the teams be a bit more "evenly matched", led to a much closer distribution of points, which is great to see, but unexpected based on previous years. If the point value differences had been the the same going into round 5, the 7th place would have actually stayed in 7th at the end of this Cup. I know that doesn't change the fact that that's not how it played out this year - but hopefully that lets you guys understand why we set it up the way we did. We tried something new for this year's Cup, and we've paid attention to user feedback, so we have a lot to talk about when it comes to planning next year's Cup.

Howdy there, CQ! *slides some cookies on over* I've noticed that there is an option for written series for the Neopian Times, but have wondered about a comic series option possibly being opened up some time. I think having an option for Short Comic stories, sort of like graphic novels in a way, would be a neat idea, especially for those that rely more on their artistic abilities than their intellectual abilities. Hope this can be considered! I'd love to enter some comics some time. Have a great day. ~ xxsiklullabiesxx
Hi! *Tips ten-gallon hat* While this isn't it's own section, it is something a lot of people do! You can definitely submit a series of comics, just submit all of them into the comic section and let us know in the comments it's a series, I'll take it from there!

*Happy Thoughts*

Hey CQ~ Wow! Thanks for the "Free Hidden Tower item" link on the front page of this week's NT. I needed a good laugh :D Also, the Trudy's Surprise changes make it more compatible with the other dailies. *Hands you coupon for free Grimoire of Affluence book at the HT* Enjoy! ~ yodanicky

The Altador Cup Nc items are some of my favorite NC items, and you didn't disappoint! All the items were absolutely amazing and lovely. Thank-you for another year of amazing AC wearables! ~ brynchilla

Thank you so much for adding a wearable Yooyuball Racket to the Prize Shop this year! My pets can finally pretend to be Yooyuball pros to their hearts content! :D ~ winner19955

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