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Hey there. Aside from the Faerie Quests event, does JS have any fun plans for Neopians coming up this spring? Any hints you can drop? Thanks! ~ baby_angel1123
We have a few things in the works that I think you guys will be excited about, and will definitely keep you (and us!) busy over the next few months. A certain holiday known for prize hunting is right around the corner, and an old favourite may make a re-appearance after that. In fact, I'm getting tired just thinking about all this. Next question...

Hi! Would you guys ever consider giving the converted Faerie Ixi a redesign like what ya'll did for the Transparent Peophin? It hardly resembles the original one! I think it could use some tidying up. What do ya say? (Please remove my username!) ~ username removed
Hi! So we get a few of these requests, but unfortunately, we have no intention of re-designing any released pet colours. There may be some revamp that goes into designs between unveiling and releasing, but once they are released, we won't make any changes unless there is an actual issue to be fixed. After all, how would you feel if you woke up to your beloved pet changed because someone else decided it should be? Oh, uh, that's right, a few years back that whole... Whoops. Anyway, you get the idea, moving on!

Hi! Is it too early to ask for a clue for the next charity corner? It's become my favourite site event and I'd love to know which items I should be keeping hold of to help out Granny Hopbobbin this year! ~ horp
Hello! It is indeed too early - we haven't discussed it at all yet, in terms of if/when it would occur, and what it would be accepting. I can tell you though, the idea is to help Neopians clear out their junk items that they can't use (and ideally replace them with better ones!). So for example, with this past year's: school items don't serve much purpose, books that you've already read and have spares of, clothes your pet can't wear, etc.

*offers a plate of warm melt-in-your-mouth cookies* Do you think you guys will be able to one day have it so that players can remove paintbrush only clothing from their closets and either sell or discard them? ~ frostshadow24
Yes, eventually. It's something we've talked about, but because they are set up a little differently than normal clothing items, it involves a little work from one of our trusty programmers, and from there it's the same old song and dance, so many requested updates, so little time. We're working our way through them slowly but surely though!

I was one of the ones who had broken premium . It took you guys 3 months to re add me to scrip. It work great for 2 weeks then you guys added the things I was missing thank you but why did you break my premium again? it re broke everyone premium with this issue why? why cant you guys just fix it once and for all? its been months if you was us what would you do ?~ gwendarwen
Okay so, first of all, getting the items anyone missed out on due to premium issues was because a few of our team members have been granting them to you guys. It is not the same thing as resolving the underlying issues. Now, what it is the underlying issue? Well, it varies from case to case, which is why it's not a simple fix. I know that's not what you guys wanna hear, but I promise, we're doing all we can and continuing to work towards a solution. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as adding people back to the script. The script doesn't run down a list of usernames, where we could easily add users in, it searches for people who have active premium memberships and awards them the appropriate perks. However, not everyone who is premium is getting recognized as such (as for why, this goes back to the different specifics for different users), but while those are being worked out, we're working hard to make sure everyone is keeping their premium benefits.

Hey CQ!!! I know that you can't transfer a pet to a friend for them to use their Fountain Faerie Quest to paint it and return it to you, because you want users to work toward their own goals. But what about your own pets on side accounts? For instance, if I have a Jubjub on a side, and want to use a FFQ that I got on my main to make him a Coconut Jubjub, can I transfer and paint that pet from my side and then send it back? Would this be ok because all the pets are mine? Thanks so much!! (please remove my username) ~ username removed
Hi there! Yes, as long as it's your pet I see no reason why you wouldn't be able to use a Fountain Faerie Quest on him. It's similar to users moving pets between side and main accounts to use the Lab Ray, your pets (and transfer limit), your choice.

Hello! When I looked at the NC store at the beginning of the Faerie Quest event, I saw that the Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies were already sold out. Is there any chance that they'll be restocked in the near (or even far) future? They're really great items, and it'd be a shame to have those fortune cookies be gone forever. (If it's not too much trouble, I'd like my username to be removed. Thank you!) ~ username removed
Hi! Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies restock every so often, but definitely multiple times throughout the day. Keep checking, and good luck! We hear they're going fast.

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