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Hi TNT! I've recently returned to the site and I submitted an entry to the pet spotlight. However, I've just found out that a lot of them aren't running right now. Could you please tell us, if and when we could expect to see features like the pet spotlight and random contest return? =) Many thanks! ~ thatlauralass
Hi! So the random contest was officially retired quite a while ago, but we expect the pet spotlight to be back up and running soon! Good luck!

Hi Country Queen! I was hoping you could pass on a message to someone that can help with this little issue that has been going on for some time. Quite some time ago the Neopian Lottery got it's own avatar BUT... only the first winner on the list gets the avatar. In editorial #671 we were told that it was a glitch and it wasn't intended to be this way and it was being "worked on". This was before many TNT staff got laid off. Was this issue forgotten? I've won several times but still don't have the avatar! *sad face* ~ blue_eyed_tiger_j
Hi! This has not been forgotten at all! The Lottery Avatar, as well as a few other avatars that aren't working as intended, are being looked into, so all who have earned it will get their avatars :)

Howdy CQ! I'm not sure if this is a known glitch, but some painted petpets have disappeared from the petpet puddle and no longer give us the option to paint them. In particular, I have noticed that mutant barlows, mutant polarchucks, and woodland blobikins are no longer shown as possible paintable options. I'm sure many more are missing as well, and I would appreciate it if you could get someone to look into this! Thank you *hands you plate of cookies* :) ~ username removed
Hello! We've started hearing about this issue this week, and will be looking into it to herd up those missing petpets and get them back to the puddle where they belong!

Hi! I'm just curious; what was the puzzle that drove Eliv Thade mad? I'd really like to know. Thanks in advance if this gets in! :) ~ aurora57
Hi! I'd tell you, but then it may drive you mad as well! We may all be a little mad here, but I don't want to add to it :)

Hi, *throws a birthday streamer*. Happy birthday Neopets! Anyways, there was a board on the neoboards that had a link to the neopets terms and conditions (you can find it here //www.neopets.com/terms.phtml). The word 'Neopets' is mis-spelt as 'Neoptes' a grand total of 65 times! I personally find it quite funny, but what is the real reason behind it and can it be fixed? :D Thanks and happy Neopteting! ~ m0nster_rancher
Hi!We've just been making some small updates to keep information current, the new location and separation from other virtual worlds, but it's already been fixed. So don't worry, you have returned to playing on Neopets.com.

Can you make it possible to get rid of Trudy's Surprise for good on our side accounts? I assume we're not meant to use it on them. I'm always tempted to spin it just to get rid of the thing. It's very disrupting to my over all enjoyment of the site. ~ plushy
Yes, it is in fact already possible to do this! Just go to your account preferences and check the box to disable Trudy's Surprise on that account!

Hey there Country Girl, staff team! *throws cookies* I was just wondering about something I'd heard about just a few weeks ago. Are we were allowed to sell art for neopoints? I asked this because I've seen some people off the site offering art for a million NP or so. Please remove my username, thank you! ~ username removed
Yay! *catches cookies* Okay, so no, this is definitely not allowed (which is probably why they're doing it off site). Any user found to be doing this will be frozen. You can trade art for other art, but you cannot trade art for Neopoints or items.

Hi CQ, i was just wondering if AAA will be back this year with his Gamesmaster's Challenge. Please dont leave us with the question unanswered.
Hi there! I don't like to give away too much, but I think AAA is ready for his return to the spotlight. Better get practicing!

Hey TNT, my main account was frozen for unknown reasons about a week ago, and I'm still waiting on a ticket response. Until that happens I'm continuing to be charged premium, yet I can't use the account. I've been told you can cancel your premium even if your account is frozen, but if I do that, what will happen to my 5th pet? Seeing as I don't have access to that account, I can't send it anywhere or even choose which one to move to another account. How does cancelling premium on a frozen account work? Please remove my username
Hi there, and first of all, I'm sorry you're having troubles, I'm sure our customer support team will be getting back to you soon! Now, about your 5th pet, if you cancel premium, it works the same on a frozen account as it does on any other. The pet will stay on your account until you choose to move him/her to a different account, or choose to abandon that pet. We force users who have recently ended their premium to choose before they do anything else, so since you're locked out of your account and can't choose, your pet will be there if/when you regain access to your account!

I'm currently working on a series for the NT, and I've seen some submissions get custom drawn thumbnails. I would love to see what kind of custom thumbnail I'd get for my story when I submit it and if it gets accepted. Is there a way to request that when I send it in? I really really need to know so I can see if I need to actually draw the thumbnail myself if there's not a way to request for one. Thank you! ~ kaiodadragon
Hello! So right now we aren't creating new custom NT thumbnails, and if we start doing this again, unfortunately there is no way to request a custom thumbnail. One note if you choose to draw your own though, is to include a link of where I can find it, as they don't always come through the submission form!

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