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Hello!! I have a question regarding the art gallery! So, I know that for a while the art gallery was updated during certain days every week (Tuesday and Thursday, I think) just like the other spotlight contests. This was also in addition to 'themed' days (like Slorg day, or Korbat day). However, as of late, I've not been able to determine when exactly the art gallery is going to update, and therefore never know when to submit my pictures for it. :( Could you please clarify on when exactly the art gallery does update? Thank you!! ~ caylista
Hi! According to our expert judge, the Art Gallery updates on Tuesdays and Fridays. Good luck!

Hey, TNT! I have a BC question for you (yes, another one, I'm sorry if you're tired of these!). Is it breaking the rules if you have a pet on one account and a page on a different one advertising that same entry in the BC? Like the pet is on your main, and you're also posting it from your main, but a page on a side account has that same pic being advertised. I just want to get this cleared up before I try telling the person if it's wrong. I don't want to get flamed or ambushed for saying something that may not be true. Thanks for answering, and have a good day! ~ gorubeza
Hey there! Yes, this is against the rules. You may only advertise your Beauty Contest entry from the account that the pet you entered is on.

Hey Jumpstaff, hey Country Queen. So I wanted to write this story for the Times, but from what I understand there are certain things that can't/don't exist canonically in Neopia and thus can't be put in Times stories. For my story though, I'm wondering, can I have spiders? Not Spyders, but spiders. And what about lizards? Just lizards, like the kind you might find in a stew. Or bats? And can I introduce more intelligent talking trees, like the Brain Tree? And also, can there be more than one Snow Faerie? Thanks! ~ kaljinyu
Hey! Canonically, as long as something exists in Neopia, there can be more that just aren't known for a story in the Neopian Times. So, other snow faeries and more intelligent talking trees would be allowed. As for the Spyders vs. spiders part, thats a bit more of a grey area. Spiders and other creatures with Neopian counterparts have been mentioned in items and such (Peanut Butter Spiders for example), but as far as the living creature goes, it is considered a Spyder. Although, they are the same thing anyway and there should be no difference or reason to use spider over Spyder.

Hey! So I was wondering, I have someone blocked because they used to harass me, and they know they're blocked and that I prefer to not have anything to do with them. Yet they go out of their way to post to me on most topics I make. I feel this is a sort of harassment too even if their posts are nice now, but I know their reason for posting is to irritate me as they know I don't want them there. And since boards are open to everyone to post on there's nothing I can do. Or is there? Please remove my username. ~ Username Removed
Hi! If you still feel you're being harassed, then please send in an abuse report so that our team can look into it. However, the boards are a public place and if their posts are truly nice in nature, there's not much we can do. Hopefully this user is just trying to make up for the harm caused in the past, but if it's still upsetting you, please let our team know!

A lot of us players have been experiencing a glitch where the NC items in our inventories vanish. When we refresh the inventory page, the NC items come back. What's going on? Thanks for answering this question! ~ indulgences
Hello! So this isn't really a glitch, which on the bright side means you aren't actually losing your items. What's going on is that sometimes, a time out will happen when a page is taking too long to load. For those who don't know, this is not what happens when you got in trouble in kindergarten (see what I did there ;) ), a time out essentially means that the page stops trying to load after a certain amount of time. If your inventory is taking a long time to load, and it times out before it loads your NC items, it thinks you don't have any and appears like you lost them. Then you refresh, it loads correctly, and voila, they're back! This can happen if our server is having a slow response time, if your internet connection is slow, or if you just have a LOT of things in your inventories. No worries though, your items are safe and sound :)

*Happy Thoughts*

Hello, I would just like to say how wonderfully Neopets has influenced my life and shaped me into the author and artist I am today. I've always LOVED coming on here and roleplaying as my neopets ever since I was first able to neomail when my parental consent form was approved when I was about 10. I enjoyed it so much and it GREATLY improved my creative writing and character development skills. It's so wonderful how you guys encourage us to be creative and develop original characters for our neopets and encourage us to write about them, draw them, create personalities for them, and just be creative here in general. This site has strongly influenced my life, and I've always loved how friendly and welcoming it seems after the longest of days, just the lighthearted atmosphere of the entire website and the wonderful players and staff members. I am now a published author, and there is absolutely no way I could have done it without you guys! I love it here so much!! ~ horsiepony

Please end the editorial with a new vandagyre color!~ corcha

Whoops, guess it's not ready to be revealed yet... Oh well! One more weeeeek.

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