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What is the total amount of donations made during the charity event thus far? Just thought it'd be a cool number to see ~ waterdragon9
Charity Corner ended with well over a million donations... Excuse me while I go pick up my jaw off the floor.

Hi CQ! It seems like a lot of simple requests get fulfilled thanks to you when they get sent through the editorial so I thought id give this a try, The neoboards arent as active as they used to be, which Im sure you guys are aware of. I was wondering if there is any chance you guys can somehow condense the chats? Remove the ones that arent active and maybe combine the ones with moderate activity? I believe it would expose users to other areas of the site they might not usually be exposed to. P.S Can you ask Hip hop queens what her favorite album was this year? A lot of artists dropped albums this year and Im curious to know what and who she listens to. Thank you and remove my username please.:) *hands bag of fiery hot cheetos* ~ username removed
Hi! So we've actually been discussing this idea a bit and are planning to condense some Neoboards in the near future. Don't worry though, all the boards users love will be there! We're aiming to streamline the options so you can easily find the best place to discuss any Neopian topic!
PS, she said something about curious tales, and trials of persons? I don't know, I'm all about the country!

Hi there! Some of my new quests for avatars is currently aimed at the Site Spotlight. Right now, the page looks bugged but I hope it'll get fixed soon :) My question is mostly about the coding. Must we make our own coding or can I ask someone to help me with that? ~ mustikeuh121
Hello! So you can have help with learning how to code, but you must create the coding for the page on your own. For example, using a coding tutorial to learn how to do certain parts is fine, having someone else code it for you is not.

Sometimes when y'all have site events (such as Charity Corner) I have a difficult time finding the link to it each day. I can go to a fan site or to an old news post, but I wonder if there would be a way you could add it to a drop down menu while it's active (such as Community)? Forgive me if it is somewhere already, I may have missed it. Thank you :) ~ racoon188
Hi! That's a good suggestion, we'll definitely consider ways to make future events easily accessible on the site! Thanks for letting us know!

In the Neopian Times comic TNT Has A Sense Of Humor, there was info that colour changing random events had been removed. Is this true? ~ thedancing
Yes, colour changing random events have in fact been removed from the site! How could we ruin the beautiful paint job you saved up all those Neopoints for?

Hi! *throws lots of spyders* So, I was just wondering if you guys are already thinking about the NC Halloween Event this year since it's right around the corner, and if so, could it be Haunted Hijinks again by any chance?!! *puppy dog stare* (also It'd be nice if you could remove my username plese!) ~ username removed
Yes, Haunted Hijinks will be returning this year! I always cave at the puppy eyes...

Happy Thoughts

Thank you for making the fall charity corner an amazing event! I was so happy to see the trophy and exclusive prizes (which are a huge incentive to participate in site events) for those hard working neopians, and for getting rid of the high score donation list and daily item quests. The event just seemed much more put together this time (even if the neoboard never changed). Thank you for listening to the players and being flexible, I'm sure more players will be excited to participate in the future! ~ buttercup_toto

I love the Charity Corner trophy!! Thank you, TNT! ~ bluelilacia

Hey CQ! *gives out handmade chocolate cakes*I was wondering if you'd do a favor for me and end the editorial with a nice picture of everyone's favorite hero, Hanso.~lunaloopy913
Of course! But...

Hey there CQ! I have been a fan of Kanrik (sorry Hanso!) ever since the first time I saw him. I know there is a risk that he will steal your socks, but could you please end this editorial with him? Please fulfill the wish of a not-so-young Kanrik fangirl! *smiles sweetly* ~ _dulce_maria_dyc
You both... I'm not sure... WAIT I GOT IT!

Here's both of them! And Brynn for good measure.

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