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Hi there Country Queen! Hopefully you're well rested after last week's huge number of request for pet glitches to be fixed. I have one more for you though, if you're up to it! Transparent Myncis have eyes and a mouth that appear now and then when they shouldn't. :( Please send a big thank you to anyone who has been working on all these glitched pets! I know it means a lot to those of us who owned any of them. :) ~ annsunshinex3
Psh… Who has time for rest when there are pets to be fixed? Your transparent Mynci has returned to its normal… black socket eye colour? Hm, if that's what you want! As for all the other pet image requests I got this week, they are all on the list and either already fixed or on their way!

Country Queen! Please settle this! Are we or are we not allowed to post partial/full links to DTI? A lot of people got messages (not official warnings) from TNT because it's not a Recommended Fan Site (which can be linked) but only a Certified Fan Site (we can mention it by name 'Dress to Impress' and not have to get around the leading-offsite rule by calling it 'DTI' and 'poogling it') and had their NeoSignatures cleared. Some got official warnings. It /appears/ like it's in a grey area right now. Can someone clear it by making DTI a Recommended Fan Site or should I continue reporting those who link it either fully or partially? please remove username ~ username removed
Hello! Previously, links to Dress to Impress were not allowed. Buuuuut, *drum roll* Dress to Impress has been made a Recommended Fan Site! So no more grey areas - users are now free to discuss and link away :) Enjoy!


Now that Gallery Spotlights have returned do we need to re-sumbit or are the records intact?! ~ sarika_ambrielle
Well, the records did remain intact but… *looks over at the stack of thousands and thousands of entries* let's just say it's in your best interest to resubmit for the Gallery and User Lookup Spotlights this one time (and this one time only! From now on we'll be keeping it cleaned up, so no need to keep resubmitting!).

At some point, you guys made a change that made it impossible to view userlookups if you were not logged in--this had implications for caches that were not ideal. Is there any way you could reverse this? Please remove my username! ~ username removed
Hi! So first of all, I'm sorry this caused you some trouble! However, this was a very intentional change that helped get rid of that horrible lag, so unfortunately we cannot reverse it. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I promise, it's all for the greater good!

I just traded for the neocash item "Living in Watermelon Foreground and Background", but when my UC tyrannian krawk wears it, the foreground part does not show up! The front slice of the big watermelon is missing, and all the other melon slices are gone too. UC pets were always able to wear foregrounds, so this is unusual. I suspect that a group of angry hungry meepits have attacked the background during the night as an act of revenge against tropical fruits. My krawk absolutely LOVES watermelon; SO much, that he wants to live inside one forever, and enjoy their juiciness and sweetness daily, promoting an organic and healthy life through the Neoboards. Would you be so kind to fix this watermelon foreground issue and let this poor hungry krawk have his major dream come true? I ask as a desperate owner that has to deal with a crying desolated krawk 24/7 after the incident. Thank you very much in advance *slides a cup of watermelon slices shaped as hearts to you*. ~ aruanahansel
Hi! So we've seen this question pop up a few times with various items that it seems like an unconverted Neopet should be able to wear, so here's a general explanation of why this happens… As you know, UC pets can’t wear any items that are "placed" on individual species of Neopets, which is why they usually can wear backgrounds, foregrounds and other non-placement items. However, sometimes due to how these items are drawn, they need to be placed to make sure it works. You can't have it completely covering up poor little Jubjubs and Usuls, or barely containing Grarrls and Skeiths! So, unfortunately, the foreground part of Living in Watermelon is one of those examples of an item that needed to be placed for each species, which is why your unconverted Krawk can't wear it and there is no way to add an un-placed version to allow it without messing with all the converted pets. I'm sorry for the confusion! *slides beautiful cup of heart watermelon slices back because I don't deserve them* I hope your poor Krawk can forgive us!

Please accept this carved watermelon to help console your pet!

Hello, CQ! How many entries do you typically receive on a given week? Inquisitive minds would like to know. ~ parody_ham
Hi! It's a little hard to estimate that, because it really varies in different categories every week, especially right now, with all the issue #700 entries coming in (175 and climbing)… However, if these inquisitive minds are curious about it in terms of what the chances of acceptance are, it's not really about the amount. I look at each entry on its own, if it's something I plan on publishing, it gets held over or accepted. If not, I send feedback on what can be worked on to get it accepted. The Too Many Good Entries response usually isn't about how many total entries I got, but rather when I get too many similar entries or when I get entries for a specific issue that may already be full.

*Happy Thoughts*

I just wanted to compliment you guys on the Stealth Grundo! I have been saving a Fountain Faerie Quest for the past 2 YEARS waiting for this color to be released and you certainly did not disappoint! I would like to ask, who is the artist behind the design? :) (Would be nice to get to know more of the new JS Staff) I know you guys get a lot of criticism (and I swear, most of us just love this site and want to see it do great under JS) but you've just made me one happy Grundo Groupy :D ~ jawsch
Not all of TNT has a Neo-alias (aka the staff names you all know us by!) for me to share with you, but I will definitely pass along the compliment! We're happy it was worth the wait!

Dear TNT, First of all I'd like to thank everyone on TNT for all the hard work and effort put into Neopets since its existence. This September 1st marks a whole 10 years since I joined this site!! I can't thank enough for all the fun and great memories it's given me, and for being not only a huge part of my childhood, but also a place to come back to daily when in need of entertainment or just relaxation. Even with some few months of breaks from Neo over the years, I've always returned, and to this day can't imagine leaving. I'm looking forward to celebrating another ten years on here as well! It's been really interesting watching all the changes over time, but one thing I know for sure is that it's so great seeing that this piece of my, and every other user's childhood, still remains to stand today with as much strength as it had ten years ago! I hope it'll continue to be this way in the future, too. Thanks again TNT!! ~ zervetex

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