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Howdy Country Queen! *hands kauboy hat* I recently got the honor of trading for a lovely royal girl ixi, but her eyes are glitched! They look like the normal pink ixi eyes instead of the really pretty royal girl ixi eyes! Since you were able to talk to the team about the plushie petri and transparent aisha eyes, would you be willing to do this ixiholic a favor and make sure my ixi's eyes get back to normal? (P.S I'll bribe you all with coffee and donuts if I have to!) ~ hzoo_26
First of all, I apologize in advance, because I'm going to use your question to answer all of the pet-image questions I got this week instead of filling up the whole editorial answering each one on its own.

Now, buckle in guys and gals, things are about to get REAL.

*puts on Kauboy hat*

*assumes serious and determined facial expression*

Glowing Kaus have suddenly sprouted hair to cover their embarrassing bald spot, Transparent Kougras have settled on one facial expression, Transparent Skeiths no longer have mysterious double sets of teeth, Darigan Moehogs have picked one hair colour, Royalgirl Ixis and Kyriis are now staring at you through their unique natural eyes, the green ruff of the Strawberry Wockies has returned, male Wraith Acaras no longer go blind with rage, Zombie, Ice and Pirate Boris have stopped looking so basic when they smile, Faerie Draiks have distanced themselves from their red-headed cousins (and many other colours quickly followed suit!), Wraith Peophins have purple eyes that I can't imagine are very good for their eyesight, Plushie Buzzes have stitched-on wings that I don't think really fly, and… wait, is that all of them? Oh thank Fyora.

I'll take those donuts and coffee now…

I was wondering if jellyneo is allowed to be doing what they currently are? They have a system set up to where people mark prices from users trades. I know that I myself would not want my username on that site, and shouldn't that be a choice for someone who plays here? Sometimes people do not want to get mailed what they sold an item for and so on. It seems like it would be an invasion of privacy, and seems a bit unnecessary considering it may or may not give people false values. Please answer this, for me. *hands cookies* Please remove my username as well. ~ username removed
So, first of all, Jellyneo is a help site for Neopets players, but it is a completely separate site from, so if you have questions or concerns about their features, you should head over there to ask. To hopefully put your mind a bit at ease though, from what I saw, the new tagging prices system just asks users to fill in any listed prices from a lot's wishlist, leaves out the username, and does not involve messaging users directly about their lots.

As for the values, since the Neopets economy is always fluctuating, prices change often, you're correct that sometimes Jellyneo's listed price may not be accurate, but it can be a useful guide for players who choose to use it. Since it is an optional help site, it should be considered as more of a guide than an official value anyway. :)

Hi there! I've been trying to submit a comic of mine for a while now. I was initially told it was rejected and to try try again but that was a couple of weeks ago and I haven't heard back. I worked really hard on it and would love to have it appear in the 700th issue but when I try to submit, i'm told it's already been submitted! Can you help me out here? I just want to know if it's in or not.
Hello! So to put everyone's mind at ease who sent me questions about 700 entries… I have all your entries; you're not rejected or ignored! Like I mentioned a little while back *points to Editorial 688* I'm not accepting anything for issue 700 yet, you'll hear back that week, same as any other issue. If you haven't heard back yet, there is no need to resubmit unless you made changes! If you haven't heard anything, I still have your entry, I just haven't gotten to you yet! So please, do my inbox (and yourselves – if I notice duplicate submissions, I delete the original in case you made edits, so it sends you back to the end of the line!) a favor and be patient with me!
PS... The one exception to this is for series that requested to overlap with 700. Since they span multiple issues, I'm treating them normally, and just getting as many of them into 700 as I have space for.

How come some items (especially older ones) have no commas or apostrophes in their description or name when one is needed? Example: the description of the Voidplant. Signed, Punctuation Friend
Actually no items have commas or apostrophes! It irks me too, my fellow punctuation-minded friend, but our system doesn't like those for some reason, and always gets rid of the ones we type in. Oh well, what can ya do!

Hi there! Can you clarify something about Trudy's Surprise for me? Now that there's a 24hr wait until Trudy's Surprise comes back, how is the "consecutive days played" perk calculated? If I play at 11:59pm on a Thursday, then I can't play again until 11:59pm on Friday, right? If I don't click until two minutes later at 12:01am Saturday, will it reset my consecutive days played streak because I didn't play on Friday? ~ hershee_the_dog
Hi! So this certainly caused some confusion this week! I should have explained more clearly in last week's editorial, so let me clear this up now! Like any other daily, you have 24 hours to play Trudy's Surprise. The only difference is that this is based off of when you visit the site, instead of midnight-midnight. So, in your example, if you play at 11:59 pm on Thursday, it will re-appear at 11:59 pm on Friday, and you have until 11:59 pm Saturday to spin before you've missed a day.

For those of you worried about not being able to do this with your other dailies, rest easy, it shouldn't be an issue! To keep going with the example above, say you usually do your dailies at 10 am, but got on late on Thursday and didn't play until 11:59 pm. You can't play when you do your dailies on Friday, but Saturday at 10 am Trudy's Surprise will be waiting!

Ah, almost time for Trudy. Any second now…

Hi, TNT! I'm quite new to the NC business. There are sometimes extremely popular retired NC items that are going for a ridiculous amount of NC (some over 2000NC!) in the trading boards when at the time it was in the NC Mall, it only cost 150/200 NC! I think it's just a tad bit unfair, especially to new accounts that weren't around for the limited time those items were being sold. I was wondering if maybe, just maybe, you could please think about bringing items back like annually (*cough* Nutcracker Face Paint *cough*) or even make recolors? Please just think about it while eating these delicious cupcakes I baked specifically for you all. (; ~ roxanna203
For "you all"? Yeah, I'll definitely share these with everyone… *looks around with shifty eyes and hides cupcakes under desk* Now, on to your question! To help you get your hands on some favourites, we do occasionally re-release items with Retired Capsules, so always keep an eye out for those! Dyeworks are also a way to bring back some loved items in new colours, and I just so happen to know a staff member with a list of user-requested recolour items (*cough* like the summer Dyeworks *cough*). I can't make any promises, but I'll shoot a paper airplane around to if it can be added to the possibilities.

*leans and bops and leans and bops* Hi TNT! I was wondering if you could make a Blue Ogrin Neoboard smiley. This smiley is pivotal to Neopets' existence. Please respond with due haste. Thanks much. *leans and bops away and leans and bops* ~ jirachi68106
and leans and bops and leans and bops and leans and bops and... Well, that's stuck in my head now. *sigh* *leans and bops and leans and bops over to the content department to pass on the request*

*Happy Thoughts*

I would sincerely like to thank Jumpstart's art team for fixing the transparent peophin. It looks much better, and I may even consider getting one myself. Please keep up the great work, me and many others would love to see this kind of quality continue ^ ~ little_kid_kristine

Hey, there TNT! I'm an old member here on Neopets, and I used to love it when that coconut closed the editorial by saying "GOOD NIGHT!". I was wondering, for old times sake, could we bring back Mr. Coconut for one last hurrah? - A Coconut Lover
One last hurrah? He hasn't gone anywhere, just waiting for someone to ask to see him! And since you did… GOOD NIGHT mr.coconut


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