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Hello TNT!!! I was wondering if you could give us any updates as to when NC Card redemption will be back up and running? ~ twilight_princess23
It looks like it will be next week! Right now our new e-wallet provider is in the process of testing the system to resolve any issues before we set it live. We're sorry it's taken longer than originally planned for our new provider to update the old system, but bear with us just a little bit longer, all will be back to normal soon!

Hello there, NT Queen! (: I have written a few times now, and I am REALLY hoping that this gets answered, but the Pygui petpet is overdue for some attention :C Several Editorials ago, Neopia was promised a release of Pygui colors, and as of now, we still don't have any to choose from ;~; Could you please see if some can be released? Thank you so much (: ~ deadfoot92
*Throws giant-sized bright pink paper airplane* I sent a very special paper plane to the content department as a not-so-subtle reminder of this request, so hopefully you'll see some pop-up sometime soon!

Hi TNT! Are we allowed to redeem the 8th Birthday Sparkler Cupcake on side accounts, since they are similar to last year's Cake Slices? Thank you! ~ warriorsrock965
Yes indeed, since they are NC items you are free to collect them on your sides. Enjoy the birthday goodies!


Hello Country Queen! I was wondering something and you'd be the one to answer it. I've seen a few articles with illustrations done by the users. How do I add my own pictures into my own articles? ~ chasing_stars44
If you want a specific image used, all you need to do is let me know! In the submission comments or in the submission itself, let me know what you'd like to use and give me the URL to grab it! As long as it follows all the site rules, I'll do the rest!

Hey TNT! I'm sure you're enjoying your virtual snacks and stuff right now, but I hope you're able to answer my question! Alright, so lets say I was planing on getting a scary neopet (something along the lines of a UC meerca, not that they don't look extremely dapper because they do :3) would it be against the rules to write a horrifying description for him or her? Like, I'm talking the-monster-under-your-bed scary, or some type of urban legend that you created yourself? I really hope you get to answering this question, because it's been bugging me for a while! *crosses fingers* please say yes, please say yes! ~ kenzie_and_maggie_10
Your Neopet can have any kind of story or persona you'd like, as long as it follows site rules. So scary is fine, just make sure you take a careful look over the site rules and make sure nothing you write could be seen as violating any of those!

Hi TnT! I hope you're having a fabulous day! Congratz on the move, will we be seeing any pictures of the new office? :) Apparently I was supposed to get a participant medal for well, participating in the Altador cup? But when I go to my lookup there isn't one there? I even achieved rank one which is way better then usual! Is there something i'm missing? I'd love to have another lovely trophy on my userlookup to impress all the other neopians with :) ~ sorceress_jerdana
Sorry about that! Something was a little off for a few days, I swear those database Mynci's have a mind of their own sometimes… But you should see your nice new shiny trophy now! Display it with pride! And as for the office, we're not totally settled in and unpacked yet, but I will tell you that we have windows all around, which some around here are loving…

My plushies are digging the new view

Hi there! *throws bacon* I was just wondering - an article I recently submitted was rejected because it was too short. Articles are required to be at least 1000 words and my article was close to 1000 words, but still over the 1000 word limit. Short Stories are supposed to be 1200, but what I submitted was not a short story. Could you explain why exactly it has been rejected? ~ return_of_weatherbee
*chews on bacon* Our submission system automatically displays the word count, so I can easily tell if it meets the requirements or not, however not everything is considered a word by the system. For example, digits don't count, so "5" is not a word, but "five" is. So, while you may see it as over 1,000 words, our system did not. Try adding a couple sentences and trying again!


I just wanted to say that I love how the news is written and the editorial is great too. So far, I can't wait to see what else the JS team has to bring after things are fixed :D. :* *hugs* ~ cinnamon_girl

You guys rule! (Throws faerie cakes to everyone in office). I just returned to my account recently and after reviving my neopets (guilt, guilt), I was so happy to find lots of familiar features and many other new ones. Long live Neopia!! Thanks for making the world a funner place! ~ floppyears666

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