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*throws cookies* Last week's editorial questions were terrifying. No one threw cookies. No one even threw cake. The only thing thrown was a bunch of paper airplanes. Are you guys getting enough to eat still? (Just in case) *throws more cookies* ~ lauracat6
You know, I never realized where all those office snacks come from! People weren’t happy with the lack of yummy treats last week… So please enjoy this snack-filled editorial in an effort to restock our kitchen before anyone finds out it was my fault (that was my first Editorial, after all...)!

All the cookies!

Hello TNT! So, my Usul is a major supporter of Team Moltara, probably the biggest out there! So, to help her show her support, I bought her the Moltara Team Sport Shirt - back in 2011! To our utter surprise, when you put this shirt on usuls, it becomes the Kiko Lake Team Sport Shirt! What is this craziness!? Is there any possible way you could allow my crazy usul to finally support Team Moltara properly? We've been waiting FOUR years for this now! Thanks! (: ~ koloured
Voila! Try again and I think your darling Usul will be quite excited to find she's back on Team Moltara.

Hey TNT!! *throws yooyu shaped cookies everywhere* I was just wondering, what are the names of the yooyu ball commentators? Thanks!! ~slycat
Why, Tobias Sigmir and Hovri Sweet of course! They are only two of the biggest celebrities in Neopia this time of year! You know, after all the players, Yooyus, referees, Chia goalies, Tuskaninny waitresses and regular celebrities that is.

How could you forget these guys?

So, I was looking up Chias, and one website said you can get a chocolate Chia by feeding it lots of chocolate, but another said that you can only get a chocolate Chia is by the Lab Ray. Now, here's the problem: I RAN OUT OF COOKIES TO GIVE YOU ALL!!! Oh yeah, and also, I don't know who's correct! ~shadowdragon2013
YOU RAN OUT OF COOKIES?! How am I supposed to answer questions without snacks to sustain me? It’s possible to overload your Chia with chocolate until it turns into the chocolate Chia of your dreams, but your chances are probably better with the Lab Ray.

Hey TNT! - throws bottle of glue - I was buying baked foods for my shop when I found a hilarious typo. The Pumpkin Pastry is incorrectly spelt Pasty in both the name and it's description. -tarab003
A bottle of glue? What am I supposed to do with this? *throws glue back* It’s actually supposed to be pasty, they’re a lovely pumpkin treat.

Hey TNT! I'm sending this in because I keep hearing a rumor and I'm not sure if it's true or not. The rumor is that sometime in the future you guys are planning on making it so when you transfer a pet you must convert it. In doing so this would cut back on people breaking into people's accounts to remove their UC pets but this would also soulbound an UC pet to the account. Is this rumor true? Also please remove my username so I'm not stalked on the PC by folks. ~ username removed
Now now, hasn’t anyone ever told you not to believe everything you hear? We’ve seen lots of rumours flying around the boards these days, but most of them are just that – rumours. Unless you hear it from us, I wouldn’t spend too much time fretting about it.

Hello TNT! I was wondering, since the new staff was introduced with the Staff Tournament, is it cool if they introduce themselves here? You know, fave Neopet, job here, what they like, etc. Pretty please? ~chasing_stars44
Since this seems to be quite the hot topic these days, I rounded up a couple of staff members to share some fun facts with you all:

Binary Supagoo:

Fave pet: Ixi was my first. Rocking Darigan for it, naturally!

Job: Developer from pre-Nickelodeon era

Staff name inspiration: Supagoo is what I named a carved coconut head that I partied with, named from a chorus in an obscure 80s song.

Drama Queen:

Hi, there! I love movies, especially rom-coms (no surprise there, I guess). That’s probably where my addiction to popcorn started! I LOVE JubJubs *squish* I think they’re super cute and adorable!


I'm Kikocat, better known to many as the Contest Judge, I have done the Beauty Contest for over 10 years now (since 2003) and now I also do the Art Gallery, along with other miscellaneous things. My favorite Neopet, a Poogle of course!! I love taking my Poogles on tours around Neopia and playing games like Freaky Factory, Spinacles and right now Slushie Slinger.

Country Queen:

Likes: Country music, besting my office rival Hip Hop Queen, thinking I'm funnier than I am

Fav pet: Aishas are just so pretty to customize *swoons* Which actually leads me to my job…

Job: NC Mall content, I help out with the Customization Contest and a couple other game contests, and I’m also your new NT Editor! *waves really fast from all the sugar*

Halllooooooo, TNT! Congratulations, you new guys & gals, you are officially TNT! *lets loose HUGE balloon bouquet...and hands out cupcakes!* I have had the priviledge of being a Neopian for over 15 years, after introducing my children to the site soon after it first began. As an older adult player (I say, "Neopian Senior Citizen") I am just one among many who would like to give you a standing ovation for all the hard work and dedication you have given to the site. We offer you our heartfelt thanks and a great "job well done"! I only have one opinion I would like you to consider: from time to time, there are events that focus on NC Mall items - and not every Neopian is able to take part. Could you please come up with a NP event, say...similar to Altador Rising...that gives all Neopians a chance for great items/prizes? Great new (or ancient) Neopoint items? Crossing my fingers here! :) ~tuttifrutti
Ooooh cupcakes, yay! I don’t want to ruin any surprises, but I never was very good at keeping secrets, I just get too excited and need to tell everyone all abou—Whoops, almost did it again! Why do they let me write these? Anyway, without giving away too much, I can say we have a couple things currently in the works that I think you’ll enjoy, but you’ll just have to be patient to find out what!

Just wanted to say, though I'm not a very active Neopian citizen anymore, I always always always come back for the Altador Cup, and usually the Advent Calendar (and I read the NT while I'm here!). These events bring joy into my way-too-grown-up life and I'm very very thankful that you are continuing them despite recent changes. So thank you for that and for ending last week's editorial with Mr. Coconut! When I clicked on the editorial, I was thinking about how everyone used to give you a cookie and throw stuff at you and the 'good old days' in general and I was sad. But when I scrolled down, there he was! I totally laughed out loud. You rock, TNT. Have a cookie and thank you all for being awesome. ~angiebeaudion
Thank you all for being awesome, and for the cookies of course! And just for you…


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