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Hi, there! Can you please change the Kadoatery to match the shop restocking logic? ~false_fig
We're pretty sure that rearranging the cages and putting the Kadoaties who've been waiting longest for food to the back of the Kadoatery would have the PPL after us.

Rainbow Kadoatie
Kadoaties have no concept of money.

Hey TNT, how much artistic freedom do we have with things such as the art contest? For example, could I make a Lupe more muscular or a Uni's wings larger? Thanks. ~j_o_n_a_s_09
Sure! A little creativity is definitely welcome. We do ask that you keep Neopets recognisable so we know what we're looking at. One of the main reasons we might have to reject an entry is if it looks too much like the creative property of another company.

So, about the Vandagyre. We've noticed it can't be customized with older wearables. I know it would be a nightmare to adapt all previous Neocash items for it, but could you ask the artist to draw all the Neopoint wearables for them? ~petpetsitter12321
There are well over a thousand Neopoint non-species-specific wearables. We can't make them all work for the Vandagyre because we simply don't have the resources. However, going forward, new wearables will include the Vandagyre as an option.

Will the Warm Holiday Mittens be available this year for those of us who couldn't melt our snowballs in time? ~rotcchick081
If you still have snowballs from the last Advent Calendar and can find a mitten that was purchased last year, then you can still use the mittens on a snowball and get a prize. We are not including them in the festivities this year, but we do have some other NC fun planned for the holiday season!

With the new Neopet, the Ruki has become a Limited Edition 'pet. I was wondering how you decided that. Was it random? Was there a vote on it? Please, do tell! ~brynchilla
After a scientific process was employed to narrow the list of choices, it came down to a rousing game of Ruki, Paper, Scissors.

Hey there, TNT! As many (most?) of you know... I collect sand. Lots of it. I am down to needing only a very few items to complete my gallery and I have a question for ya. Has the Skull Full of Sand ever been properly / fully activated? I ask this because it is nearing two years since it was announced / released, but I have never seen one in the wild. I would LOVE to be able to add it to my gallery, so would one of your marvelous behind-the-curtain tech gurus please take a look at it? Cheers! :) ~fullonparanoid
It's active; it's just super rare. Best of luck tracking it down!

Hi, TNT! Question: where can we buy Neocash now? No Walmart in my area has the $15 cards, either in store or online. If we find the old Nickelodeon cards, will they still work? Please tell us where we can find NC!!! Thank you! ~ixchel17
You can find the new Neopets Cash Cards in the U.S. at Target, Walmart,, and Toys"R"Us. Walmart carries the $15 Ylana Skyfire card, Target carries the $25 Kanrik card, and Toys"R"Us carries the $15 Sophie card. Since we've just changed out these cards recently, there may still be some stores that don't have them out yet. We are working on getting these in more stores, so hang tight. Also, at Target through November 30th, you can get 20% off your card purchases. Additionally, watch for news in December on a Walmart discount. Any cash card from Nickelodeon or Monkey Quest is redeemable on Neopets.

Greetings from the Battledome Chat, where every gift is ground down to the finest powder and sieved through for a single atom of outrage. Can you clarify where the line is for the new birthday cupcakes you've given our 'pets? We've already dreamed up several ways to abuse this fun idea of yours and we generally agree that creating 'pets just to steal their cake is bad, but what about moving 'pets from your side accounts to your main to collect cake on their birthday? What about lending Neopets to others so they can share in the cake? It's in our nature to squeeze every last advantage out of a game mechanic, but we're not 100% certain that the cupcakes turned out as you had intended. Will you have time / resources to alter how the cupcakes work so we can get back to whatever it is we normally do when we're not chewing on each other? Please and thank you. :) ~stoicjohn
We did make them no trade for a reason. We'd ask that you consider the spirit of that and not go to lengths to circumvent it. The birthday cupcakes are intended as a special treat for your Neopets, not a new method of training.

Hi, TNT! Are you ever going to introduce new paint brushes to Neopia? Please do! ~golddot
Yep! It probably won't be immediately, though. We add them as necessary to have a good variety for Pet Days. Also, they take time to design!

Elephante painting with trunk
I call it... "Splatter!"


THANK YOU! THANK YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND THANK YOU! The Vandagyre is a dream come true. I love you, TNT. You are the BEST! Neopia is forever indebted to you, IT'S SO CUTE! ~neohappy123

Happy birthday, Neopets!!! :) I just wanted to thank you for all that great stuff you released last week. New site themes and avatars, higher bidding limits for auctions and trades, new prizes for dailies, better outcomes from fortune cookies, and a new species of Neopet! You guys really went heavy on the awesomesauce. :) Well done!!! ~burning_shadows_79

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