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Greetings, Neopians!

We went through the questions submitted this week, but the vast majority were bug reports or questions about when specific things would be fixed. Basically, the answer to every question would have been: "We're aware of the issue and we are working to fix it, but don't have an ETA right now."

What we can tell you are some of the things that we have fixed this week!

Item Bug
We've stopped this bug in multiple areas and are continuing to prioritise this until we cover all areas.

Players outside of the U.S. are now able to purchase Neocash.

The script that finds and displays the winners should be running properly now.

Denizens of Krawk island will be pleased to know that the Dubloon-O-Matic is again recognising Dubloons.

Pet Pages
You can now save edits to your Pet Pages again! Hooray!

If you're still having issues in any of the above areas, please send us a bug report and let us know!

Also, please enjoy this lifelike
image of us at the moment.


Hi, TNT. I just want to say thank you for creating a haven from reality on this site. I've seen many forums and many comments sections on many web sites, and the more I see the more thankful I am that you do such a good job with the board rules. I know many don't appreciate it or find it too strict, but to me it's so nice to get away from the negativity and rudeness that is abundant on the rest of the Internet and to be somewhere where real life isn't trying to worm its way in. So, thank you! ~luvy_duv

Hey, TNT! I don't even necessarily need this to be posted; I just heard from a still-active friend about the fairly sizable problems (I'm on hiatus atm :) ) and I just wanted to tell you: 1.) I am so sorry you guys are facing so many issues. You do a wonderful job with the site and this is just super unfortunate. 2.) You will always have loyal members who'll come back to you and stick with you through the little glitches. 3.) This site is my childhood and I care about it a great deal. I just want you to know that us Neopians are thinking of you and hoping you can sort it all out ASAP with minimal stress! That's all, sorry for wall of text. Lots of love and cookies from an old, loyal Neopetter who thinks TNT is the bomb. ~sarahsarahtarawera

A big thank you to everyone who is still sending us happy thoughts as we try to settle into our new home. We know it's been a rocky few weeks, and we appreciate your patience and the occasional cheer as we keep working feverishly to get the site running smoothly again.

Need more help?
If you have a question that you think should be answered, click here and you can use our submission form. The most common/bizarre questions will appear here next week.

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