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TNT, I come to you with a plea on behalf of the Catamara Petpet. This poor little thing has been ignored for upward of 12 years: it has no items to its name, barely any colors, and it has never once in any iteration won the PPL! These brave souls survived the destruction of Maraqua only to get tossed to the side like Rock Pool pebbles. Please don't let the Catamara stew in obscurity forever; they're so cute and I'd love for them to get some more attention. :( ~sasaki_kyomi
We informed the PPL of what we believed to be a grievous oversight, but they assured us that they did celebrate loyal caretakers of yellow Catamaras in the past. (Week 335, to be precise.) However, you are quite correct that there is not so much as a plushie honouring this delightful species of Petpets. We have sternly waggled our index finger at the Content Department. Hopefully this will be rectified in the upcoming months.

Hi, TNT. I submitted a drawing to the Art Gallery for Koi Day but didn't get in after a few weeks. Can I submit this to the Beauty Contest? I know Beauty Contest entries cannot go toward the Art Gallery, but I'm not sure about the other way around. This would be more clear if we got Neomailed about our Art Gallery entries. Thank you! ~elaine1071994
First off, you're more than welcome to resubmit your art to the Art Gallery. Just because you didn't make it into one Gallery page doesn't mean you wouldn't make it into the next. :) As for your question, the spirit of the rule involving art entries of all kinds is that a single piece of art should only win you one trophy. If you make something for the Random Contest and it doesn't make third place, then you can resubmit it to the AG or BC. If you don't place at all in BC, then the piece can be submitted to AG, assuming you don't try a second week in the BC. Also, if your art has lingered in the AG queue for some time and has yet to be spotlighted, then you may submit it to the BC. The only tricky bit of this is that we recommend waiting at least a few weeks before submitting an AG piece to the BC, as we don't purge the AG entries and will occasionally use older entries.

tl;dr: one trophy per art piece. Don't overlap your entries so you can avoid breaking that rule.

Hi, TNT! :D Thanks for the site and the memories and the childhood. My question is this: say you've got an offsite blog or art page in which you have the same username as on Neopets and, on that site, you draw some "racy" Neopet pictures. Could you get in trouble on-site for it? (Please remove my username.) ~username removed
As long as it's not negatively impacting our site (scamming, cheating, selling Neopets, etc.) then what you do outside of Neopia is your own business. We also understand that people often have Internet handles that they use on multiple sites. This only becomes an issue if you, in any way, try to communicate or hint that someone can find you on another site using your Neopets username. That is considered leading players offsite and is not allowed, and will be more harshly dealt with if you're leading someone to something that's considered inappropriate for Neopets.

Two Altador Cup questions: 1.) How do you pronounce Timu? 2.) What happens to Clockwork Yooyus after they explode? I really need these answered!!! Thanks! ~evearellie
1.) TEE-moo 2.) The parts are recycled and used to make clockwork wind-up toys.

I was doing my dailies last Saturday and, when I went to The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity, I got this: "There is no response from the plushie, but as you turn around you kick a small object. Oh, it's a Neopets 14th Birthday Goodie Bag!" I was totally flabbergasted since this goodie bag is currently trading for more than 400,000 NPs on the Trading Post -- and I screenied the page! I never would have believed that the discarded Grundo plushie can give out such expensive items! Is something different going on here than before, when all I ever got was inexpensive items or a few Neopoints? Is this some kind of a glitch? Thank you for any response you are able to give. ~smartgirl
Just your lucky day in Neopia, it seems! TDMBGPOP smiles upon you!

Well, sorta.
In his own way, we guess.

Hi, TNT! I know you guys love surprises, but for some of us, missing out on our favorite annual events would be heartbreaking. It would be really great if, in the future, you could let us know in advance in the news if you know an annual event is going to be postponed or canceled. I, myself, need to plan a trip, but I want to make sure I don't miss Daily Dare if it's going to be in the summer again this year. Thank you! ~macteazle
As we have stated in previous issues there will be no Daily Dare this year.

My 'pet recently won the PPL, and now I have a shiny trophy on that Neopet's lookup! What I want to know is, if I transfer that 'pet to another account, will the trophy be transferred along with the Neopet, or will the trophy go *poof*? Please remove my username. Thank you! ~username removed
Trophies displayed on Pet Lookups belong to the Neopet, not the account holder. This means that the trophy remains with them no matter where they go or who is taking care of them.

Why isn't Bleu Cheese Dressing Smoothie considered a Gross Food? :( ~evanilore
*sips Ranch Dressing Smoothie* Huh? What do you mean "gross"?

Hello, TNT! As of this writing, the answer to the last Mystery Pic was Dotty Decorations. I was correct, but I got two Neomails about it! Was I issued the prize twice, or did I just get a double mail by accident? Should I be worried about this? ~guriido_
The script that awards Mystery Pic winners sometimes gets a little over-excited and awards prizes twice. You won't get in trouble for this, though we do request that you discard the extra item prize.

I noticed that, when trying to use a Wraith Grundo Morphing Potion on my Neopet, you can't. Can you guys fix this, please? :D Thanks. ~jawsch
This has been fixed. :)

Hey, TNT! I was wondering: if you have a bunch of Neocash that's about to expire and you buy more NC, does the expiration date then reset, or will it still disappear? ~thaisgm
Buying more won't reset the expiration date of the old NC. Basically, NC is bought / given in batches. Hypothetically speaking, Bob bought 500 NC approximately a year ago. He never spent it, but a few months ago he bought 2,000 more NC. He now has a total of 2,500 NC. The 500 NC is expiring soon, so he purchases an item for 200 NC. This is taken from the oldest batch of NC, so he now has 300 NC soon expiring. It expires, and he's given random NC items worth a total of 300 NC. He's now left with the 2,000 NC.

Please, please, please: could we have a feature in the NC Mall that allows us to browse items by price? ~zeralda
We've forwarded your suggestion to those in charge of the NC Mall. :)

I noticed I was at 71 months and got excited because that meant I would be able to have four transfers soon! Then, when I was posting on the boards it said 72 months, but my profile's shield said 71. Which is the correct number? Thanks! :3 ~running_fawn
The math used in either place is a bit different so it estimates the number slightly differently. The UL is more accurate, and it also displays the date you joined if you want to calculate it down to the day.

Hey, TNT! Just a question: why do some plushie pets have button eyes and others don't? Is it just different interpretations by different artists or something else? I love the button eye pets; they're lovingly creepy. *giggles evilly* ~racerfishy
We have many talented artists who have different interpretations of plushies and items. :)

TNT, if you don't support unconverted Neopets, then why do your official accounts have UCs? You're kinda sending mixed messages there. D: Thanks for the fantastic web site! *showers you in cake* ~neohappy123
We meant technical support, not moral support. :) It's like the way that companies no longer offer service updates or user support for outdated software. Our staff members are free to individually decide if they want to retain their UC Neopets that were not auto-converted during the big customisation changeover.

Why must I approach the Portal with dignity? Can't I go into it running and screaming, with socks on my hands? ~kmc244
We have a very broad definition of "dignity" here in Neopia. Proceed with your argyle-muffed flailing!

Hiya, TNT! I was just wondering something: is it against the rules if someone uses my username / Neopet's name / references one of my Pet Pages in their Neopian Times submission without my permission? ~username removed
*licks thumb and flips through Tome of NT Laws* We don't believe we have a specific rule that covers that, but it might be more gracious and one's entry might be more likely to be accepted if there is evidence that permission to use the username was sought, as a courtesy. If your username, Neopet name, or Pet Page was used without your permission and you want it removed, please contact the Support Department and we'll be happy to remove it.

Hey, TNT! I've been hearing lately that Jumpstart is considering bringing back unconverted Neopets. I, personally, hope this is true, but can you shed some light on this before I get my hopes up too much? Thanks! ~poogle_girl287
Uh, no. Unless we state in big, bold letters on New Features that we've suddenly changed our opinion and are bringing back UCs, then please consider anything you hear to be an unsubstantiated rumour started by overly-hopeful, misinformed, or mischievous players.

Dear TNT,
Yesterday I finished Neoquest II. It took me 10 years. 3,676 days, seven hours, 53 minutes, and 57 seconds, to be precise. Surely I deserve an extra trophy for that achievement, right?

Yours sincerely,
A Slow Player ~trinity303303

As tribute to this amazing feat of procrastination, we present you with... the Golden Slorg Award!

(Well, not really, but we can pretend.)


Hi, TNT. *hands you a jellyfish* I just wanted to tell you how much I love the new Maraquan Yurble! I have been so into manatees for YEARS!!! I even have a manatee plushie! I LOVE MANATEEEES!!! *incomprehensible babbling* Seriously, though, I'm so excited that someone else thinks they are as awesome as I do! Please pass my compliments on to whoever is behind this work of genius! ~fsdioa

Hi, TNT! This June will mark a decade since I first saw Neopets being advertised on a certain fast food chain's kid's meal, which made me decide to get an account here. ;) I'm now in college and still going strong here! This site is just that awesome. Keep up the good work here! Y'all are awesome! *passes cookies to everybody* ~nytimes

Dear TNT,
I just wanted to drop by and say thank you. It's been a while since I've been active on the site, but I remember my humble beginnings. I will soon be going off to college to major in Computer Science, and you know where I typed my first lines of code? Neopets. I read through that HTML tutorial over and over to make my profile look fabulous, and now I can do so much more. Neopets is hypothetically intended to be for kids, but it is so educational and incorporates skills for all ages, and that's what amazes me the most. So, thank you, TNT, for helping shape my future and discover my true passion in life. I will forever be grateful. ~piticent123

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