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Hey, TNT! My friend thinks Camp Wannamakeagame is on Roo Island, but I thought that, for sure, it's at Kiko Lake. Could you clear this up for us? Thank you! ~macteazle
There are quite a few lakes in Neopia aside from Kiko Lake. Camp Wannamakeagame is in the foothills of the mountain range between Shenkuu and Neopia Central. It's terribly exclusive, though.

Hello, TNT! *throws Petpets* Petpet Park and Neopets are in some way related, right? I know they're completely different games, but on Neopets there's some items related to Petpet Park, so, can we please have the Petpet Park Petpets here, too? My Neopets would love to have a Kassegat (please remove my username). ~username removed
They're related in the sense that they're technically in the same universe. However, Petaria is basically another dimension (created via the Wand of Wishing) where Petpets can talk and wear clothes and have philosophical debates. Some of the Petpet species from there have never crossed into Neopia. Whether they ever will is entirely up to them.

I was unable to equip the Adventurers Sword and Shield on my Petpet in Grave Danger. The person who responded to that ticket had no other solution except to ask for my username and password so they could log in as me. Is this legitimate? I notice that the ticket system goes to a web site that is not Neopets. What gives, and where do we get help? ~username removed
We looked into the ticket and, basically, the Support Staff was just letting you know that he or she might need to hop onto your account to assess the problem better. We think this may have caused a misunderstanding in which it was interpreted that they needed your login info to do this, which is incorrect. TheNeopetsTeam does not need your login info, as we can access the account through our admin system. So remember, if anyone claims they're from TNT but request your login info to access your account, then they are attempting to scam you and should be reported.

Hey there, TNT! A few months ago I did a digital Neopets-themed drawing for one of my friends. He gave me a vague description of the environment and the 'pets he wanted included and was very eager to have it finished. However, the drawing was never used on any page (I like to think it was printed out and hung on a wall -- much more reassuring). I wanted to know if it would be against the rules to submit the image to the Art Gallery? I never intended to submit it, as it was just for fun, but if I wanted to... it was technically their idea I worked off of. I wouldn't want to risk plagiarism! (Please remove my username.) Thanks. :) ~username removed
As art can't be bought and sold on Neopets, any art is considered a gift. As you are the original artist, you are welcome to submit it if you'd like. Please keep in mind, though, that there can only be one winner to an Art Gallery submission, so any collaborators (like someone who offered the idea to you) cannot be credited.

So, I know it updates approximately twice a day, but what are those two times and when is the best time to submit an entry to the Storytelling Contest? (Remove my username, please.) ~username removed
Other than during the two intervals each day of 10 minutes or so between a winner being chosen, edited, and posted, any time is the best time for submitting a Storytelling Contest entry. :)

Now, to just deal with that writer's block...

TNT, I'm really confused. Did you mean that the user VISITOR has the most page views? Please help me, my brain is frazzled. ~jrayeb3
#VISITOR when typed on a Petpage displays the username of whoever is viewing the page. So, if it worked in the Editorial, everyone would have seen that their own User Lookup was the "most popular" page on Neopets. We had a good giggle over the idea, but we're sure the Support Department is very grateful it didn't work! We imagine the email onslaught of confused Neopians would have reduced them to tears or throttling the rest of us. Perhaps both.

Hi, TNT. :) As an old school user, I LOVE the unconverted art of a majority of the Neopets. So, I was wondering: is it okay to code an image over the new art, or can I create my own art and cover the "actual" image? I can understand if I claim the 'pet to be UC, but what if I mention on the User Lookup that the 'pet isn't UC? Thank you! ~username removed
Please do not cover your Neopet on their Pet Lookup with any other image or art. You may not alter the page in any way to misrepresent your Neopet, even with a disclaimer.

So, about six months ago (maybe more) I saw one of my Neofriends on another web site! We said hi, chatted for a while, and laughed at the funny coincidence. Would it be against the rules, now that we know we both play the game, to Neomail each other and say, "Hey! Wanna go to the other place we play on?" Also, would it be against the rules to discuss the funny coincidence with each other through Neomail, like say, "Oh, wow! That was hilarious! We must have a lot in common if you play that game, too! LOL!" Sorry if this is a stupid question. Most of it's hypothetical, but I really did see one of my good Neofriends on another web site. Please remove my username. ~username removed
Our monitors have no way of knowing if you're totally BBFs with someone outside of Neopets, whether it's in the online or real world. All they would see is a player giving offsite or personal information to another player, and would respond accordingly to it as a rules violation. For the safety of your account, please abide by site rules regardless of the situation. We try to be fair, but we're not psychic. (Unless evil Meepit plan #211-B-8 succeeds, that is.)

Did you realize that it says "PIN number" in the Safety Deposit Box? Personal Identification Number number is rather redundant, isn't it? ;) ~archetype
That's what it stands for in that "real world" place. Here, it stands for "Protection In Neopia!"

Hi, I was wondering why unconverted Neopets are emotionless. From my inexperienced point of view, wouldn't it only be a matter of replacing the images just like with any other 'pet? It's just weird to see my 'pet smiling next to the message that says, "You've won nothing!" from the Treasure of the Black Pawkeet. :P Please remove my username. ~username removed
Much like decade-old Internet browsers, UCs are no longer supported. What you see is what you get from them.

Hey there, TNT. Just thought I'd point out that there's a spelling mistake in the recent Maraquan Flowing Fucsia Wig NC item. It's fuschia, not "fucsia." Anyway, have a nice day. :) ~nefarity
Well, maybe that's how you spell it in the "real world," but here in Neopia-- yeah, this excuse isn't going to fly a second time, is it? We totally misspelled it. Thanks for letting us know. It's now been corrected!

If all of the questions that were submitted to the Editorial were published, how long would it be? ~brynchilla
Like, all of the questions that have been submitted? We literally have hundreds of thousands in our database. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Is there any chance you guys could end the Editorial with a picture of... gasp, Meepits? ~manafione
They seem to be busy in the lab, but perhaps we could go in and ask if one wants to pose for a pictur--

Or not.
Uh, sorry to have disturbed you.
*backs away slowly*

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