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Hey, TNT! I recently got the Boochi Random Event, but didn't get him as a challenger in the Battledome like I thought we were supposed to. Is he a retired challenger now? ~drobit
No. We looked into it, and it should be fixed now if you want to go bop him on the nose.

Hi, TNT! I was wondering: what page on the site has the most visits out of them all? ~esophee
#VISITOR's User Lookup! Wow! (Goodness, we wish that command worked in the Editorial. Oh well. We laughed.)

So, for the current "make a Neopian slushie" Random Contest, since we have to show ingredients and I'm using store-bought juice and that, do I have to hide / blur out the brand, or would showing the brand prove that I'm using edible ingredients vs. coloured sand? ~lil_jen_aside
Please blur or hide any brands. :) We'll trust you!

Now that Neopets is no longer related to Nickelodeon, will the usernames that are taken on our "sister sites" such as Petpet Park be made available, or would they still require a purge on said sites? ~kewlwasfrozen
You can find information such as this in our handy-dandy FAQ! Basically, one account will become two accounts with the same username. Also, the usernames are not being purged at this point.

Hi, I submitted some entries for the special 650th edition of The Neopian Times over the weekend and just received a generic rejection letter for each. I was wondering if it would be possible for you guys to ask the NT editor whether this is because I tried submitting them too early, or if they were not good enough, since the rejection Neomail is kind of unclear. Thanks a lot! (Also, please leave my username out.) ~username removed
The anniversary issue is, indeed, filling up fast! The best way to get in is to write something super original. It doesn't have to be themed to writing, the NT, or Weewoos; we like to showcase really great work in this issue.

Hi, TNT. You have stated that those who make their own layouts for their galleries are more likely to be chosen for the Gallery Spotlight than galleries that use premade layouts. My question is this: how do you feel about an entry's layout if the "design" was made by the owner, but it was coded by someone else, e.g., their friend? Would their chances decrease because the "whole" layout wasn't made by them? Please let me know what would happen and how you feel about this situation. Thanks! ~jakynar
We're mostly referring to galleries featuring "premade" art and coding. Everyone has their own strengths, and we think combining your art-force with your friend's code-fu sounds fun, and we'd love to see the results. :)

I have a tongue / raspberry-themed gallery, and bought a Fruit Machine Stamp because it looked like the Kougra's tongue was sticking out (above and to his left), but upon further inspection, I'm not sure if that IS his tongue. I asked the Help Chat and the answers were pretty divided. So, now I ask the expert! Is that a tongue? Should it stay in my gallery? ~giggzabit
You can remove the stamp from your gallery because the Kougra's tongue is, indeed, not sticking out, though it's hard to tell from the small image! That art was originally drawn for our Adventures in Neopia board game, so Dragona rummaged around in her closet until she found hers and took this picture of the card for you. :)

"My, this Baggus looks delicious,"
said no one ever.

Could we get the smilies page updated with all of the pretty, new smilies? It feels like forever since that page was last updated! ~juzsii
It's been updated quite frequently, actually! Some smilies are considered "secret smilies" and are not listed on the page, though.

Dear TNT,
I accidentally collected the free monthly food on a side account. I intend to discard the food, but I'm scared that I'll get frozen. I'm really sorry! Please don't freeze me! If this gets in, please remove my username. ~username removed

It's okay! We all have oopsies. Don't worry about it! You discarded the item and dealt with it perfectly. It's the more purposeful "oopsies" that we're concerned about, like people who "accidentally" visit Anchor Management on their side accounts with alarming regularity, or those who "accidentally" play just the Flash games that award avatars on their side accounts.

Hey TNT, how ya doing? So, I had an idea. Seeing as how most weeks someone in the Editorial sends in a question about a fandom reference that they have discovered, how about you hide one reference in every Editorial? The more obscure the better! We can then see how many people find it. Go on, it'll make mine and many others' inner fan people feel all warm and fuzzy! ~littleblackpony1996
It's a cute idea, but we'd be paranoid that we'd forget it one week and feel guilty about Neopians going crazy as they spend their weekend trying to figure it out. XD

Hi, TNT! *waves* In your last Editorial there was a mention of a Dr. Who fan who got excited over the references on the site. That got me to thinking about the tiny Futurama references that I have seen floating around, as well. Then, wouldn't you know it, the picture at the very end of the Editorial accompanying snarkie's comment about people being dressed weirdly was none other than Zapp Brannigan. I, myself, got overly excited. Could you please send your thanks to whoever dressed up as him for Halloween? I am a huge fan of Futurama myself and have been very happy to see the occasional Kadoatie named "Farnsworth" and a certain book description about windmills... ~pawz_pawz
Hahaha, that was DJ Skellington in the picture. :) As far as Futurama references around the site, surely you must be mistaken! Certainly no one here at the office is such a huge fan that she would commission a handmade model of the Planet Express complete with working lights! Noope, no fans of Futurama in this office! ;)

Dear TNT,
Why do you remove the usernames when you put them in the Editorial? ~username removed

The vast majority of the time we remove usernames due to player request. Other times we remove them when we're concerned that leaving the username in would cause that player to be harassed or embarrassed. With regard to the other question you sent us, players are not notified when their question is published in the Editorial, since it's 1.) not a competition, and 2.) not set up that way.

Hey, TNT! I think the Random Contest could use a bit of a rules revamp. The submission form refers to the Spotlight and Art Contest rules, but they disagree on how big an image file should be for submission, and of late I've seen many slightly larger files showcased among the winners. It would be really nice to have a Random Contest-specific set of rules to refer to, rather than trying to figure out which file limits are in effect. Oh, and thanks for the wonderful site, by the way! ~kochao21
This is a perfectly reasonable request! We've asked the staff in charge of the RC if they could look into updating the rules a bit.

I got a Neomail from TNT telling me that I have Neocash due to expire 2014-06-08. So, is that the 6th of August or was that the 8th of June? The American data format is really confusing for everyone else in world! So, can we have a compromise? How about putting the month in words and then we can all know what date it is. Thanks, TNT! You're too cool! ~fredajones
Anything new uses the international date format, which is YYYY-MM-DD. We've been slowly phasing out inconsistent formats from the days of yore.

Behold! The ultimate in date formatting!
Now for all of Neopia to enjoy!


(Referring to the dramatic banjo "question" from last week)
I regretted that message five seconds after sending it. At least you removed my username. I'm going to go and cry in the corner now. Bye bye. ~username removed (again)
It's okay. We still love you. :)

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