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Hi, TNT! I'm faced with a slight conundrum. I have been working on a Pet Page for my Lutari, who happens to reside on a side account. I would absolutely LOVE to submit it to the Site Spotlight. I am a little bit petty and, in the event that I were to win, would much rather have a trophy appear on my main account. Since Lutaris cannot be transferred, could I move the web site elsewhere (even though it would be unrelated to whatever 'pet I chose to host the site on) or could I specify that I would like the trophy to appear on X account? Basically, what are my options? Thank you! ~akierasu
In the description of your submission to us, simply state the account that you'd like to have awarded the trophy. You can also specify if you'd like your main account to be credited. That means we'd announce your main in New Features rather than your side account, in addition to putting the trophy on your main.

Hello! I was just wondering if some of the Random Event avatars (Tooth Faerie, Sloth, Neomail addict) were still achievable after the new RE system was put into place, or if they are retired now. Thanks. ^__^ ~unlaced_
They're still available! Some REs have changed slightly to work with the new system but the avatar ones are still there. :)

Hello, TNT! It's my first time writing to the Editorial. I've seen some people requesting things like emoticons, 'pet colors, Petpet colors, etc. So, I think I should try requesting something, too. What do you guys think about making a Rutu-themed item? She is my favorite Neopian character and I also think she is a very important character, but there's no item of her. :( I think that, if you make a Rutu-themed item, then it will be great! ~jlm_kirby
There has been some sort of Rutu-uprising, hasn't there? It seems so, considering all the Rutu-requests the Editorial has seen since the Festival of Neggs began. Very well, we'll pass your Rutu-themed item request to our Content Department.

Hey, I don't think I've seen any information about this anywhere. I was just wondering: what programs do the artists use to to create the various kinds of artwork around the site? Also, I've been noticing that the new Neocash items have been looking extra spiffy. Has switching to JumpStart brought along new artists, as well? ~chelseaxgrin
We mostly use Flash, and Photoshop to a very minor extent. All the current art is still being brought to you by the talented artists of Neopets yore.

It has been my lifelong dream to work for TNT. Only now, I feel confused. Should I go after Viacom and Nickelodeon for a job with you awesome people or should I go to JumpStart? (Please leave my username out.) ~username removed
Neopets and Petpet Park are now a part of JumpStart, and no longer affiliated with Viacom. If you'd like to work as part of TNT, then you'll need to wait until JumpStart offers positions specifically for Neopets.

Since JumpStart is a new company, are they bringing in new staff or will everyone stay the same? ~xxrayray
While we're new to JumpStart, they've been around since 1991 and are a well-established company. They purchased Neopets (the brand, the web site, etc.), and the majority of the staff that worked on Neopets are now JumpStart employees instead of Nickelodeon employees. So, the team that's been creating content for you for well over a decade is still here! Though we're all still busy organising and moving, we're now a part of JumpStart and will join resources together once we're settled!

Hi, TNT! *hands out neverending coffee cups for staff members* I was so thrilled today that you had installed the cancel button for The Coincidence that I went to my local Starbucks and bought coffee for the next three people in line behind me IN YOUR HONOUR. See? We DO appreciate you guys and the hard work that you do. Thanks! *heart* ~marika18
The idea of this made us squeal happily because we do so appreciate coffee! Wonderful, wonderful coffee. Nectar of the faeries! Purveyor of all that is alert and functional! Inspiration of this marvelous work of art...

Really, the only thing we like better
than coffee is bad puns.

I attempted to visit the lab ray today, but I was told I can only use it once a day. I haven't used it since yesterday, but it hasn't yet been 24 hours since my last use. Does the lab ray go on a time limit of 24 hours or can you use it at any time the next day? Thanks! ~dannyskye
The lab ray resets at midnight Neopian Standard Time. If this happens to you again, please send in a bug report with as much information as you can provide (what browser you're using, what times you used the lab ray, etc.).

For the next Artists' Day Off, could you guys make a new land? ~ellbot1998
BUAHAHAAHAA. As amusing as the idea is, that probably wouldn't be a good thing in the long run!

Hey, TNT! As a member who's been around for a whiiiiile, I've grown tired of seeing shop owners trying to sell old rotten footwear. So, I created this side account solely for the purpose of buying the shoes and discarding them. Am I actually helping to rid Neopia of these nasty items or do they generate too quickly for my actions to make an impact? ~neopiantrashman
Regardless, your question and username made us cackle like mad-staffers. XD

Hi, TNT! I'm so glad to hear from the recent news that we are able to transform ourselves now instead of just our 'pets! From the news on April 23rd: "Kauvara's Magic Shop has two new morphing potions that can turn you into a pastel Xweetok or Gnorbu!" That's right! Can turn YOU -- not our Neopets, but ourselves -- into pastel creatures! I'm so excited. I've always wanted to be a pastel Gnorbu. :) On a serious note, good job on releasing more awesome potions! ~frostygrunt
Neopian magic is just that strong, we guess, though it could be a result of that incident in the office last week when we accidentally plugged a light faerie into an electrical socket.

TNT, I know I probably submitted something already, but this urgently needs to be answered. D: I heard that you're doing a rule revamp because the population of Neopets is older. Well, as a younger Neopian, I love how it's kid friendly and we don't have to worry about people acting inappropriate or trolling and getting away with it. Please tell me you're not going to remove too many rules. D: D: I need this answered. D: ~horsiepony
Neopets will always be family friendly. We'd like to loosen up the rules a bit so we can be less strict about some things, but that doesn't mean we'll allow inappropriate behavior.

Hi, there! First off, I wanted to say thank you for letting us use some more advanced CSS lately. I am curious, since Border-Radius is allowed on lookups, if we could get that functionality with Pet Pages, too, or any of the other nifty HTML5 or CSS3 stuff? Thanks! ~syiavri
We're a bit tied up at the moment, but we have put in a request to our programmers. :)

Hello, TNT! *passes out bagels* I've been a longtime player and a frequent visitor to many of your certified and recommended fan sites. As an aspiring developer, I hope to one day make a fan site of my own. Is there a certain set of criteria that you guys follow when accepting a new fan site? There seems to be very little info on the submission page for new sites. Thank you in advance! ~himowa
All information should be available in the fan site license agreement at the bottom of the application page. As long as the site is useful to Neopians and follows the rules therein, it will be considered. Currently the biggest factor thus far for not approving certain sites has been issues with COPPA compliance. Also, we haven't been able to get certain things approved, but hopefully we can get back to it after the transition is complete.

Recently (as in, since the transition to JumpStart), I've been noticing that the images for some items are either missing or different. For instance, at the Money Tree today, "Old Rotten Right Sandal" was replaced with the Google logo, "Mouldy Leftovers" with the "Cheerlub" image, "Soggy Old Box" with most of the "Cubett" image, and "Spiced Pumpkin Coffee" with a very blurry image of Tarla's head. Additionally, two of my Neopets' heads won't load properly on the Quick Ref page. My question is: are these glitches due to the site or my computer / internet? ~whatamidoingwhy
Things such as that are most often caused by a cache issue on your computer. We recommend clearing your cache and seeing if that helps. You can usually find the option to clear your cache under the browsing data area of your browser settings.

*cuts eye holes in white sheet and drapes it over self* Boo! *chases TNT around Editorial* ~downrightdude



Hey, TNT! Today my account has just completed its sixth anniversary and I couldn't be happier! It’s been an enormous pleasure to be with you all this time and to be a member of this community for so long. I've met some of the most talented artists and writers here; I've learned the basics of HTML coding; I've gained some inspiration for writing, and I've even learned a bit about how an economy works, all thanks to you. Everything you do here is so complex and amazingly brilliant! I honestly can't thank you enough for all the hours of fun I've had in Neopia! I hope Neopets continues to exist for hundreds of years. :) You're the best! ~_white_spirit_

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