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Hey, TNT! I have been trying to get the Wheel of Knowledge avatar for YEARS now. I spin it every day, but still haven't gotten it. Are you sure it is not broken? ~leung_tjai
Yep, it's just really rare. D: It's slightly less rare on Brightvale Day, though!

'ello, TNT!!! I was randomly gifted a fortune cookie item without my consent. This person has now asked me for an item in return. I feel obligated to send an item now, but I sincerely do not feel like trading or sending an item back. :( I'd truly rather feel like giving a gift than feeling obligated, ya know? Could you do me and maybe the rest of the world a huge favor and make it an option whether we want to accept or reject the fortune cookie gifts instead of just automatically getting them in our inventory? Thanks a bunch!!! *hugs each and every single staff a loving hug* ~axl_the_rose
Ugh. We'll pass your concerns on to the staff that handle NC. As for the person that sent the item to you, their request was both incredibly rude and more than a little shady. Under no circumstance should you feel obligated to compensate someone for a gift they gave you. That's not how gifts work. If they demand payment, then it's a trade you did not agree to.

Hi, TNT! Okay, so it's been said a lot that Random Events aren't supposed to affect any of your inactive Neopets, right? Well, during my round of dailies today (and only a few minutes before I intended to head to the Battledome for my daily fights), my battle 'pet came down with Floppy Tongue due to a Random Event. At the time, it was not selected as active. Isn't this the exact thing that selecting an active Neopet is supposed to prevent? Sure, the cure wasn't very expensive, but it's not exactly convenient, either. So, I have to ask: could you please check in on this before more battlers get sidelined by Random Events? Thanks, and I hope to hear good news on this! (please remove my name) ~username removed
Colour-changing Random Events only affect your active Neopet, but there's plenty of others (both good and bad) that can strike any one of your Neopets.

Dear TNT,
I voted for the Neopies today, and the item I received -- a Chilli-Coated Watermelon Lollypop -- is labeled as Candy, but sadly cannot be eaten. My Neopets are very sad about this. They were... intrigued by the flavour and were looking forward to having a nibble. Is there any chance you could fix this? *holds out lollypop with a sweet smile* Thanks! ~starfall_glow

We may all come to regret this, but it is now officially edible.


Dear TNT,
Could you clarify the rules for covering up the shield on your User Lookup? I know we're allowed to cover up our shields using a shield with a picture on it, but you said that we weren't allowed to add a year count to it. Like, our shields could say forever or baby, but not five years or something. However, the winner of a User Lookup Spotlight did just that. So, are we allowed to add a year number to our shield, provided that the year is accurate? ~pink_alicorn

Provided the number is accurate (and remains accurate), then yes.

I think King Jazan secretly cries himself to sleep at night, knowing that both his wife and undead companion have their own avatars but he doesn't. :( ~crazy_4_sushi
Even Hanso is featured in an avatar. That must be completely intolerable for him. We'll see if our resident avatar-maker can help soothe his troubled soul.

Hey, TNT. :D You were recently awesome and resized a trophy that was incorrect -- could you do so again for another dedicated Neopian? *puppy eyes* The participation medal for Daily Dare 2013 is the wrong size, and it doesn't have the white background that all of the other trophies have. Could you, pretty please, fix it? :* ~not
Blarg! We've alerted our art team of the inconsistency.

Hi, Neopets staff! I wanted to ask a quick question regarding social media sites, specifically Facebook. Are we allowed to discuss it in private messages or on the boards? Thanks for reading my note. Here are some flowers. ~_glasscat_
As we have buttons to Facebook on our site, and a Facebook page, the web site itself may be mentioned, most safely with regard to something we posted there. However, it may not be mentioned in any capacity as a way to request or give personal information, either on the Neoboards or through Neomail. You can ask someone if they saw TNT mention something on Facebook, but you cannot tell or ask a player for information that would lead them to a personal Facebook account.

How is "Cui," as in "Cui Codestone," pronounced? Is it coo-ee? Kwee? "Cyoo-ee?" Something else I haven't thought of? ~kittyomega

Hi, TNT. I just wanted to run this by you to make sure it's not against the rules. I checked with other players who told me it was alright but, you know, I want to make sure and hear it from you guys. Okay, so let's say I have a Neopet I want to adopt out to someone. Is it alright to collect names of people who are interested and draw one randomly from a "hat" and give that person the 'pet? It seems to be following the rules, but since I've never done this before until now, I wanted to be 100% sure that it was alright. Thanks for clearing this up for me! Oh, and please remove my username. ~username removed
Selecting a person at random is fine; raffling a Neopet would not be. As long as you're not collecting items, Neopoints, etc. from a person for them to have a chance at gaining the Neopet, then it's fine.

TNT, I have a Flishy that is over 4,000 days old! Her color is getting pretty boring to me, you know? I headed over to the Rainbow Pool to see what epic colors have come out since I have attached my Flishy... and there is nothing! I did a quick Editorial search and saw that you were planning to do more colors for the Flishy, but this was over 200 Editorials ago. Did you forget the poor Flishies? I'm getting close to separating this poor Petpet from the owner that its been with for over 4,000 days because I'm getting bored of the basic colors. ~_dr_evil
D: We have made an ALL CAPS request to the Content Department to get new Flishy colours. Expect some in the upcoming months.

Hi, TNT. It has recently become a rumor among the Pound Chatters that, if you continuously spam the boards complaining about your account being frozen or 'pet being taken, then your ticket will get answered quicker. Could you please lay this rumor to rest? (Also, please remove my username.) Thanks! ~username removed
Eeyeah, that's not how the system works. Tickets are handled by our Email Support staff. The Neoboards are watched by our Monitoring staff. The Email Support staff are not on the Neoboards; they go by the ticket system. Our Monitoring staff do not investigate and unfreeze accounts. While their jobs are related, they're completely different departments. Think of monitors like the police out enforcing the rules, and the support staff like the judges who figure out what happened and decide the final outcome.

Hey, TNT! After the most recent round of skirmishes for the Obelisk, the Oracle began granting random boons that some factions did not previously receive (i.e. The Awakened now seem to get the LOL Avies boon). I'm just curious if the Oracle is going to continue granting completely random boons, or if this was an accident. ~nbbug132
The Awakened did get random boons this time, but who's to say they weren't random the first time? *shifty eyes*

Hey, TNT! Can you end this Editorial with an extremely sad picture? :) ~_torchic__
If that's what you want!

Don't worry, buddy. We've all been there. T_T


I just wanted to thank you guys on the staff so much. Moderators, admins, artists, coders, users that help us with our tickets, writers, and janitors, everyone! You all work so hard, and Neopets always has new content for me to enjoy. :) From quirky stuff like Neopia's own newpaper to the fantastic plots that you guys come up with, I've loved it all for the 10+ years I've been on Neopets, especially since I can participate in them now that I understand Neo more. You guys always get such bad names, but truly Neopets is always a pleasure for me to be on. Thank you so much!!! Big hugs from me! ♥ ~mindy_rocks_socks

Hello, I just wanted to say that the new Mutant Barlow is one of the cutest things I have ever seen in all of my days on Neopets. Major kudos to the artist behind it! ~emma50030

"According to his Neopedia article, 'Captain Rourke once trusted a pirate to share a pile of buried treasure with him, only to be betrayed and marooned on a deserted island.' How did he get off said island? ~pennycents_ He plucked his fur out, braided the strands into rope, and then lashed two Maraquan Shoyrus together and rode them to the mainland." I absolutely love your response! You guys are the best. XD I love all the fandoms we share the same love for. I also got the best kick out of the user who is now going to get his very own "Dofrey Baratheon." XD Lol, love it!!!! ~ofcabbagesandkings

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