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First of all, I love the new birthday color for Petpets! It's so adorable! (Maybe it could become a Neopet color eventually?) However, I was shocked at the new Desert Abominable Snowball! How could anyone be so cruel as to melt their poor little snowball? This needs to be reported to the PPL! It's as bad as zapping a Petpet! ~spongebubbles
The PPL has sent out a general warning to please not take Abominable Snowballs into the Lost Desert, and to keep them in the icebox during the summer! They'd likely be making more of a fuss, but they've been pretty distracted by a bunch of crazy Neopians sending their Petpets into some vaults under Neovia for some reason...

Howdy. I purchased access to the Forgotten Shore on my old account. I then switched main accounts, and have been taking my dailies from my new account only. One daily that I don't have in my new main account is the Forgotten Shore. I wanted to purchase a new map for my new main account, but then I thought that maybe that wouldn't be okay because of the "bonus" when you first buy it, and I enjoyed that bonus already in my old main account. What are the rules on this? When you switch main accounts, is it okay to purchase Forgotten Shore access in your new main account (provided, of course, that you don't continue visiting it in your old main account)? Thanks! ~battlesunn
In the case of moving to a new main, as you described, redeeming a second map set is allowable.

Heya there, TNT! So, you know how many Neopians, including myself, are nerdy college students? Well, it would be awesome for us nerdy college students if there were some new "interests" added. For example, I think I would dance to the end of Neopia if you guys added "anthropology" as an interest. You may think it would apply to too few people, but hey, I know at least one other anthropology major on the Neoboards, and I'm not even much of a Neoboard chatter. *gives you convincing goo goo eyes* ~anthropologicalworld
We'll have you know that, when we read your username, the first thing to pop into our heads was, "And I say to myself... what an anthropological wooooorld." Ahem. Anyway. Yeah, new interests would be fun. We shall request that it be added and brainstorm up some others, as well.

Can Grave Danger be added to the Premium Dailies Bar, please? :) ~silly_mistake
Yes, yes it can. We've put in the request. :)

Dear TNT,
What does Corbin wash his hair with to get that smooth and luscious look? Apart from great care and attention, that is. ~marzipan

He uses Illusen Organic Replenishing Shampoo that comes in a sparkly bottle! Shhh, don't let Kell know, though. Corbin will never hear the end of it.

No wonder he smells like a fresh forest glade!

Who created the item Intergalactic Planet Dairy? I'd just like that person to know that they are loved. ~neotdog
Hahaha, that reeks of someone from the Content Department. We shall pass along your accolades.

For once, you did answer every question I was wondering this week and did not include a Happy Thoughts section. Honestly, I really hate that section and hope it doesn't come back. It seems like such a waste of time to post more than one or two messages like the one I am currently sending. *hands out cookies* =) ~aejart
OH MAN! We're super sorry about forcing you to read those! We'll be sure to put a note at the top of them next time that says, "if you don't appreciate warm fuzzies, please avert your eyes and close the tab immediately!" That should help! Again, our apologies!

Do you guys play Minecraft, by any chance? I ask because I just found a reference to that game in Grave Danger when I got a status update that said, "Cowered in fear as a skeleton shot arrows at it." ~jomarcenter2012
If you came to our office and saw how many figurines are decorating our desks, you'd quickly realise that you are definitely in the presence of a good number of people that have spent waaay too much time playing Minecraft.

I had someone post their Beauty Contest link on my Neoboards and, as usual, I went to vote, but I realised that their contest entry had nothing to do with Neopets or their 'pet. They were entering a character from a video game series, and their Pet Page had a gif from the series also and no Neopet. I was under the impression that this was way too "non-Neopets related." Please remove my username if you answer this! ~username removed
ALL content submitted to us should be undeniably Neopets-themed. We can't find the entry, so we're assuming the staff member in charge of running the Beauty Contest has removed the entry already. If you come across a similar situation, please use the "report entry" link located below the vote button.

Hi, TNT. *throws cookie at you* I just want to say that the description for the Ruki Transmogrification Potion is missing an apostrophe in the word "cant." It should be "can't." Also, if this gets in, please remove my username. Thanks! ~username removed
Because of the way the site was originally coded, there are a TON of pages that would break due to having an apostrophe in the item description. D: We'd love to fix that, of course, but it would take a lot of effort, and we'd prefer to focus on fun new content. Consider it a quirk that comes with a site that's now 14 years old. :)

Hey, TNT. Could you end this Editorial with Disturbing Gelatin? Don't ask why. ~munsons

We think we preferred the Slorg mug...



Dear TNT,
Thank you for making this awesome site. I have been playing since 2004. When students at my school found out about this, they laughed and said that it is a child's site. I don't care what they think. Neopets has taught me how to code, encouraged me to work hard to achieve my goals, and also helped inspire me to draw and love art. I wouldn't be who I am today without Neopets. When I was little, I thought about going to college and working for Neopets. I still do to this day. On November 15th I will turn 17, and I am happy to be able to celebrate my birthday with Neopets. Thank you for everything. I hope that this is the best Neopets birthday yet! ~username removed

It's safe to say that I squealed at the top of my lungs at the newly-released birthday Petpets (which terrified my cat). I wonder if it's gained by the ray or by a Petpet Paint Brush. I have to find out! They are amazing! You all did a GREAT job! My hope is that the amazing TNT releases birthday NEOPETS! I think it's safe to say that all Neopians would be completed with a bit of sprinkles and frosting in their lives! Thank you for reading, guys!!! *offers you birthday cake* Happy 14th birthday!!! ~7lennon

TNT, you really outdid yourselves. Grave Danger is one of my all-time favorites! I find myself constantly checking just to see what my Petpet is up to because your dialogue is so funny; plus, I really, really want to hear the dueling banjos myself. Thanks again for the fun! ~hubbawoo

Hey, TNT! I just wanted to let y'all know that the new daily more than makes up for the monotony of clicking so many doors for the plevent. What a great idea to put the catacombs into use. I love it! ~kittykatgirl444

Hello, TNT! After 94 months of playing Neopets, I didn't really feel like you could surprise me anymore with something like a new, amazing Petpet colour. I just saw the news and those birthday Petpets look delicious. They're amazing; you did a great job! Also, happy birthday!!! ^^ ~golvenzee

Hey, TNT! Happy 14th birthday! Ever since I was young you've been a big part of my childhood growing up, and even over a decade later you still have me coming back. You guys have done an amazing job over the years and I know that you always make us users a high priority. I never understood the point of Neopoint sinks up until I started seeing the impact of inflation on another web site that used *redacted* as its currency. Basically, everyone was outraged that items they wanted became more and more unattainable, and it made me come to realize how much I appreciated the way you guys run this site. Keep up the good work, because I can see this site running for years to come! ;D ~moon_flash

*sings birthday song and gives cake* Happy birthday! Neopets and I both turn 14 on the 15th! *happy dance* Thank you for providing us all with a wonderful site to play on, with lots of wonderful plots and the best games! You guys are AWESOME! Thank you, and happy birthday! :) ~username removed

Hey there, TNT! I was super stoked to see the Woodland Blobikins! It is beyond perfection! ♥ I just wanted to say great job to the artist(s) involved! You did perf! ♥ ~kindled

When I started to read the recent Editorial, I got pretty annoyed after reading the first question because you still didn't enlighten us about what we needed to do to get the plevent avatar! Then I read the rest of the Editorial and it was so nice and funny that I decided I still like you guys, after all. It made me really wish that Dragona had a Pokemon named after me, and that Happy Slorg Mug really did cheer me up. What a quality mug. I won't let some silly avatar get between us, TNT! ~vero00

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