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I live in [removed] and I cannot find a store that sells Neopets trading cards! I used to be an avid collector when I was younger, but sadly I was only able to complete the base set, and soon after all the stores quit selling them. Please let me know where I can buy the trading cards so I can continue my collection! Thank you for your time! ~faeriemagickalmelody
We're glad you enjoyed the Neopets Trading Card Game! The reason you can't find the cards in stores is because their production was discontinued in 2006. If you're eager to continue collecting, we recommend seeking them online.

Hello there, lovely TNT! Let me take one moment to say that I absolutely love the world you have created here. ^^ I do, however, have a question about User Lookups. You have said that it's okay to change your shield and other things as long as stats are still there. However, let's say that I really love the shield for being on for eight years. Could I take the image of that and put it on my account of two months? I wouldn't put "8 years" under the shield or anything, and would still leave the date that I started playing up. ~alpha_dersecest
You may not use the art of any other site shield to cover your own. Players recognise them by sight, and any alteration would be considered deceptive. We appreciate that you like the look of the shield, but it's something that needs to be earned by an account. :)

If I feed a Grarrl or Skeith a rare item, will it count as a gourmet food for them? It's a question that has not been answered. *puts Meepits in cannon* ~ixi_lover_ixi
No, the item must be a food item to count as a gourmet food, even if your Neopet is capable of eating it.

'Ello, TNT. I have a question about a bit of ol' Neopian history. Back in the early 2000s or so, I remember specifically that there was some chance game (I believe it was the Poogle Races) that would give you a Magical Purple Poogle Toy if you won. As a result, the price of these plushies was around 20,000 NP on the Shop Wizard. Can you confirm that this decade-old memory has some basis in reality? ~christielove
It was Poogle Solitaire. It was like a board game where you used a different-coloured Poogle to "jump" over other Poogles to clear them from the board. You won a different amount of Neopoints (and possibly a prize) depending on how many you were able to clear. The game description page is still active, but the game is not. (Before you ask next week, no, we're not bringing it back. It was removed because of outdated art; also, there was no variety in gameplay after you memorised the moves to win. It just became a chore rather than something fun to do.)

Hey, TNT. *waves* I have just done the silliest thing and zapped the wrong 'pet! Can we have PIN preferences for the lab rays, please? Please remove my username so I am not the laughingstock of Neopia. ~username removed
Oof. We're not exactly sure how a PIN would stop you from zapping the wrong Neopet. Such a thing would only request your PIN to access the lab. If we could add a PIN option for "stop me from doing something daft" we'd be all for it (as it would make our jobs a lot easier), but that's not exactly something we can program. :(

Please enter your PIN.

Hi there, TNT! I have a confession: up until a few months ago, I didn't know that the Neopian globe rotated when you clicked those arrows. Now, every time that I see it I make it rotate, awestruck... o____0 ~antzies__pets
Okay, this one made us laugh pretty hard! It's a good thing we have those text links to places like Altador and Shenkuu under the map, huh?

Wait... so, if Kourgras are based on tigers and a Cybunny is based on a bunny, then what in the world is a JubJub based on?!? ~tulituli9025
Someone hiding barefoot in a short, round shrubbery.

No, not really. Although some Neopets are obviously inspired by Earth animals, not all of them are. There's no 1:1 Neopet to animal connection for every Neopian species. Also keep in mind that Neopets are not from Earth, and don't necessarily have the same anatomy as the animals we are familiar with.

Wow. I can't believe that I just started playing the NeoQuest games, because they're totally awesome. The plot of NeoQuest II totally threw me for a loop. *kicks self for not playing sooner* ~flames_unleashed
We're glad you're enjoying it! They're certainly worth playing through! :)

When pronouncing the name of our amazing gaming master, AAA, do you say say "A A A" or "triple A"? ~818tessa
Here in the office we're very efficient and just call him "Aaah."

What if some Moehugs didn't like giving hugs? Would they be called Nohugs? How about No-Moehugs? (Tell me you got a laugh out of this.) ;) ~crash01
We did. XD Thank you.

I have had some trouble with the pronunciation of Nabile. I always though it was Na-BEEL, but I've heard many different pronunciations: Na-bil-ay, Na-by-ull, Nuh-bil, Nah-bull, Nay-beel-ay. CLARIFY! ~phineas_and_ferb_104
You are correct. It's Na-BEEL.

Why wouldn't it be possible to create a board for those who are over eighteen years old? I understand that there might be concern that some of the younger kids would slip onto it, but wouldn't it be their fault? After all, they would be lying about their age. ~brynchilla
Because it would encourage players to lie about their age, and if players under 13 are chatting on our web site, then we can get fined for COPPA violations. Additionally, it would split the Neopets community, and we don't want that, either. We understand that it can be a pain, but we really appreciate that the adults on our site do try to play by the rules, and do their best at keeping the content of their posts appropriate for all Neopians. :)

Clear this up once and for all: what is Turfy, a Xweetok or a Korbat? ~herdygerdy
Turfy is a Xweetok. We can understand your confusion as both species have button noses and large ears, and much of his body is hidden by the table. Aside from the generous amount of hair and the neck ruff, you can tell by looking at the line pattern inside of his ears. Korbat ear lines arch up to point at the apex of the ear, while Xweetoks' curve around like arcs emanating from the ear canal.

Now, before you go digging up a piece of Korbat art from 2002 that doesn't have arched ear lines and sending it to the Editorial, please remember that artist interpretation does vary.
Not that you guys would do that, of course... ಠ_ಠ

Why is there no warning or note that the Grimoire of the First Order is a no-trade item when you buy it? I was going to gift it to a friend, but I couldn't and I've already used one on my Neopet. Please remove my username. ~username removed
We've added it to the description, but the Hidden Tower doesn't show rollover text, so we're not sure it will help in situations like yours. We recommend that players learn about items before dropping large amounts of Neopoints on them, as you would likely do before making a weapon purchase from there.

Dear TNT,
As of October 4th my account and my first Neopet will be 5,000 days old! So much has changed, and I've taken many breaks from the site, but I'll always be excited to come back and see all of the new features there are. Thanks for these 13 1/2 years, and here's to many more! ~yellowbluerainbow

*throws confetti* Happy 5,000th day birthday! Thanks to you, and to every other Neopian out there who has grown up right along with us. :)

How long did it take for someone to make an account named Inuyasha_spice_gurls_4eva after last week's Editorial? ~mattster2005
In previous years, it would have taken but scant minutes, but we're on to you guys and purposely made the name longer than our username character limit. ;)

I saw in the last Editorial that requests for content need to be made at least three months in advance, so... could you please pencil in a Jelly Kougra Plushie for Kougra Day in April? There's a suspicious shortage of jelly Neopet plushies, and Kougras are the best! Thank you! ~sailorsilfron
APRIL? Hahaha, you are on the ball. :) Sure. We've added it to the schedule.

I won the Gallery Spotlight twice, but for each win, my gallery items were mixed up and not in the order that I submitted them. I've seen other people win and their items were properly oriented. Why weren't mine? Do I have to ask the contest judge to please preserve the order in which my items occur? ~indulgences
The Gallery Spotlight code can be a little... spazzy. We've been linking directly to the galleries in New Features rather than the spotlight page for this reason.

I get that people like to get free stuff, but all these items that are being given away is having a negative side effect. The main shops are full of junk items that are not worth buying. This makes the high rarity items have no room to stock, and because of this many items are hard to find. Please find a way to solve this. ~ouachita
We completely agree. We're already discussing retiring a lot of items that have been given away and are not holding their value as compared to their rarity. *watches everyone start scrambling to "invest" in a hopelessly large number of items*

Don't pani--guys! Just settle down! You have-- *sighs*

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