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Hi, TNT! I entered a site from my side into the Site Spotlight and it won! The trophy was given to my side, however, and not my main, even though I said on my page for all credit to be given to my main. Can you please fix this, and possibly make an option in the future to send credit to a different account? Thanks! ~racerfishy
Hi! Please be absolutely sure to note your preferences as to which account should be credited in the description box that you submit to us along with your entry. If it's on the page or User Lookup, we may not see it. In any case, your trophy has been transferred to your main.

Guuuuys. As your resident small mistake fixer, I must point out that the Green Schmoonie is listed under the colour glow instead of green in the Petpet Puddle. YOU'RE WELCOME. ;) *sends you various flavours of Fish Pops* ~sick_swimmer
Eep! Thanks for the heads up! It's been corrected. :)

Hey, TNT! A while back on the NC Boards, I created a topic asking everyone what their very first Neocash item in their Safety Deposit Box was, and most users said that it was a Sparkling Faerie Dress. I'm just super curious to know if that, indeed, is the very first NC item to be created and, from that, making it first? ~jmo7692
Yep! SDB items are arranged by order of the item's creation in our database, and the Sparkling Faerie Dress was the first NC item. For the sake of further useless NC trivia, the first wings created were the Wings of Flame, and the first background was the Exploring Maraqua Background.

Hey! So, I have always wondered: why are we limited to the number of times we play each game every day, and why can we only make Neopoints on one account? You're hampering my ingenuity here! Thanks for your time! ~the_crimson_rose
It's to help control inflation, discourage cheating, and so that people don't feel compelled to play for unhealthy amounts of time.

I just wanted to thank you guys for that Christmas Skeith! He looks so Grinchy and wonderful! =D So worth the wait! ~queen_potema
We were quite happy with it, too! We're glad you like it! :)

Hi there, TNT! Longtime fan here. Listen, my Neopet has been keeping me up at night WHINING because he wants a Cubefish as a Petpet. He wants to try to figure out how they manage to swim, since they're so... cube-y. Can you please make his dreams a reality? We need answers!!! ~bettyharlotxoxo
While the Cubefish is undeniably adorable, there are also many fish in the sea Ye Old Fishing Vortex. We worry that, if we make one a Petpet, then requests for the rest would follow, and then spill out to other items as well.

However, your request for geometrically-shaped
fish Petpets has been noted.

Is there still something wrong with the Tyrannian Scorchio Wig? It shows in my closet, but my Scorchio can't wear it when I try to customise. ~tramiel
We talked to our artists and apparently the wig isn't a functioning wearable, but part of the basic Tyrannian Scorchio design. It's just an image like a normal item, so that's why it can't be worn. We've removed it so it will no longer be given out when someone paints their Scorchio Tyrannian and be a (completely) useless closet-clogger.

Dearest TNT,
It is with my most sincere gratitude that I write to thank you for the addition of faerie eye shadows to a slowly growing plethora of beautiful, multi-species wearables. That said, after the release of Fyora's Eyeshadow, I wrote in asking if the artists could take a peek at how the eyeshadow fit the Aisha's eye and was answered with a yes, that they could fix it, as it seemed some Neopets forgot how to put on make-up. Yet here we are, the release of six new eye shadows later, and the only ones that seem to be right are the Air Faerie Eye Shadow and Dark Faerie Eye Shadow. Could the lovelies working on them re-examine the other five (Fyora's, earth, light, fire, and water) and possibly make them fit the eyes a bit better? Pretty please?!? One other quick thing: why is the Earth Faerie Eye Shadow green and not the soft shade of pink that actual earth faeries wear? Please don't send the Meepits after me, I only mean to help. :) ~_chimele2005_

We did speak to the artists, but the eye shadow is correctly displayed on those Aishas, as the darker area is not their eyelids. As for the air and dark eye shadows, it looks like a different artist worked on them and interpreted things differently. Rather than correcting the air / dark ones, we will leave them as-is, but be more consistent in the future.

So, there are 30 royal plushies. They are cute! Most have both genders, though, and here are the poor royal boy Bruce and royal boy Ixi with no royal girls to pair with! Is this an oversight that can be fixed? (Also, I am a Korbat fan and would love a pair of those royals for Korbat Day. *wink wink*) ~x_seabee_x
Oh dear! We'll pencil in some matching pairs for them. As for Korbat Day, we're afraid the content for that day has already been scheduled and the art completed. (Please make such requests at least three months in advance.) We will add a little note to the Content Department about your request, though.

TNT, you finally updated the Beauty Contest trophies!!! :) Well done. :D They're much better now, and so pretty, too! ^_^ ~crazydinosaur
It's been a long time coming, and we're glad the majority of you seemed happy with the change. That always puts a big, goofy smile on our face. :D

Uh oh. Guys, they know the "Poogle" trick. TNT is on to us... ~bioboy1
Yep! The things you guys try to link to over the years changes, but we always know. Even back in the days of sites like GeoCities and Freewebs, you guys would try to hide links by saying things like, "My Spyder friend spins webs for free" and whatnot. Over a decade later, we're still not fooled. ;)

Even if you think you're being sneaky,
don't be surprised to get a warning
if you're breaking the rules. ;)

Hello, TNT! Being both a gourmet feeder and seller, I keep track of all the lovely (and not so lovely) gourmet foods. So, you can imagine my worry when a dozen buyable gourmet foods disappeared off the Super Shop Wizard overnight. Both I and several other gourmet sellers checked our sales history, and this was done by a small group of people. I know that it is fine for one person to buy out an item, but not several working together. My question is: where do I report this? Participating in Gourmet Club is hard enough without the false inflation going on. Thank you for your time, and I'd be much obliged if you'd remove my username. ~username removed
If you sense someone is up to shenanigans, please report them here. Our support team will look into and and take action if evidence is found of the players breaking site rules.

Dear TNT,
How on Neopia do you pronounce "Tchea Fruit"? My sister and I have always pronounced it "Tetchy Fruit," but I think that this is probably incorrect! *throws you a Persimmon Cake and cheers* :) ~millyandsugar

Oh good job, everyone in the office is now trying to pronounce it. The general consensus is "t'chia" fruit. It's a very subtle "t" sound, though, so when spoken it's very similar to "Chia."

Hi, TNT! First, I want to emphasize how much I love this site and will continue to support this site for years to come! Extremely sensitive and uncomfortable topic ahead: I have a very serious concern when it comes to the grandfathering in of potentially offensive usernames or 'pets: I recently came across the username [username removed]. The account is very old, so I imagine I can't be the first person who's noticed or said something. It's not even potentially offensive; if there's some vague line about what goes too far, I'm pretty sure it crossed it and then some. Maybe not everyone would understand why it's offensive due to a generation gap, but anyone who knows or is somehow even related to the victims of those horrible events would have to be horribly disturbed. Please remove my username and know that I struggled for a long time before deciding to "Send it to the Editor!" but some things need to be said. ~username removed
When deciding on what to do with borderline bad account names, we always give thought to context (especially when it's found on a very old account like that one). There's plenty of words out there that can mean a lot of different things. For example, if someone had the name "Potter" in their username, it could mean that they enjoy gardening, are fans of Harry Potter, or something that is not appropriate for the site. If someone reports it, then we'd look at the account, try to figure out the intent of the username, then make our best judgement from there. We even keep time-frame in mind. Recently a name appeared negatively in the news, and a player whose username was similar to it was reported. However, the account was many years old, and created in a time when that name was not associated with unfortunate events. If this happens to a player and they're suddenly uncomfortable with their username, they're more than welcome to contact us and we will help move them into a new account. (Please note that we cannot "age" an account for any reason.) When we do this, it's a very time-consuming manual process, so please understand that this is only for players with very unique situations such as the one above and is resulting in harassment. It is not for players who have remorse over naming their account after their favourite band / anime when they were 12. Sorry, Inuyasha_spice_gurls_4eva.

Dearest TNT,
Could you pretty please, please, please end with haiku? ~boscoemax

And now we bid you,
the most fondest of farewells.
Have a great weekend!

Don't listen to them;
they are hopeless amateurs.
Structure throws silent.

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