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I see a lot of requests for SSW searches by non-premium members in the help section of the Neoboards. I don't think this should be allowed because it takes away from one of the very few benefits paying users actually get. I was wondering if this could be addressed as an issue? Please remove my username if posted in the editorial. ~username removed
As long as they're not begging or harassing, we suppose it's fine. It's entirely up to each individual Premium member to decide if they wish to help another Neopians with SSW searches or not.

(Please keep me anonymous) I doubt that in this day and age, TNT would be made up of homophobes, but I want to be sure. The reason words like gay, bi, etc. are banned is ONLY because you want to keep the site from becoming a dating site, right? Not because you think being lbgt is inappropriate? ~username removed
You are correct that these words are not filtered because of any bias or discrimination! It makes us sad that anyone would think that, though we can understand how the rules could be interpreted in that way, so please allow us to explain a bit more.

In addition to the dating rules already mentioned, which are pretty self explanatory, we also have a list of what we call "hot topics" (not to be confused with the retail chain). These are discussion topics that become very heated very quickly. Politics and religion are on the list as well as certain past real world events, to give you some examples. Unfortunately, we still also have to put sexual orientation and gender identity on this list. Some people are capable of having these discussions in a mature fashion, but there are always people who resort to serious harassment and threats -- two things we definitely do not tolerate and actively attempt to prevent before they start -- and so items on the "hot topics" list are not allowed.

We've had many discussions on this over the years and we revisit the "hot topics" often in the hopes that we can remove some of the terms from the list. While that's not possible for the majority of these words right now, we truly hope it will be one day soon. We're also currently in the process of a rules revamp (cue freak-out), during which we've decided to make some changes to a few of the dating rules that should help with everyday conversation regardless of orientation. (Please forgive us but we're being a bit vague here on purpose! We don't want to confuse anyone by mentioning specific rule changes before they actually go into effect. The entire rules revamp -- the purpose of which is to make the rules more clear and concise, explain the reasoning and spirit of the rules to everyone, and ease up on some outdated rules -- is a ways off. We've been working on it for a while and still have a ways to go. We'll give more info when we're ready!)

Lastly, please know that our error messaging is standard for everything blocked by the filters. So while those words are indeed blocked for being "inappropriate" for Neopets, we do not mean to say that being LGBT is inappropriate in any way. Our rule revamp discussions have included various ways of making sure the messaging is appropriate to the filtered word. Our filtering systems are quite large and very complex but we'd like to try and make that happen in the future.

Whew. That was a long answer but we hope it explains our perspective and reasoning and makes it clear that we think you're all awesome!

P.S. - Here is a friendly reminder that you should not discuss the content of this question and answer on the Neoboards, Neomail, etc. (It is a "hot topic", after all!) If you want to let us know what you think, please feel free to submit feedback via the Help Centre!

When will the war finally end??? It's kind of pointless to have it during the altador cup. ~gutybcf
The war ended months ago after the defeat of the final bosses and the eventual release of the trophies and prize shop. The Battlegrounds, which was introduced by the war, is a permanent activity that will continue to run indefinitely... or at least until the Oracle says differently.

Previously in an editorial you stated that feeding Kadoaties simultaneously on two accounts is against the rules. However, this rule didn't really define what feeding simultaneously means. If we feed the "main" on our main accounts, can we attempt the "mini" on our side account? Or can we not be in the Kadoatery listed on two accounts at any given time? ~dandelien
Ugh, honestly, we're not thrilled at the idea of people doing the Kadoatery on side accounts, but there's also no NP/item reward, so it's not against the rules either. Yes, you may switch between accounts for minis and mains (this makes sense if you're an active Kadoatie feeder), just don't use two accounts simultaneously during the same feeding.

Ohh my goodness, AHH, I can't... I found an entire box of Neopets TCG booster packs in my uncle's basement (full story: /~meldra)... I'm super freaking out! If I start redeeming a bunch of codes I won't get in trouble, right?!? I'm so incredibly excited to get my hands on them after so many years!!! ~degenius
Oohh, what an exciting find! Redeem away, but update your Petpage so we know what goodies you get. ;D There's nothing like opening booster packs. *drools a little*

The other day I was browsing through the Money Tree and saw some NC items. It said they were from a "Generous NC Mall Customer." But you can't donate NC items to the Money Tree... Can you? ~wockeyneyclar
There's an item called the NC Upcycle Fortune Cookie that allows players to discard multiple unwanted NC items each day for four days. What you see at the Money Tree is the result of this new item.

How do you figure out how to keep the Neopian economy in balance? For example, when creating a new daily, how do you decide how many rare prizes will be awarded compared to common prizes? Is there a specific person at your office who thinks about this stuff? ~gbraing
Multiple people discuss such things during the creative meetings that we use to plan new content (such as new dailies). When we come to agreement, we put it into our creative document for the project so the programmers know exactly how rare each item should be.

Hey TNT~ there's been so many events lately it's cray-crazy but I'm just wondering if you're still planning on doing Daily Dare? ~bl222
Yes, Daily Dare is still in the Neopian pipeline and will be heading your way this summer, assuming AAA returns from wherever it is he's gone to...

Hello TNT, I am upset. I have a perfectly functional bucket gallery on my main account, but I want to have a butter gallery, too. Have you ever considered changing the rules so that we could have galleries on our side accounts? ~legomaster376
There's no limit on galleries. You can have galleries on all your accounts as long as they're funded by your main account.

That would be an awful waste of space. Alien Aishas are proof that there's plenty more worlds out there.

We came, we conquered,
and we left vending machines.


Hey TNT! I just wanted to say thank you for being such a great site! I joined when I was seven and played for about six years before abandoning it to be "cool". A month ago, I thought "huh, wonder what Neopets is up to" and within hours of creating a new account I was hooked! I'm a 17 year old university student who can still find joy in virtual technicolor pets. So thank you and here's to ten more great years :) ~komiji

OH-EM-GEE! Shenanigifts is the cutest idea for a game EVER! Seriously guys, thank you so much for that, it's absolutely lovely! And those Elephantes in formal wear! You guys are the most creative people ever! *hearts* (please remove my username!) ~username removed

I was one of the lucky children to receive Neopets: The Darkest Faerie as a Christmas gift the year it was released. Oh, my goodness. THANK YOU for bringing that game into the world! I still enjoy playing it to this day! I even listen to the soundtrack now and then while drawing Neopets fan art, lol! ~superzombie


Hello, TNT. I've been wondering about this for a while. Let's say you have a woodland Xweetok. If you take one of the seeds from that pet and plant it, what will happen? Will it grow into a Xweetok tree? Or will it just be normal? ~username removed

Who was Hanso's voice actor in The Faeries' Ruin? ~username removed

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