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Lanie and Lillie are my new favorite Neopets characters, and so I found Lawyerbot's latest poem to be very interesting because it tells their backstory. However, there's something I don't understand. When Death showed up at the end of the Obelisk War, Lanie and Lillie said that he was their little brother. However, if they were once ordinary, living Neopians (as the poem implies), how could they be related to something that was apparently just a spirit in Neopet form representing their worst fear? ~tudorrose1558
Haha, we certainly wouldn't consider anything Lawyerbot writes as canon. XD He joined the Awakened during the war and produced the poem more as fan-fiction than anything else. That said, there could be some truth to it. The Oracle is a very old and extremely powerful being. Why she chose to portray Death as a young Ixi to Lanie and Lillie may remain a mystery for some time.

If I submit a question to the Editorial and it happens to get answered, would that decrease my chances of getting a question answered in the future? I'm afraid I might have to ask you all of them at once for fear of being left forever wondering! ~coelophysis_bauri
Nope! There is no limit for the Editorial. The only thing that matters to us is the question.

Hi, TNT! I have a problem. You remember those little blind packs of mini figures that were available at Walmart for a short time? Well, I have several prize codes that I never redeemed (I was holding on to them to see if the prize pool would ever change). I decided to go ahead and enter them, but they didn't work! Any suggestions? Thanks! ~goldennightfox
If you (as players) have valid unused codes that don't work, please contact our Support Department to assist you. We're happy to validate older codes as long as they check out.

The Haiku Generator on Mystery Island generates haikus that don't make sense. ~elainalovesnotes
We are so sorry
The mossy rocks are springing
The Beekadoodles

*stares at all the Meepits behind every TNT member* Ehm... hellu. ^_^ I've been thinking about submitting a series to The Neopian Times, but I just realized that only stories are accepted. I had something in mind (and most of the artwork done D:) as a comic, divided in 7-ish parts. It's too big for a single comic, and doesn't fit in the series' rules because of the "1,500 words for each part" as minimum size thing. What should I do? :( By the way, what are these Meepits doin-- *gets attacked and magically disappears* ~pekinpa
For comic series, you can submit them one right after another in the comic submission form. We request that you number them, though, because we enjoy our tenuous grip on sanity.

At some point in the (not so near) future, I'm going to be taking something close to an 18 month hiatus. Is there anything in particular that I'll need to do with my account to keep it safe while I'm gone? Please remove my username, thanks. :) ~username removed
If at all possible, we recommend logging on at least once or twice during your absence, so that we don't mistake your account for being permanently abandoned. Aside from that, just write down your password so you don't forget it. :) Safe travels outside of Neopia!

See you when you get back!

I have thought of another question that you can add to my first question if you decide to answer it in an Editorial. I have read in a past Editorial that you cannot visit the Money Tree on a side account because you're not allowed to earn Neopoints on sides. What about the Neocash on the Money Tree? Sides are allowed to get NC items, so will they be allowed to visit the Money Tree to only acquire NC items? ~dewdropwood
While you may purchase and use NC Upcycle Fortune Cookies on any of your accounts, please don't take anything from the Money Tree on your side accounts. We don't want to make the rules confusing or open a hole for people to abuse multiple accounts at the Money Tree.

At the end of April we were told that we had until May 24th to claim our Altador Cup prizes. Well, I went there today (May 14th) and the prize page is gone! Please tell me we still have time to collect our hard-earned prizes. ~sirr1ch1
Thanks to everyone that let us know about this! We've corrected it, and last year's prize shop will be available for one more week. If you haven't spent your points from the previous year, please visit and do so now.

Hi, TNT! I just got my first job, and to celebrate my first salary I wanted to gift a Premium membership to someone. Is that possible? P.S.: I love the work you have done on Premium. I hope you will add more awesome features in the future. ~tekoronia
While that's very generous of you, gifting Premium membership to other players isn't a service that we offer. We hope you can find another way to bring a smile to your friend.

P.S.: Congratulations on the job! :D

Hi, TNT! If everyone gets the chance and joins the Sway in the skirmish and they win again, and then get the avatar and site theme, then what was the point of winning the war? There's always something different for the winner -- in the Altador Cup they get a different trophy, and in other plots there were different avatars... so, in this case, what is the special prize if everyone has the chance of getting the winner's prize? Not that I'm complaining (I love the idea of getting six new avatars), but I'm just wondering. Please leave my username out. ~username removed
The avatar, theme, and boons are Battleground prizes, not war prizes. Everyone was rewarded for their war participation with the prize shop. The Sway were the first Battleground winners (and will forever hold that bragging right).

Hi, TNT! Lately on the Neoboards I've been seeing people's avatars with the word "Pilfered!" under them, and some sort of mask / infinity sign thing on the upper left corner. What does this mean? ~elainalovesnotes
What you were seeing was one of the Thieves Guild boons for their Battleground victory. It lets you "appropriate" someone else's avatar and display it. It doesn't steal it, though, and it doesn't last past the boon (or count in your avatar high score). It's just a fun way to temporarily display an avatar that you may have missed in the past or haven't acquired yet.

I'm really, really worried right now and I'm scared I'll be frozen because I think the Mystery Pic is glitched, and when I clicked on an answer for a picture that has ended, a message popped up saying, "You little cheat, you have been reported to TNT." I'm really scared I'll be frozen and am panicking right now. Please leave out my username. :( *sobs* ~username removed
It's just a joke that's been there forever. Don't worry. :) You weren't reported to us. *hands you a nice, comforting plushie*

Oh little plushie, I shall love you forever!
*whispers* Until I sell you in my shop for 950 NP.

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