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Hey, TNT! I'm really worried. At the beginning of the Daily Faerie Quest event there was something (a glitch, apparently) that allowed Neopians to use the Shop Wizard to search for their quest items. I used this to search for my item, which I assumed was going to be a new feature for the event (kinda like how you automatically got healed during the war). Now that I know it was a glitch, I'm seriously scared. Am I going to get in trouble for abusing it? I'm seriously freaking out. D: I don't care if my Neopet loses the stats she gained from the quest or whatever, but I just don't want to get into trouble! Please leave my username out if this gets in. :c ~username removed
*hands you a bouquet of fragrant, relaxing lavenders* While we discourage people from using the Shop Wizard (in whatever way they manage) for faerie quests, it's more of a slight lip twitch than a frown. Don't worry about it!

*passes fresh lemon cookies* Wonderful job on the Tyrannian redraw! It is perfect. :D I know AAA was waiting for the obelisk event to end before starting the Daily Dare, but since the Oracle is presenting challenges, the Daily Faerie Quest event *clap* has begun, and the Altador Cup is pending, will the DD be an autumn event this year, or will we have to wait until next year? Thank you for all you do! ~cloonshannagh
The Daily Dare will return this year. AAA is just waiting until Neopia can focus on him. You know how he can be.

Dear TNT,
Just before the faerie quests were updated, I got a quest from an earth faerie. I successfully purchased her item, however by the time I got back to the faerie quest page, it had updated, so instead of the "give her the item" button, there was a "receive a quest" button. I still can't use the Shop Wizard and cannot hand my item in. Please help! Thanks. ~amandipanda135

For those that are concerned about quests they were already on, they will still be waiting for you when the event ends, and won't be affected by you doing these special faerie quests. That said, the "being locked out of the Shop Wizard even when you're not on an event quest" thing is a problem. It's been reported to our programmers.

Someone recently visited the Battledome when she went to check on the stats of a Neopet. She accidentally got the dagger on her side account, and then when she went to Faerieland to decline a quest on her side account, she got the daily item. I had a similar problem a long time ago... sometimes I'd forget which account I was on and collect Monthly Freebies by accident just by visiting the page. Can you make it so that you have to click an "accept" button to receive items from these places? Thanks! ~indulgences
Don't sweat it. It's pretty easy to tell from our end who has made a minor mistake and who is abusing multiple accounts. Unless you're making a habit of something or "accidentally" visiting on all of your accounts, don't worry about the occasional flub. That said, please don't interpret our understanding of mistakes as an opportunity for abuse.

So TNT, do you think there will finally be a repeat winner in this year's Altador Cup? ~spirit_wind_11213105
*shrugs* Your guess is as good as ours. Despite all the zany conspiracy theories we've read on the boards over the years, we've never rigged the Altador Cup. The team that wins is entirely up to you guys. We're actually just as gobsmacked as you are that there haven't been any repeat winners thus far.

Hey, TNT. I am saddened that, despite having a fabulous sun smiley for the Neoboards, we are left without an equally stunning moon smiley. Would you mind correcting this grievous injustice? :( Thanks! ~taloki
Goodness, you're right. D: This outrageous lack of foresight has now been remedied!


TNT, I spent an HOUR trying to figure out the answer to that old "Usurper" puzzle when I figured out that the answer is nowhere to be found! Will I never know if I was right, or do you have the answer somewhere? *has fingers crossed* ~eritrea_13
The Neopian that poisoned Coltzan was none other than *spoiler*.

On the Pound Chat, and other places, it has now become common to see someone threatening to block you for an under offer. This seems really malicious to me, because maybe the person isn't aware it is an under offer, or maybe in their mind it's not an under offer? If we see someone threatening to block someone for an under offer, is this reportable? ~magic_dark_phoenix
No. It's a little harsh maybe, but they're certainly within their rights to do so.

TNT, the length guidelines for Neopian Times series have always startled me. Up to 12 parts of 50,000 words each? That's as long as six average novels, and all for one story! I was just wondering: has anyone ever actually submitted something that long? I ask because, whether it was publishable or not, holy cow, that's dedication! ~breakingchains
Hahaha, while there have been wonderful novel-length series published in The Neopian Times, that particular limit has never been reached.

Hi TNT, I just noticed that the Battlegrounds is a new site feature, and I was wondering if it will replace Defenders of Neopia. Personally, I think it's a cool new thing for us to do, but will DoN still be back, or will this new feature be it for the Battledome? ~jigokushojou18
No, the Battlegrounds will not be replacing Defenders of Neopia. We still need to transfer DoN to the new Battledome, though, which is why it's not currently active.

I found a Discovered Treasure Chest at the Forgotten Shore. When I opened it, I got a Pirate Angelpuss Plushie and its description says that it's an Abigail Daily Dare prize from Y13. Is it normal to get limited prizes like that, or did something go horribly wrong in the system? ~titania123456789
Whooops. Looks like someone got overzealous with the prize array. A r101 item from a different event like that shouldn't be in there.

Wait a second... didn't all of the purple Neopets used to have orange spots? What happened to that?!? Oh, and please leave my username out, thanks. :) ~username removed
The orange spots were supposed to be a tie-in to an earlier concept for what eventually became the Return of Dr. Sloth plot. When that plot concluded, the spots were removed, though they were never featured as part of the story.

Is the new Tyrannian Battleground a permanent site feature that will be some sort of rotating event (like a weekly tournament), or is this some kind of short-lived site event? It'd be really fun if it could happen all the time. =) ~setorange
The Oracle has not shown any signs of going anywhere.

There's a particular "theme post" that always pops up on the Pound Chat... it seems like it's the general consensus that most Neopians find this board not only annoying, but also regard it as spam in comparison to posts by those who are ACTUALLY trying to trade / adopt out. Are these "theme posts" against the rules, or am I a fuddyduddy? Leave my username for the world to see, I FEAR NOTHING. ~running_fawn
While we appreciate your boldness, you probably won't appreciate our answer. :( Assuming we're interpreting your question correctly, such boards are fine. A lot of Neoboards these days have themed threads where groups hang out and chat. As long as the theme of the board is somewhat related to the Pound Chat and they're not posting multiple open topics, spamming other topics, or breaking other rules, they're welcome to post.

I am so mad, and so upset and disappointed. I am shaking; I am almost crying! WHY TNT, WHYYYYY did you take away The Awakened for this next phase of the event?!? I missed the main event, and I was SO HAPPY when I found out that there would be at least a little more that I could participate in. But WHY NO AWAKENED? You have broken my heart. I was looking forward to joining that faction SO MUCH, since I am obsessed with zombies and the leaders, those creepy twins, were so well done and so amusing to me. Why did you have to crush my dreams? I know I am rambling, but it's hard to think clearly now. I just want you to know how I feel. They didn't win last time, so why should they be excluded? If you are going to disappoint so many people like this, then you should at least give a reason! I hope you get bombarded with complaints about this. This is SO not nice!!! ~quoththeraven77
O.O *hands you a paper bag to breathe into and pats your back* Everything is going to be okay. Just trust us. :)

TNT, imagine this scenario: you guys decide to release a new Neopet species, and your artists are faced with the prospect of having to redraw every multi-species wearable in existence to fit this new Neopet... show me a picture of their reaction. ~melissa773
HAHAHAHAHA. We imagine it'd be something like the image below, followed by quiet sobbing and about half of them not ever coming back to the office after lunch.


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