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If the basic Neopet is not elderly and is not a baby -- and we acknowledge that these and certain other colours are more than just convincing paint jobs -- then at what stage of life is it? Child? Teenager? Young adult? Middle aged? Some other obscure inbetweenness? ~sharkleberry
Your Neopet is whatever you want it to be. :) Their backstory is yours to create, so if you want a baby Neopet to actually be a baby, or your royal Neopet to be a snooty teenager, then have at it! For example, Boochi is painted baby, but we all know that devious little Bruce is quite a bit more advanced.

In July of 2012, you announced that the Grumpy Old King would be giving out some new prizes, but none of them seem to have appeared anywhere yet. Can you check to see if these items have been activated properly? Thanks. ~dino8268
Programming and item wise it looks okay, so we're not sure why they're not appearing in the economy. They could just be quite rare. We'll keep an eye on it, though.

Dear TNT,
I purchased Neocash from the link on the site. I bought five dollars' worth, but I never got my gift box! :C I was pretty bummed. I wanted to get this item for my friend, who's been eyeing it for ages, for her birthday! Do you guys not give out gift boxes for online NC purchases or something? ~wukkio

You only get gift boxes when you redeem a cash card. There are a number of legal / fraud-prevention reasons for this, but we know it's an often-requested feature and we are reviewing the policy to see if there are any changes we can make.

Hi, TNT. Since I'm new... my little sister was sending me some stuff she doesn't need (she's under 13), but for some reason the "Send to a Neofriend" button wasn't there for her. I NEED an explanation. ~imtotallyspies
Players that are under 13 are not allowed to post, Neomail, or add text anywhere on the site, as per COPPA guidelines. Due to these restrictions, players under 13 can't add Neofriends, either.

Should Neopians be expecting a new magical Chia pop this upcoming Chocolate Chia Day? ~discoleon
Maaaaaaaaybe! :D

OFFICE POLL: Is Chokato pronounced Cho-KAY-toe or Cho-KAH-toe? ~minnesotan
It's pronounced Cho-KAH-toe. :) No poll needed. We actually have to say these things out loud from time to time in meetings, and you will be corrected if you pronounce something wrong. ;)

Hi there, TNT! So, I recently got a mobile device that lets me play the Battledome whenever I want. However, on mobile, I can't use items from my inventory! When I go to use healing items between battles (or morphing potions, food, etc.), the window that normally would pop up on a computer doesn't pop up at all. What do I DO? I was planning on battling nonstop, especially given the rumours of-- *is suddenly turned to stone* ~antzie
Ah, bleh. Sorry about that. We did code the new Battledome itself with mobile devices in mind, but a lot of the core site functionality predates that technology and won't be compatible. We'll add this to that "Quality of Life" improvements list we keep mentioning.

So, TNT, I wanted to know if Jelly Worl--aaaaaah! *is dragged off by Dragona for a while, then comes crawling back* Ahem. What I meant was, Jelly World does not exist. Please waste Editorial space with an awesome image. Thanks! *whispers to Dragona* Was that good enough? I think they believed me. ~eritrea_13

Nothing more to see here!

Hey, TNT! I was wondering what the "not yet born" glitch is. I've seen quite a few Neopets whose ages are not yet born. What caused this issue, and will it ever be fixed? ~froguin_97_
It's not so much a glitch as it is a leftover from the old Create-A-Pet process where a Neopet could be "partially" created by a player not completing the process. Until the player went back and finished it, a Neopet would exist but be "not yet born." These Neopets will eventually be purged in time if there's a certain name you're after.

*pops out of a nearby cardboard box* Boo! Hope you were surprised, TNT staff! I was wondering if we are allowed to mention or use TNT staff members as characters in stories we submit to The Neopian Times. Is this okay to do? ~peachsunset2
Yes. As long as it's, uhh... not creepy or insulting, that's fine. Our NT Queen uses her best judgement with such things. :)

Hello, TNT! *squishes* I have a question that has been bugging me. When I stock my store or use the Quick Stock option for other things, I go back to my inventory and it claims I have three items in my inventory when there is nothing in my inventory. What is the deal with these invisible inventory items? (Whoot, alliteration!) ~groovyjenny
That's caused by unscratched Space Faerie Scratchcards (which are given to Premium members each week). Scratch them off, and the invisible inventory items will poof away. :) (As for the them actually counting, we have that on a list of inventory improvements that we'll be making in the next couple months!)

If Petpetpets are rarity 99, how come they don't stock in Neopian shops? ~shad0wofad0ubt
Because there's no Petpetpet shop for them to appear in. Don't ask us why they're of a restockable rarity when they're not restockable items. It's just one of those things. x_X

Have you guys looked back at some of the theories for the Wishing Well avatar we had since it's been discovered and just laugh at us? I just looked back at all the theories, Editorial questions and all that. I got a nice chuckle out of all of it. You guys were right; we were overthinking it all. :P ~blackbelt_brad
Hahaha, yes! We tried to tell you guys! XD

Hola, TNT. My brother and I have just cracked open the massive boxes of [small colourful building blocks] that he got for his birthday. I was wondering: can I make [small colourful building blocks] sculptures of my beloved Neopets for the Art Gallery / Beauty Contest? ~jakethekiko
While we'd be happy to see them posted onto your Pet Page or User Lookup, we don't accept building block sculptures as art entries.

How many guilds are there on Neopets? ~beanodandy
Well over a million! Seriously.

Will the Yurble Janitor EVER be able to sweep up the rubble from the destroyed Darkest Faerie Statue? :( ~vonscout
Unfortunately, he injured his back while moving one of the larger chunks, and the Orange Yurble Union went nuts. Lawyerbot's been trapped in negotiations with them for years now, and the janitor is refusing to continue sweeping up the statue until the issue is settled. *sigh*

Hey TNT, is it possible for non-staff members to get the root canal trophy? ~thee_raptor
Nah, it's just a joke trophy we made and it's become the only solace for victims of the dreaded Root Canal ever since. Word is Dragona is next up to receive one.

Dragona: T_T

For those that have it, they'd like to
assure you that the trophy is soooo not worth it.


A long, long time ago when I was just a wee girl and the Neopets magazines were still a thing, I ordered two items: a cute green Kacheek plushie and a blue Kacheek necklace. When my package arrived... there was no necklace! There were some stickers and temporary tattoos in its place, however, and a note apologizing for the delay in the shipment of my necklace. It arrived a week later, much to my delight. I still have BOTH items to this day. People give me weird looks when they see me wear my necklace. I love Neopets every bit as much as I did back then. Thanks for all your hard work. (Each new thing this site offers fills me with joy, like the time I finally got my necklace. Yes, even the conversion.) ~lupeyloonylupin

I've been with Neo for 10 years or so now. It will always be a happy place for me. Thank you for the happy place. ^_____^ ~candybars

Hey, TNT! I thought I'd finally say THANK YOU for the past 10+ glorious years. I've let you change my life in the most curious of ways -- I still race home to catch the Snowager, and I actually consider changing plans to meet with friends if my Neopets haven't done their jobs at the Faerieland Employment Agency. I memorized how to get to every Limited Too in driving distance (and cried when they stopped carrying Neopets merch), and every Wednesday afternoon I camp at my computer and think, "Wow, there have now been more than ten times as many Lenny Conundrums as there had been when I first started entering!" and hoping to win something as rare as the Eraser of the Dark Faerie again! (I mean, not win the eraser again, since I didn't, but something like that!) Through all the ups and downs the Real World has presented me in the meantime, Neopia has been dependable, innovative, and welcoming, and I always look forward to seeing what you cool peeps do next! Thanks so much! =D ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ~lil_jen_aside

TNT, last week, not only did you reference "grrrrrr arrrrgh," but one of you also cosplayed as Flynn Rider in one of the horse pictures. I thought my love for you guys was already at full capacity, but now I love you even more! *heart* ~kyndalbrooke

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