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Hey TNT, what happened to the Darigan Poogle that your account used to have? (Its name was really long and like Racka... something?) I noticed on your official message board posts that you have a relatively newly-born magma Grundo instead. Just curious if there was some sort of epic story involved. ;) ~_kenshiro_
Rackatackata? He's still there. :) We actually have three Darigan Poogles on that account. Word in the office is that someone noticed the Neopet name Trinitrotoluene wasn't taken and apparently couldn't pass up the opportunity to make it TheNeopetsTeam's newest Neopet. :)

Being a Premium member for many years has been wonderful, and I could not play Neopets without it; however, there is one addition that I was curious about. Do you think there is any chance of adding a Battledome Premium Chat? We have a few other duplicated Premium chats already, but with the New Battledome, I figured it would be appropriate and helpful (please keep my username anonymous). ~username removed
While we're not opposed to adding a Premium Battledome chat, we don't want to risk splitting the Premium population into too many boards. If we find that all the existing Premium boards are active enough to keep the conversation going, we may reconsider in the future. For now, we welcome you to use the Premium Games chat for Battledome-related discussions.

You're TNT, dynamite! (I'm sure you've never heard THAT one before...) So, do chances of receiving better treasure from the Snowager increase the more regularly that you visit him? For instance, if you visit the Snowager and get a cheap water ring, but then visit every day for a month, would you possibly receive better items, or is it completely random? ~redhotridinghood
Nope! That's an interesting rumour, but it is completely random.

So, I was wondering... will we EVER have access to Lutari Island? The Meepits and I think that storm has gone on long enough. ~jennyandamelia
EVER? Probably one day. We haven't forgotten about it, but since it would need a major overhaul to work on anything but Neopets Mobile, we haven't really had time to touch it. We would like to release it again someday, though.

When pronouncing Xweetok, does the X make the zzz sound, or is the W silent? (It seems to be missing from the pronunciations page.) :( ~eritrea_13
It's pronounced "Zwee-tok."

I believe I've seen sculpted entries win and be included in the Art Gallery in the past. Does that mean I can enter a crocheted Neopet, or is it now strictly drawings? ~numbr_1_yugioh_fan
As long as it hasn't been submitted to other art contests like the Random Contest, Beauty Contest, etc., then go ahead and submit your crochet art to the Art Gallery. We accept a wide variety of mediums there. :)

Dear TNT,
What in Neopia are Utility Fish?!? They've been mentioned in the past couple of Editorials, but... what are they? From a very confused reader. ~kittykatgirl444

Utility Fish are now long-retired items once sold in a shop from old Maraqua. Even when Neopia was still young, these were already old, retired... things. We could best describe them as aquatic creatures that turn into useful things, but that really doesn't clarify much. We'll just post a few here and let you come to your own conclusions.

Presenting the Clampfish, Combfish, and the Hammerfish.
We're not sure what else we can say.

Throughout the years, I've been a loyal Neopian. Although it has been some time since my last log-on, the changes have devastated me greatly. I have noticed that many of the Neopets have been converted, and as a result have lost their personalities. Each painted Neopet was original and had their own touch. Unfortunately, since Neopets converted the Neopets so that they can wear items, they have lost their unparalleled beauty. They have lost their shebang. Therefore, I have come up with a solution that will solve everything. It will not only be economically beneficial to Neopets, but also to its users. Neopets should have an option where their users pay NC to revert their converted Neopets into the original Neopets. I can name several Neopets that would benefit from this: the faerie Pteri, faerie Draik, Darigan Ixi, and all of the plushie Neopets. I assert that I am not speaking on my behalf, but for the greater good of the Neopet community. ~aznnerdgrl
We beg to differ! Before, all royal Aishas had the exact same art. Aside from the name of the Neopet, a fancied up Pet Page / User Lookup, and their owner's love, there was nothing unique about the Neopet. These days, there are countless ways to customise your Neopet, making it unique not only from every other Neopet, but even from those of the same colour. Neopets are now, more than ever, individuals, rather than a static piece of art with a circle behind it.

With that said, we do realise the art is beloved, especially since it's nostalgic. We aren't ignorant of that fact. However, the system that maintains UCs will continue to remain unsupported. To us, these Neopets are leftovers from the past. Will we ever offer the art itself as a customisation "skin" of sorts for NC? We won't say never since we can't predict the future, but it's not likely. UCs are also coveted because they're rare and we don't want to mess with that, either.

Hey, TNT! Do you know that famous "Creepy Horse Mask" that's been all over the Internet lately? Well, I've recently acquired one for myself, and have caused many great shenanigans at my college with it. Does anyone at the TNT office own one? If so, you should post a picture of a staff member wearing it. ;D ~__ninth_gate__
Are you kidding? In our office? We have multiple people with horse masks!

Hi, TNT! I'm sure I'm not the only one who suffers from this, but can we rename our Neopets in the (hopefully near) future through some option? What my 10 year old self thought was cool clearly isn't now -- 11 years on. Please remove my username. :D ~username removed
This is something we'd like to do (though usernames aren't possible at this time). However, it's an involved, difficult process that would take many months to make available, and as such would be a paid service.

Oh, hello again! I'M VERY INQUISITIVE THIS WEEK! *runs in circles... of DOOM* Anyway, I was just wondering: is it possible to come across your own customisations for the spotlight voting? If so, are we allowed to vote for them? ;) Thanks! =D ~floop695
If we recall correctly, when we originally programmed it we set it up so that you would not be able to see or vote on your own Neopet.

Do the hours of your silences ever reset? Like, let's say you have been silenced a total of two times, and so that makes the hours about 48 hours. Do they ever go back to 24, etc.? ~taylor_is
Yes; over time, with good behaviour, your silences will reset. :)

Hey, TNT. So, I have noticed a lot of new guilds. Therefore, due to recent events, do you think there are more guilds or items in Neopia? ~pokemonhunter12
If you mean unique items, there's by far more guilds. If you mean total items, there's unfathomable numbers that ridiculously dwarf the number of guilds.

A friend of mine who has just come back to Neo (:D) asked what or who in Neopia the little stone dinosaur in the bottom left of her default theme was (//images.neopets.com/themes/000_def_f65b1/rotations/11.png). I've looked through every Neopet and Petpet I can find, all to no avail. Help us, please, it's driving us mad! ~hunnibunni666
According to the TCG card that the art comes from, it's a zombie Moltenore. One doesn't actually exist as an item, however. We suppose that we'll have to rectify that! We'll let our Content Team know to schedule one that matches the art.

GRRrrrr. Arrrrgh.

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