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I was hoping that, since the Twilight movies are now over, you could possibly remove the Twilight filters? Every time I put my name in my siggy and post on the Neoboards, everyone calls me Krusty and it makes me sad. Can you help turn this frown upside down? ~hairdoll
Whoops, haha. We suppose it is past time. They are now removed.

Hello, TNT! I was wondering: if I draw gift art for a specific person's Neopet based on their customisation, am I allowed to submit it to the Art Gallery? Like, let's say it makes it in; would it be considered theft if the person who the picture was intended for used it on their Neopet's page? D: Thank you! :) ~hera203
Yes, you can submit it, though it be nice or you to contact the person you did art for and make sure they don't mind you submitting an image of their Neopet, and during that time you can give them permission to use the art on their Pet Page (though that's kind of a given with gift / fan art). If you submit the art of someone else's Neopet to the Art Gallery, you may want to make that clear in your submission title so we don't think you're submitting someone else's work.

I used to play Neopets a long time ago, and I remember always having music codes in my shop and stuff. Does that still work, or is it no longer allowed? I can't seem to find any anywhere. :( ~amordomine
We stopped allowing media embeds some years ago, for a variety of reasons. The sound of Meepits chanting still haunts our dreams at night...

Hi, TNT! As a college student, I have a question for you: do you guys ever have interns? :) ~eccepanem
Yes, we do offer internships. :) If you live near our office and you're serious about earning experience with us, you can visit our internship page. Warning: This link will take you off-site to our parent company's website.

So, when you guys lurk / monitor the boards, do any of you ever laugh (or cry) at some people's conversations? ~ineed2remembamybdate
Oh, yes. We do chuckle, awww, /facepalm, and occasionally D:!!! at the conversations on the Neoboards. We prefer more of the first two.

Hey there, TNT! While mindlessly bumping my board today, I noticed a sad lack of summer smileys. There are flowers for spring, a snowflake and a snowman for winter, lots of leaves for fall, but nothing for summer! Can you maybe make a sun smiley, or something that represents summer and heat? I'm longing for some summer heat right now. ;) Thanks! ~free_dreamer
It's the middle of winter here, but it's summer Down Under, so sure, why not? We put in an order with our smiley maker, and she sent us this:

You are my sunshiiine,
my only sunshine!

Hi, TNT. Lately I have noticed that there are these blue links everywhere in Neopian shops. If I put my mouse over one, some advertisement pops up. Also, after I voted for the Stealth Paint Brush in the Neopies, some ad that was flashing and blinking popped up. It said I had won a thousand dollars in Walmart money. Are these annoying pop-ups a new feature, or is my computer's security down? Can you stop my pop-ups? ~montanalei
We suggest getting your computer cleaned up. Those blue links are not from us. :-/

Okay TNT, this has been bothering me for months (ever since I thought of it). We can't have pictures of ourselves on our User Lookups (or anywhere onsite), but we can have drawings of ourselves. What if we had an extremely realistic portrait of ourselves done, which looked exactly like us, but was still a painting? Could we still have that on our User Lookup? THE THOUGHT IS MAKING MY BRAIN HURT. Thank you for your devotion to the site; keep up the fantabulous work. ~kubacko
Not posting pictures of yourself is part of a larger safety rule that says you can't post anything that could be used to identify you "in real life." This includes photos, street signs or addresses, emails, the name of your school or workplace, etc. So if a portrait was realistic enough to identify you, then it wouldn't be allowed.

It seems Tyrannia is still stuck in the stone age (bu dum ts). Faerieland has had TWO remodels, plus there was Krawk Island and Roo Island -- not to mention the remodels that happened eons ago. Why no Tyrannian love? D: ~sdspj
Oh, don't worry. We haven't forgotten about Tyrannia. ;) Actually, there have been whispers of strange things happening there. Hopefully we'll know more soon!

Greetings! Since the winter break, the latest entries for the Customisation Spotlight have stopped updating. Can you please fix this? Thanks! ~angelicsylvania
We've noticed the Custom Spotlight acting oddly lately. Please send detailed bug reports to help us figure out exactly what's wrong.

I must say, you guys work really hard maintaining this site and the Art Gallery!!! You guys do such a fantastic job! I have always been curious, though: how many people enter the Art Gallery on any given Pet Day? Which Pet Day is the most / least popular? ~buffylemon
Between Thursday afternoon and Tuesday morning, we usually receive about 200 art entries! However, probably only a quarter of them are themed for an upcoming Pet Day. The rest are the miscellaneous art you see on non-themed Tuesdays and Thursdays. :) The most popular days seem to be Peophin and Draik, while the least popular is probably the Ogrin.

Hey TNT, after seeing today's Neopies category, I realized that I can't tell if the Nurse Lucy Skeleton is a Neopet or not. If she is, then what kind is she? ~pokerrface
Poor Nurse Lucy was an Acara. Her character was inspired by this TCG card.

There are no hug cards or items relating to hugs, besides the Huggy items and a random Spardel item. Do you think you could please add at least a "Hug Card" item or something, as a sign of friendship or being there after someone on Neopets has been through a challenging moment? I love hugs and believe that, if hugging is Neo-appropriate, then there should be more hug-related items. If this somehow gets answered, then please remove my username. ~username removed
We noticed this just last night, actually! We agree that there should be items players can send to each other when someone's had a rough day. We'll have our content team schedule some, though it may be a couple of months before they appear since we schedule content pretty far ahead of time. We'll be sure to make them low rarity as well, so they can be freely given. :)

As the proud owner of 28 Utility Fish, I happen to enjoy the Utility Fish option in my Safety Deposit Box. It was handy when I wanted to take them out and put them in my Gallery! :P ~mr_tediz
Hahaha. We've had several Utility Fish enthusiasts write in this week. We're glad they're still entertaining you guys. :)

Hey, TNT! I just saw an awesome Petpet that looks like a black Zebie, with big yellow eyes beneath a carpet! Sadly, I forgot its name. :'-( I want to know what its name is, how much it costs, and where to find it. I think it was a Droogle or something... ~kougrakrazy959
Close! It sounds like you're describing a Drugal. :) You can buy one off the Shop Wizard for about 2,000 NP, or you can try your luck winning one from Test Your Stength.

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