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Good afternoon, TNT. In an Editorial long ago, you said it's against the rules to cover up the "Name + Color + Species" text at the top of Neopet lookups. I've seen a lot of premade Neopet lookups that hide this text. Is it allowed now, or should we be making sure this text is displayed when coding our Neopet lookups? Thank you so much from a long-time Neopets fanatic. :) ~blessed_faerie
This text needs to be displayed so your Neopet is properly identifiable. Account stats must always be visible.

All right. So, I have the Real Negg Faerie Wings from the Advent Calendar in my Safety Deposit Box. I know you guys did a redesign of it, so I'm pretty sure that, if I take it out, it'll change. However, I'll ask this anyway: is there any way to put them in my Gallery without them changing? I've got an Advent Calendar Gallery, and I really want to put these in it. Thanks! (Please-o remove-o my name-o.) Can you understand what I said? ~username removed
No, the 80x80 was already changed, so likely you were just seeing the old cached version of the image. The item is still given out via the Advent Calendar, technically. It just has new window dressing, so we think the integrity of your Gallery is safe. :)

Hey Neostaff, in the Advent Calendar scene from Day 9 of Year 14 (2012), Malkus Vile was busy writing a letter via Weewoo courier to some random Mynci. The letter, however, was pretty hard to understand and a lot of us on Board 7 spent a while trying to figure out what it was supposed to be. Was it some kind of pictogram? Was it a surprise holiday greeting to a friend? A surprise holiday greeting to a friend who was expecting a lot worse in the mail? ~kaljinyu
According to our Advent planner, "It was a thoughtful and heartfelt holiday greeting, in hieroglyphics that only Malkus Vile understands... and the Mynci."

The Dream Neopet Giveaway appears to be a yearly thing now. So, if a user won their dream Neopet this year, and then they entered another Neopet again next year, are they eligible to win again or can a user only win once? ~allison_kitty11
The odds of such a thing happening are a bit too slim to worry about it. That said, there's nothing stopping you from submitting to the Dream Neopet Giveaway if you've won in the past. You can have more than one dream, and you could possibly when the lottery twice! (It's just really unlikely!)

Oh, Neopian Gods, help me have the best Gallery in all the land. *hands caramel popcorn as bargaining tool* I hear that, every X amount of years, profiles get recycled that have either been frozen or not logged onto in forever and ever. I'm wondering about what happens to their items, like in their Galleries. Are the items recycled so that newer members have a chance of getting rare items *coughcoughcough [certain item] coughcough* that are no longer in circulation anywhere in Neopia? I don't know what else to do!!! ~xoautumnroseox
The items in accounts that have been wiped are wiped along with them. They do not return into circulation. (This is also true for Smuggler's Cove items.)

My "Real Negg Faerie Wings" disappeared from my inventory! I never used them, and I was planning to use them! D: what happened? ~lionkirbys
As we explained in New Features, there was a planning / art error with the wings, and they were too similar to existing wings that came from the NC Mall. There was a slight animation difference, but we decided it wasn't fair to those who had spent the money (plus, they now had duplicate wings), so we changed the look of the wings given out by the Advent Calendar.

They now look like this, and are
called Homemade Lavender Faerie Wings. :)

Thank you for bringing back the Dream Neopet Giveaway! However, I'd be ever-so-grateful if you all could expand on the fine print just a little. Namely, is it okay to continue zapping Neopets that are selected for the contest? Also, is there anything we should know about gender if it changes before the contest ends? For instance, if I'm set on a royal boy Peophin and, in the course of zapping, he turns into a she and wins the contest, will she be a royal girl Peophin instead of the royal boy that had been chosen at the outset? Thanks for your time! ~cataluna47
Yes, continuing to zap the Neopet entered is just fine. If your Neopet zaps into something amaaaazing and you're suddenly regretting entering the giveaway (or want to specify a gender for the change) please put an eye-catching note for us on your User Lookup.

Hey guys, I have noticed there's a lot of pop culture references in Neopia, and I wanted to do a Petpage about them all. Will I be able to enter my page in the Site Spotlight even if it mentions real movies and books by name? Please hide my username; the Meepits are trying to find me. P.S.: I saw what you did with The Two Ring. I hope you guys will watch The Hobbit. ~username removed
We've seen a variety of Neopia-meets-pop-culture Petpages, and while they do thoroughly amuse us, they are not completely Neopian so we don't allow them in the spotlights. The good news, though, is that we sometimes show off such Petpages on places like our Facebook and Twitter! ;)

Hey TNT, Merry Christmas. I want to take advantage of the Premium Holiday Offer but I couldn't find how to go about it! I clicked on Manage Membership, but you can only cancel and I don't want to do that! Thanks for a great Y14; looking forward to next year! ~fleurbellestarr
You were on the right track. :) Existing members can take advantage of the holiday sale by going here and clicking the upgrade button. You will then have the option to choose the reduced yearly plan. Please keep in mind that it will be applied on your next billing cycle, so if your current year ends in March, the discount will be applied after that point. Please be aware that the sale price doesn't renew, and after a year the membership price will return to standard.

Just wanted to send some kudos to whoever animated the Aisha in Tuesday's Advent Calendar; amazingly hypnotic to watch and well-drawn. So entrancing, in fact, that it wasn't until reading a thread on it (topic 152911476) that I remembered I could send this (anon, please). ~username removed
We've gotten several compliments regarding that animation. We'll be sure to pass on your praise to the artist. :)

Hi, TNT! I'm so glad you guys are fellow Bebopers like I am. I do have a question, however. Recently I was using the Petpet Lab Ray when I zapped my Polarchuck and he turned into a Dirt Symol. After asking my fellow Charter friends, we came to conclude it was a Symol Hole prize. My question is this: would it then be possible to zap your Petpet into, say, a Winged Kookith or a White Ona, or is it just whatever happens, happens? :P ~pepsi_lemontwist
*grins at the reference* That was a lucky zap! It's possible to zap a Petpet into anything categorised as a Petpet. That's why sometimes players find themselves with Petpets that aren't technically even available. So yes, you could get a Winged Kookith with the Petpet Lab Ray.

You guys should really make some sort of apology item for when you accidentally pwn a friend in the Kadoatery and words just aren't helping you out. Please and thank you! *throws cookies* ~happytimewithmilk
And then additionally taunt them about it through the Editorial. *cackles* You're as evil as we are. As for the card, we'll ask our Content Department to pencil something in. :)

Dear Editorial team,
After the filters prevented me from suggesting several wearables on the customisation board, I made a post saying that I hoped TNT would stop blocking words that were part of their own item names. I then got a Neomail headed: Warning. It said, "Hi! We saw your post and want to point you in the right direction to get it taken care of. Please contact our Support department by opening up a ticket at: //" After reading it, the word warning in the header vanished. So... do I need to panic because this is a real warning or, as the content says, just a friendly push in the right direction? ~kissy_08

No need to panic; like the content indicates, it was just a nudge in the right direction. If it says "Message from The Neopets Team" in the subject line, rather than "Official Warning from The Neopets Team," then you're just fine.

Hey guys! I ADORE the Grumpy Cat Plush--I mean... Gothic Christmas Angelpuss Handheld Plushie you made. Keep it up. :* ~jewellynn
*shifty eyes* We guess you pop culture collectors now have another thing to add to your Petpages, huh?

You'd be grumpy, too, if you'd been
jammed into a snowglobe and shaken.


I just wanted to say, I look forward to the Advent every year. Not because I get to open little doors and scoff the treats inside, but because Advent on Neopets is THE best! THE BEST. I love how most days relate to an event from earlier in the year and feature well-known and well-loved characters consistently. Thanks for making my Advent that extra bit more special. :D *heart* ~bumblebumblecuteybee

I've been on Neopets since I was five years old. To put it simply, I was obsessed. Over the next few years, I managed to accumulate a MASSIVE amount of Neopets merchandise, from trading cards to magazines, action figures, and (most importantly) my huge collection of plushies. Like all things, though, I eventually grew out of it. (This was partially due to the loss of my Meepit plushie, but that's beside the point.) Everything was stuffed in containers and put away. However, a few months back I stumbled upon my plushies again. Feeling a sense of nostalgia, I decided to come back to the site, and I have to say, I wasn't disappointed. You have managed to keep this site running smoothly over the years, adding on to it, but not diminishing the original feel. So, what I'm trying to say is thank you for being there, and for doing all that you do. You are amazing, TNT, no matter what anyone else says. *virtual hug* ~lillymary800

Hey there TNT, I just want to say a very big thank you to all of you who have made Neopets so successful! :) I've played Neopets for so long and there are so many awesome things here! Have a great day and an advance Merry X-mas to all of you! ^^ ~yihengblue

Dearest Neopets,
I'm what you would call a "Neopian Senior Citizen," both in the real world and the world of Neopia... I started on Neopets in April of 2000! Both of my children grew up with all the wonderful characters of Neopets and are now beginning to share the joy with their children. I just wanted to let you know that three generations of faithful fans love this site, and have for a long time; please keep up the good work! My only complaint? In all these years, I've never been visited by Jacko the phantom paint brush guy or had a wish granted by the Wishing Well. I did have one Fountain Faerie Quest, however, which made me very happy! Wishing you happy holidays and a New Year full of great Neo ideas!! XOXOXO ~tuttifrutti

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