Still thwarting Sloth's mind control... Circulation: 189,271,873 Issue: 551 | 29th day of Relaxing, Y14
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Your Editorial -- erm, I mean, Sloth's Editorial -- was great. I just wanted to ask you, though: how do you join his army? Is there some kind of initiation? Could you please ask him and let me know? Thanks a lot! ~mr_percy_jackson_2
Oh, you, uh... want to increase his ranks? We can help you with that... just step into Interrogation Room Three down the hall. They'll set you up right quick!

Hiya, TNT! I know that you can CREATE a 5th Neopet while being a Premium user, but I was wondering: does it work with transfers or adoption as well? For example: adopting a Neopet from someone else or, say, being lent an avatar Neopet? Please let me know! Thanks so much. (: ~keeikho
Yes, you get a 5th Neopet slot, which you can use to create, adopt, or transfer a Neopet into.

How do you pronounce the color eventide? Is it like "event-tide" really fast and mushed together, or "even tide," like the opposite of odd tide? ~poofyfluff
It's pronounced "even tide." It's a very old word that describes the period of late afternoon until nightfall.

Dear TNT,
Was it Dragona that came up with the mercury foreground? I can only think that she would be amazing enough to come up with a foreground made out of a toxic element. *throws hazmat suits* ~ghoast_kyrie2

Hahaha! Yes, it was her, actually.

With regard to last week's Editorial, you... I mean, Dr. Sloth answered a question about the Dr_Sloth auctions. I think that, to be fair, he should put the stamps in the Trading Post like TrillionFTW. That way, everyone would get a chance. I say this because, in auctions, some Neopians can auto-bid, or all of the rich participants bump the auction so high that nobody else can bid. Therefore, the rich get rich and the poor stay poor because they never even have a shot... just a thought. P.S.: Remove my username; I don't want Sloth turning me into a Grundo or something. ~username removed
Dr. Sloth isn't auctioning stamps as party favours like TrillionFTW was. He's in it to raise funds for his nefarious plots, and he's not looking to help Neopians get rich with a single click. We're glad the stamps are re-entering the economy. There are plenty of folks who saved up massive amounts of Neopoints to buy the stamps for their album, but none were available. Now they can finish their collections.

If I can't see my invisible Neopet, then how can the Snowager see her? ~gjpugh
You remember those giant worm things in the movie Tremors, which could feel ground vibrations? Yeah, totally like that.

Do you know what's even more horrifying than giant
worms bursting out of the ground to eat you?
Realising that movie was released
22 years ago.
Sorry to anyone else who suddenly feels old now, too. ;_;

When do sales occur in the NC Mall? Are there special days, like for the half off backgrounds sale? P.S.: You should do that soon. 8D ~poshic
There are no set days, but they do happen from time to time. Be sure to always check New Features or add our Facebook page so that you don't miss one. :)

O powerful TNT, why is the Spiked Shoe Flail from the Altador Cup Prize Shop not a wearable? ~uuunicornjd
Because it's a weapon. Those spikes aren't just for decoration!

Hi, TNT! I've been waiting a while for a graphics-related Random Contest (like the movie poster one for The Faeries' Ruin). I personally think it's long overdue. Is there any chance you feel like making one where we can put our graphic skills to the test? Thanks! ~participate
We'll forward your request on to our staff member that sets up the Random Contest. We're sure she'll be happy for the idea!

So, the description for the Leftover Fruit Plates originally said, "*squee* It still has some of Teylor Nix tooth marks in it!" Now it says, "*squee* It still has some of snarkie's tooth marks in it!" What's up with that? ~pianoplayer1013
Our item description thinker-upper didn't realise that that prize was for the staff tournament shop. After it was noticed, the description was changed slightly to appropriately theme it.

When submitting stuff to The Neopian Times, how do you specify which issue of the NT you want your entry to be in? Do you add a request in parentheses in the comments box? This question's been bothering me for a while. (If this gets in, please remove my username.) ~username removed
Our NT queen says she'll take: "Anything from smoke signals to encoded Alien Aisha transmissions, or you could just put 'for issue number blah' in the comments. That works, too. We'll do our best to accommodate!"

Hi, TNT! *throws Plushie Moehog* I was just playing the wonderful game Ice Cream Machine, so I read the description for it. Apparently, Adee the Chia is having a nightmare about ice cream trying to kill her. If that's the case, then why is she smiling? Does she like being attacked by evil scoops of ice cream? Thanks! ~cotton_candy_cy
You never really know with Chias...


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