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I played on one account for a few years before my current account name became available. I moved all of my stuff over here, but I still have points available in the Faeries' Ruin's prize shop. The account that participated in the plot was a main account at the time, but is now a side account. Can I still redeem those points in the shop? Please remove my username. Thank you. ~username removed
Yup! You earned those points and the plot can no longer be done, so feel free to use them up and send the items to your main if you wish. Just remember that the trophy and theme will remain on that account. Those can't be moved!

Who writes the descriptions for the items found around Neopia? Is there, like, a group of you, or is it just one person? ~pianoplayer1013
It's usually one person, but different people have been responsible for writing them over the years, if that makes sense.

TNT, I'm begging you here, on bended knee... I keep seeing people on the Altador Cup boards acting really rude and snobby toward people. The new thing this year is saying that "the people who send really low scores are hurting the team more than people who don't play." It is therefore suggested to people (myself included) that it would be better for us NOT TO PLAY, unless we play more than I can possibly manage. I love the Altador Cup, and I am quite enthusiastic about it; even if I don't play I adore cheering my team on and will be forever faithful to them. But, I mean, the Altador Cup is for EVERYONE, no matter if we play tons, just a bit, or not at all, and I get really frustrated with people who act like that isn't true. I also have carpal tunnel, and I will NOT play to the point where I'll physically hurt myself. Does that mean I'm not allowed to enjoy the Altador Cup at all? Please TNT, say clearly that you cannot HURT your AC team. ^^ (Please remove my username, too. Thanks!) ~username removed
As we said last week, people can play as much or as little as they want for their own personal stats, and there is no such thing as playing "too few games" and hurting your team. Any games you play will help!

*tosses TNT flowers* Hi there... I got some NC cookies the other day and I took a huge bite out of them, only to discover a paper inside that gave me my weekly fortune: two extra zaps a day! How awesome is that?! Anyhow, I was wondering: if I don't log on while it's still active, will I lose the bonus for that day? P.S.: Please remove my username if this gets in. You guys rock! ~lechat_2003
Once you activate a cookie, the timer starts and runs in real time. So, for your lab ray cookie, you'd need to visit seven days in a row to make sure you didn't miss any extra zaps.

Hiya, TNT! I love the new feature that allows us to see customised Neopets when we search! However, when I search for Lupes, they appear to have Gelert tails in the pictures. I'm sure the Lupes of Neopia would appreciate it if this mistake were fixed so that their real, bushy tails were shown. Thanks for all you do! ~tb_lover514
We looked into it, and apparently the correct tail is displaying; it's just the way the image is cropped that makes it look like a Gelert's tail.

We can understand your confusion!

Dear TNT,
I have an odd little issue with a certain avatar, the Korbat Royalty avatar to be exact. I've heard from many people that the Korbat featured on said avatar will match your gender. Well, I somehow got the male avatar even though I'm female! Is this a glitch? Also, if it is, is there any way you could change it to be the female version? Thank you!! ~h_cappy_h

A glitch? Sorta. We originally meant for the avatars to act as you expected, but from the beginning they were swapped. (Male Korbat gets granted to female users, and vice-versa.) While it wasn't our intention, so many people had already been awarded and it was left it that way. (Also, it's a pretty funny mix-up.) So, that's they way it's been for many, many years. Also, once you get one, you can't get the other.

If I decide to try Premium for the reduced price for one month, what will happen to my fifth Neopet if I decide to go back to the free version? ~josephsemm
According to the Premium FAQ:

"Since the 5th Neopet feature is only for Premium members, you will not be able to keep the 5th slot if you cancel.

Once your subscription expires, you will need to abandon or transfer one of your five Neopets to go back down to four. You can select which Neopet this is -- it does not have to be the one in the 5th slot.

If you choose to abandon, we will hold that Neopet for 90 days before releasing it to the Neopian Pound. (We don't want to put it in there immediately, just in case you simply had billing issues or decide to come back to Premium right away, etc.) After 90 days, it goes into the Pound to be adopted by a new owner."

We hope this clarifies any questions you might have. :)

You guys made BEAUTIFUL new Quiguki plushies... and there are already Quiguki plushies. WHAT DO WE DO?!? ~sick_swimmer
NAME THEM SOMETHING DIFFERENT AND HIDE OUR FACES IN SHAME. (Then beg the Art Department to draw us different Quiggle plushies.)

Is it okay for Neopian Times stories to be told in first person? ~username removed
Yup, it's okay to get creative with perspective and all of that good stuff. :) Just make sure that the narrator is a natural denizen of Neopia, and not your human self.

Howdy! While I'm not great at any of the Altador Cup games, I do love participating! It's great! However, this year I'm not able to play, as the game dimensions are all messed up and I can't see half of the gaming screen! Is there a way to change this? I've searched high and low and can't find an answer. :-( Please help! I'll send you all the cookies you can eat. :-D ~bobbley4
Make sure you select the regular version of the game, rather than the large. There can also be complications if you choose to view web pages in a larger font. Try resetting that to default and see if it helps, too. If not, please send a bug report so we can try to help you with the issue. :) Be sure to include a screenshot!

Hi, TNT! I recently joined my first guild. A week later, I had to leave my computer for about half an hour and, when I came back, I had a bunch of Neomails from the guild owner. The most recent one said that he was kicking me out of the guild because I was too "unresponsive." Is this allowed in guilds, kicking people out because they don't respond to mail? (Please remove my username, thanks!) ~username removed
A guild leader can remove a member for pretty much any reason since it's their guild. From the sound of things, however, we think you're lucky that you didn't spend any more time in that guild. We suggest finding a better guild with whom to spend your time. ;)

Is the Everlasting Apple really everlasting? I mean, if you feed it to your Neopet, will it disappear, or will you be able to feed your Neopet forever? Please answer; I wanna know if it is worth buying, or if it is just a waste of Neopoints. Thanks! ~cachorritalinda12
While if it's worth buying is up to you alone, we can assure you that the Everlasting Apple really can feed your Neopets forever (assuming it's not lost in some way). No matter how many bites your Neopets take out of the apple, it seems to never get any smaller or go bad. :)

*hands you a Meepit on a stick* So, uh... did you guys mean to say nothing in response to the last entry in the previous Editorial? ~king_m0b
We don't usually respond to the Happy Thoughts. If we did, our eyes would get all puffy from happy tears and then our coworkers would think we've contracted some zombie plague and bad things could happen.

It's really for our own safety.


Hello, TNT! Four days ago, I received my dream pet of a wraith krawk. I never thought it would happen before, but now that I have her, it's dream come true. I love my Catovia with all my heart, and I just want to say how absolutely awesome she is. She's the most amazing Neopet ever and I just love her to death, and I want to thank TNT for working so hard on these lovely Neopets to design such wonderful colors and items for us to dress up our Neopets! She's just incredible, and it's all thanks to the hardworking Neopets team that designed the amazing wraith color and Krawks. Keep rocking with your designs, TNT, and to anyone who reads this, never give up on your dreams! Did I think I would get a wraith Krawk? No, but it happened! I love you, TNT! ~ivy_knight

TNT, I just wanted to express my gratitude. It's just occurred to me that my first Neopet, Roiniy, is actually older than I was when I created her. She turned eleven in March this year. How crazy is that?!? I'm not using any other websites I was using when I was eleven, but it's wonderful having Neopets as a place to take a break from university and other stress. Thank you for the many years of entertainment (the games, the plots, the stories), and I'll forgive you all for the fact I've never had a single Fountain Faerie Quest in all that time. ;) ~emrozi

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