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Hey, TNT! *tosses some Asparagus and hand-baked sweets* I've been participating in Altador Cup VII (go Maraqua!). I've noticed, however, that nobody knows how the bracket standings work. Do you think you could put the confusion to rest and explain how the bracket standings work? ~chyshie
We know you guys ask this every year, and we'll have to give our standard response. The standings are based on an algorithm, the details of which we're not willing to divulge, as if we do, it's likely players will find some way to exploit that information. To keep it fair for everyone, it needs to remain a secret.

You guys technically work in the gaming industry... are you able to get into E3? :D You know, just for the fun of it (and the free swag!)? If not now, were you able to go when you were working on games like The Darkest Faerie or Puzzle Adventure? ~ghostkomorichu
*jumps in our helicopter with our bows at the ready* Yep! We love games and gaming, and you may have already accidentally bumped elbows with one of us at E3. ;)

Hey, TNT! About the Buried Treasure game: if my math is correct, there's a 1/225 chance of getting the jackpot, right? ~north_wind_suicune
Visually, yes. Technically... not so much. About every pixel is a different "spot" on the map. You can see the coordinates change as you hover your mouse over the board.

Hey, TNT. This is seriously beginning to agitate me; please look at this whole concept from my point of view. I have received a warning for discussing Jelly World... on the Jelly World Board! I seriously find joking about Jelly World's non-existence as much fun as the next guy, but I believe the joke has been taken too far if one is warned for it. Could you please explain why I am "hallucinating" places such as Jelly World and discussing it among people, for a board obviously created for it, and being warned for it? This whole Jelly World joke should seriously stop if it will clutter up my warning records. ~bwgreen13
That wasn't a warning, and will leave no "warning record." It was just a friendly reminder that Jelly World (or this Jelly World Neoboard that you claim you were on) simply don't exist!

Much love from chunn_lei!!! The Festival of Neggs this year was very interesting and fun, to say the least. I recently went on hiatus for a few weeks. I have several mini plastic Neggs from this event. However, the Handy Negg Enlarger is no longer available at the NC Mall. Am I forever stuck with these items?!? P.S.: I recently celebrated my 10 year anniversary on Neopets! :) ~chunn_lei
Congratulations on 10 years! It's been wonderful to entertain you all this time. :) As far as the mini plastic Neggs go, though, their day in the sweet spring sun has passed. You can either place them in a Gallery or discard them if they're cluttering up your account.

Okay, TNT. I answered the Lenny Conundrum round that was judged on June 6. My answer was different than the one stated, yet I still got the Neomail saying that I had won. Were there different answers? I don't think so. So, why did I win? ~rightbaby
We were quickly alerted that we had made a human error while calculating the answer. We were able to recover the original entries and then awarded the winners that got the proper answer. If you were awarded in the first wave, before we made the correction, well... lucky you! Enjoy those Neopoints. ;)

Just uhh... think of this as proof
that we're not actually a bunch of robots.

Konnichiwa, TNT! I feel like I have missed so much (I haven't been on since forever). How are you? ^^ Anyway, I am writing... typing this because I recently adopted a male Neopet with what seems to be a female name. So, I was wondering: would it be possible for you to let me make him a cross-dresser? It's not like there is anything wrong with cross-dressers... anywho, so if I was able to do that (since I personify all of my Neopets, because I could not draw animals if my life depended on it :D), it would be so awesome. Thank you and goodbye! ^^ ~i_love_pretty_mony
We purposefully designed Customisation to allow all Neopets to wear all clothing, regardless of gender. You can dress your Neopet however you like. Go nuts!

However, do remember that discussing topics such as cross-dressing isn't allowed. These are controversial subjects that often fail to remain civil and end in harassment, and we want Neopets to feel safe for everyone, so these topics are not allowed.

Hi. Is there any way that I can exchange my soul for Altador Cup rankings? I don't really need it, and I can't look at any more Yooyuballs. ~joze1995
Sure! Just seal it in a canopic jar and send it to P.O. Box -- darn, here comes Lawyerbot already. Perhaps you can try one of the other games if you need a break from Yooyuballs.

Okay, so I'm a lousy artist when I draw with a computer program, but quite good with pencil and paper if I do say so myself. Would it be at all possible and / or conceivable for me to hand-draw and scan in a comic for submission to The Neopian Times? My only concerns are that I would accidentally make it too wide, or that the text would not show up very well. I have several ideas and am eager to start as soon as possible. :) ~dieona
Yep! Players do it all the time. The maximum width for a comic is 470 pixels, so you may need to crop or resize your image after it's scanned. If you're worried that the text won't be readable, you can use a computer program to type it in after scanning.

Last week, in response to a question, you told us, "You may not use the Trading Post on your side accounts." What about putting up an item on the Trading Post via your side to transfer Neopoints from your main to your side? I am asking because a couple of people seem to have taken your answer to last week's Editorial question to mean that you can't even do this now. ~rck2002
To clarify, we mean that you cannot participate in any transaction with another user on a side. This would exclude yourself, making transferring things from your main fine.

*places a Rotten Cheese on the table* I know cheese gets better with age... so here you go. Anyway, I try to submit a few comics to the NT just about every week. Last week a question popped into my head: "Can I really enter this many comics at once, or do they cancel each other out, like the User Lookup of the week competition?" If not, is there a limit to the number of comics we can try to enter in one week? ~sammygdog_2
Don't worry, entries don't cancel each other out. There is technically no limit to how many entries you can submit each week, but we can only take one entry per week. Therefore, the more you enter, the longer you might have to wait.

PLEASE TELL ME THAT TYRANNIA WILL BE THE NEXT WORLD TO GET A MAKEOVER! I don't even like Tyrannia that much, but... its graphics are really out of date, so I think it deserves a revamp. :) ~zeldaisdabomb
Oh, what's that? Sorry, we didn't hear you. Ask us a little louder and maybe we'll tell you. ;)

Who would win in an epic duel, Hypno Toad or a Meepit? ~gears90
They would instantly recognise the unstoppable force they could become if they worked together and ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNO MEEPIT!



Dear TNT,
I must thank you. I've been on Neo for eight years and I adore it. Neopets has done so many things for me. When I was younger I was horribly unskilled in the art of talking to others online. Neopets helped my grammar, spelling, and politeness tremendously. I met my best friend in the whole world on here, and every June you guys do the impossible by getting my entire family involved (peacefully) in something together. Neopets has also taught me the ups and downs of impulse buying, saving, and spending on silly things like carnival games. Neopets taught me how to code a basic webpage, how to be a good sport when I don't win something, and that, when I volunteer for a responsibility, I have to keep it up. Thank you all for being so ridiculously dedicated and creating a website that, even after eight years, I can come back to whenever I want and find something to do. You guys rock! P.S.: The AC rocks this year! Love the new format and the nnyyb! ~angiebeaudion

So, this past year of my life has brought on hardship and struggles. I had taken a break from Neo, but I came back about a month ago, thinking that Neopets might be a good way to take my mind off of things. I can honestly say that I've felt happier since I came back to Neopets. Obviously this site doesn't solve my problems, but just being a part of this wonderful community brings a smile to my face. Getting on Neopets is often the bright spot of my day. I just wanted to say thank you for making Neopets such a wonderful place for us all to enjoy. Much love! ~littlesweetpea123

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