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Hey! I'm working on a story for The Neopian Times, and when I was looking over my notes I found that my Lupe and I are gonna get into some pretty crazy situations. How dangerous can a situation for my story get? Do I just have to make sure that nobody dies and that there's nothing too graphic? ~sakura_aurion
It all depends on how it's written. The best advice we can give is to keep in mind that the audience includes all ages, so everything in the story should be appropriate for all ages.

Hello, TNT. *squishes* I am collecting Anubis and Slorg items for my Gallery. There is a problem, though -- the Stone Anubis is nowhere to be found. It's supposed to be a prize from the Symol Hole, but it seems that no one has one on the Trading Post or up for auction. Are they still being released, or will I just forever be searching for this item? Thanks for reading and I hope you answer this! ~ilovepuppies31
Yes, they are still available, just very rare to find. Those Symol tunnels seem to run all over the place, and you never know when your Petpet will stumble upon something valuable... or not eat it before bringing it out.

Is it okay to use the Trading Post on your side account to sell items? It seems to me like this is just a way to get around the 10 trade limit and 50 item limit. I see several aggressive players using side accounts as another way of selling their items. So, is it allowed? ~malphd
No, there's a reason that the trade limit is in place. You may not use the Trading Post on your side accounts. All transactions with other players should be done on your main account.

So, a few people are telling me that I shouldn't play any games in the Altador Cup at all unless I contribute at least 500 per game daily. This is an absurd amount considering my lifestyle, and I'm shocked that every little bit does not count. Clear this up for me and others! With the new Altador Cup, does it matter if you have MORE gameplays or HIGHER scores? I'm hearing a lot of rumors and hisses and I want to get it straightened out! x.x Thanks! (Please remove my name.) ~username removed
x_X We agree; that is absolutely absurd. Anyone can participate as much or as little as they can / want for their personal progress, and every little bit helps the team.

Sorry about this (I don't usually ask inane questions), but would you happen to know the owner of Plumpy, the Angelpuss from the Lenny Conundrum? I feel I need to know more about this amazing... personality! ~catmegami
Don't you mean puuuurrsonality? *kneeslap* But really, we wouldn't want to spoil anything. Perhaps we'll discover more about Plumpy in future LCs!

Bring me bacon. Now.

Hello, TNT! I was wondering: if you had a Lutari and your account was compromised, resulting in your Neopets being pounded, then would you be able to get your Lutari back, since they run away instead of being sent to the Pound? (Please remove my username.) ~username removed
They'd still exist within our database, but you would have to contact Support to get the situation sorted out and possibly get your Neopet back.

Hey, TNT. I've been thinking of writing a series for The Neopian Times, and I got to thinking. It's pretty common to have picture references in articles, though usually using Neopian artwork. Would it be acceptable to draw and use images for stories, too? Not a lot, obviously, since that would turn the story into a wordy comic, but maybe like a single image to illustrate a significant happening? Thanks. ~keoshky
You're quite welcome to include illustrations for your stories! Simply upload your art with your favourite image host, include a url where you want a picture within your text without any html, and we'll do the rest.

Hey, guys! I've been super pleased with everything about the site recently, but I have a question about the Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies. I've noticed that people have been hoarding the cookies in their carts and then releasing them to traders or their friends, which I don't think is really fair. Also, some of them even say that they did it by accident, by always clicking the "Add to Cart" button and not paying attention. It seems pretty sneaky to me; do you guys have opinions about this one way or the other? (Please remove my username.) ~username removed
Hoarding cookies to ransom them or use them as leverage for a trade (or doing other sneaky things that we won't mention here) is not allowed at all. The only thing you should be doing is putting cookies in your cart that you intend to buy yourself. If you've simply put too many in your cart in a clicking frenzy, then release what you don't intend to buy and you'll be fine. If you're holding some in your cart for a couple of days until you get the chance to buy NC, then that's fine, too. However, anyone found doing otherwise will be visited by the monitors.

ALWAYS, I WANNA BE WITH YOU! ~vain_glourious
We're glad some of you got the reference last week. ;)

I go to search the Lost Tomb of Geraptiku almost every day, and I haven't found the treasure in a very, very long while. Is there any treasure left in the tomb, or has it all been found? ~bookwormwebgirl
We're sure there's still treasure in there. Maybe your Neopet just has a really poor sense of direction? D:

Maybe he just hides in the bushes for a little while,
then comes and tells you he couldn't find anything?
We don't blame him.

Hey, TNT! Are you supposed to use HTML in Neopian Times stories? Thanks! Also, you should end this Editorial Weewoo-style:D ~sams1999
If you want HTML in your entry, please use square brackets [] instead of <> and we will make sure it works. You don't have to use any, of course!

Hiya, TNT! *throws five-pound pound cake, but in a well-meaning sort of way* I recently returned to Neopets after something of a hiatus, so please forgive me if this is a dumb question. I was going through the new games and reading the descriptions, and the one for Legends of Pinball had me on the floor laughing. After recovering, I began to wonder: is it supposed to be that way? It seems odd for a game description to denigrate itself. Y'all probably wrote it that way 'cause it's funny, and I'm just asking a silly question, but if you could answer this anyway, that'd be great. Thanks! ~superdude88846
Oh, so you guys DO read those descriptions sometimes! We're glad our efforts writing them weren't for naught. ;) Yes, well, ahem. Sometimes we come up with a great idea, but the execution... well, it leaves something to be desired. We're okay laughing at ourselves and some of the unfortunate bits of content we've unleashed that aren't quite as thrilling as we had hoped...

When Woodrow_Addams saw the new Baby Button Boots, he almost damaged himself laughing. What does an egg need with boots, whether they button or not?!? It is difficult to coddle an egg with his fragile personality, but I coaxed him into the boots. Wow! Your sensitive art staff understood his special shape and tailored the boots to fit his under-standing! Thank you, and yolky kisses from him to you! From Woodrow_Addams and ~abcdeggs
Hahaha, we're glad Woodrow_Addams is pleased. We do our best with some of the more... interesting anatomies that some Neopets have. ;)

I understand that an Art Gallery entry will very probably be rejected if the artist has previously used it in the Beauty Contest, and that it is also in bad form to reuse your winning AG entry in the BC; what if, however, I were to draw something that made it into the AG and I later decided that I'd like to use a higher-quality version of the image for a user profile? Would that kill my chance of winning the User Lookup Spotlight? ~4zure
No, using your art from other contests will not impact your odds of winning the UL Spotlight. :)

Hi, TNT! Kudos on making the Editorial long again! This has been bugging me: in the last issue (#546), you put up a picture of a yellow Lutari leaving its Neohome. Outside there was this strange-looking land... is it one of the lands in Neopia, or just a completely random setting? ~sabbini
Thank YOU guys for sending in a lot of terrific questions that we could answer last week! More than anything, that determines how long the Editorial is. As for the Lutari, it was actually a picture from a Neopian Times article about a Lutari opening a door to a treasure room, we believe, hence what you saw beyond the door.

Hiya, TNT! I have a question about magical plushies. Say you buy a Magical Pirate Krawk Plushie and let your Neopet play with it. After the plushie is used, does it turn into a regular plushie or disappear forever? P.S.: TEAM MERIDELL FTW!!! ~orcaas
It becomes a regular, non-magic plushie.

Dear loveliest TNT,
Since you ended last week's Editorial with something creepy, can you end this week's Editorial with something cute and fluffy? Perhaps an Ona? ~tenshi_73

One Ona, as requested!



So, today marks my eleventh Neo-anniversary. Eleven years of Neopets went by quicker than I could have believed, and a lot has changed, but I'm still here and I'm still enjoying the site. Neo has really been there for me, as a place where I could go when everything kept changing in other parts of my life, knowing that my Neopets would still be there, and that's what's always mattered to me here. So, I just wanted to thank you guys for the memories and I hope to create many more here. *hugs you all* ~kristykimmy

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