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OMIGOSH!!! In the Editor's note, it said that the NORMAL Editorial would be back, but since when is there a NORMAL Editorial? Please fix this mistake as soon as possible! ~mya_the_piegirl
Hmm... you make an excellent point there. Perhaps "typical" would have been a more appropriate word to use?

You guys should go on vacation and do jury duty and stuff like that more often. The Editorial in Issue 542 was hilarious!!! ~kaiodadragon
We received several comments informing us that Hanso and King Jazan had performed their Editorial duties admirably last week while we were out. Please replace the word "admirably" with hilariously.

Hey, TNT! *throws Mummified Ice Cream at you* Is it true that Grarrls and Skeiths can eat almost anything -- even a toy, an article of clothing, or a Battledome weapon? Please answer! ~gkidz1999
Yes, so please be careful when equipping items to them or allowing them to play with an expensive toy!

Is it okay to enter the Customization, Pet, and Petpet Spotlights on a side account? ~kristykimmy
Yes. Since they are related directly to the Neopets they represent, you can enter them from the account on which the Neopet is located.

Hey, TNT! I have recently started "bumping" boards with two different accounts at the same time. Is it alright to somewhat disregard the fact that you put a 30 second limit between the number of times you can post? For example, I would post on a board with one account, and in another window I would bump a different board on a different account only five seconds after I posted on the first board. I just thought I'd ask, because I'd hate to get my account in trouble! Thanks! ~101bratz10
In this case, you're using a side account to work around a rule that has been put in place for a reason. We ask that you don't use your side accounts in this fashion.

Please slow down, and watch those speed bumps!

I had a picture of my country's flag on my User Lookup and Pet Pages, but was told that they are against the rules, so I took them off and left it at that. Now I am starting to wonder, so long as we are not using it in any way that's offensive, if putting our nation's flag up on our User Lookup or Pet Pages is allowed, or if it's a big no? It already says what country we live in, so I was just wondering. ~thelockplate
Putting the flag of your country on your User Lookup is just fine, as long as there's no political statements. :)

Hi! I was wondering: does TNT stand for The Neopets Team or The Neopian Times? Please remove my username. Thanks! ~username removed
NT is the standard abbreviation for The Neopian Times, while TNT refers to The Neopets Team. :)

So, I was checking the news on Cybunny Day when I noticed that the Cybunnies looked odd. After some slight investigation, I realized they're missing the little tuft of hair on their foreheads. Can you fix this? They look so much cuter with it! ~extremelylucky
We saw your comments and realised our "woopsie" after we released the news for that day. We fixed it later that afternoon, so the new Cybunnies properly have their hair tuft now, even if it isn't displaying in the news images. :)

Hypothetical question time! *throws confetti* Sooooo... if I was to ever to work at Neopets... what kinds of jobs are there? I know art, programmers, and such, but what about the rest? Thanks! ~uuunicornjd
Oh, goodness. A lot. Some of our positions would be: writer, content developer, lawyer, artist, human resources manager, programmer, translator, site monitor, site support, administrative assistant, multimedia/graphics developer, marketing, tech support, as well as other various managers. It takes a surprising number of people to run this site!

TNT, I give up. Where exactly did that image from last week's Editorial come from? It's been disturbing my sleep for a while now and I must know its origin. ~rgorey
Hahah, sorry about that! It was the joke option to the old poll we had regarding an art update for the Gelert.

TNT, will you please end this Editorial with a picure of a Meepit in a bowler hat? (P.S.: this had better get in, because it's only the fifth time I've submitted an Editorial question...) ~_natterjack
Fifth time's the charm? Enjoy.


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