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Hey, TNT! Could you please put the ending of this Editorial at the beginning? Thanks! ~s314red
Does this mean that we can end the Editorial after only one question? Probably not.

This will eventually make sense. Trust us.

Why can't you use the Petpet lab map until you have the one for Neopets? :( ~happiness4eva11773
The Petpet Lab Ray is located in a tiny room attached to the secret location that houses the Secret Lab Ray. Therefore, you need to know where the main one is first.

Dear kindly TNT,
I'm a little bit upset about the fact that mallows can no longer wear clothes. Why is this? I could understand, say, no longer being able to wear jackets and the like -- because they do look silly without their arms -- but my darling Enselu is quite the fashionista, and I really enjoy dressing her up in hats, scarves, etc. I've spent Neocash on clothes and backgrounds specifically for her. Could you please undo this change, or at the very least explain why you have decided to do this? Thank you very much. :) ~kauvera

Sorry about that! There was a bit of a communication mix-up here, and for a short while the mallow Grundos were labelled as non-customisable. It's been fixed, though, so you may return to your regularly scheduled mallow customising. :)

Hi, TNT! Just a question about the Mystery Pic: is the orientation of the pixels you give us correct, or do we have to rotate or flip the pixels to get it to fit into the picture? I've seen a few conflicting viewpoints regarding this on the boards, so I was hoping that you could clear it up. Cheers! ~misty_donna
Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. ;) We're just moderately evil that way.

Just a question, TNT. I was having a discussion with my guild friends about being able to say Facebook on Neopets now that there is a Neopets page on Facebook. I do remember reading somewhere that it's now okay to say Facebook since Neopets is on there, and that we were able to link to the Neopets Facebook page from our Neopets account, but I was told that people were being warned and frozen for saying it. I've been saying Facebook ever since we got permission and have yet to receive a warning. I don't remember where I read it on Neopets, so could you please clarify that for me? Are we allowed to say Facebook on Neopets? Thank you for taking the time to read and answer this. :) ~babyg4
It all depends on context. Please remember that sharing personal information is never allowed on Neopets, so giving / offering / requesting Facebook information is not allowed, including linking directly to any Facebook groups/pages (even if they are Neopets related). However, saying, "Did you see what TNT posted on Facebook? What silly gooses!" is perfectly acceptable.

A user contacted me with a proposition: when I put things up for auction, I would tell them what price I wanted to get for it, and they would then get the item up to that price. If they ended up being the last bidder, I would just pay them back and we would try again. Is this allowed? It feels sorta... cheat-y. ~power_peanut
That wouldn't be "cheat-y," that would be cheating. Please report the player in question. Rigging auctions is not allowed, and is considered scamming. Participating in anything like this could get all of your accounts frozen.

You'll end up like this poor Kadoatie if you scam;
but no one's going to feed you Draik eggs. :(

Hello, I would just like to say that I think the starry Moehog's snout is larger than that on most of the other colors that Moehogs come in. :) ~happiness4eva11773
At first we were all, "Naaaah. It's the same!" We then looked really close, however, and... wow, you're right. How do you people notice these things?!?

Hey you, person staying late at the office stuck reading these odd submissions: did you know that you're a wonderful person? :) Have a nice day. ~valibee
How did you know that we were stuck late at work? *looks around suspiciously* Your submission did make us stop and smile, though. Thank you. :)

My Neopet has been acting strangely ever since he found this magical gold ring... he keeps turning invisible and talking about his "precioussss." What shall I do? ~artlessness
We think that a trip to the Magma Pool in Moltara might just be the trick to fixing that.

I've been looking through all of the great pictures in the Art Gallery and have decided that I want to try my hand at drawing my Neopets. Am I only allowed to draw the Neopets on my main account, however, or can I draw Neopets from my side accounts, providing that I submit the image from my main? My Neopets would feel really left out if I could only draw four of them. ~swordarts
You can draw anything appropriate and Neopets-related for the Art Gallery; it doesn't matter if it's your own Neopets or not. :) Please, however, always enter the Art Gallery on your main account. If you want to draw your Neopets for the Beauty Contest, though, please submit your drawing from the account that the Neopet you drew is on, since those entries should match your Neopet. :)

Why, hello there TNT. Brynn's closing of last week's Editorial reminded me that I have yet to spend my plot points from The Faeries' Ruin! *GASP* (I'm a bit indecisive, in case you hadn't noticed...) So, I was wondering: will they ever expire? I racked up quite a few, and would hate to see them wasted due to my indecisiveness!! ~katrab285
Don't worry, you're not the only one! We currently have no plans to take down the prize shop for The Faeries' Ruin. If we ever do, we'll do our best to warn everyone beforehand.

What are the three avatars on the Trillionftw account? ~participate
Well, there's an unexpected question! Just to satisfy your curiosity, they are: MSPP, I Taunt The Pant Devil, and Faellie - It's Alive!

What are the chances of you ending this Editorial with a Goldy in a bowler hat? ~coolss_6_6
Fairly good, as you have already seen!

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