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I just want to say how much I adore some of the new smilies, but would you please consider making a Negg one? After all, it is the Festival of Neggs right now and I think they feel a little left out. =( ~horsecrazyirishgirl
Well, aren't you clever? (As well as everyone else who requested Negg smilies this week.) They're now live on the site, so enjoy a bonus little Negg hunt as you try to find all four *keywords* for the new smilies!

*mew* Ninth is very sad. Ninth notices that there are no melodicas in the Neopian world. Ninth plays melodica and harmonica, and wants her Kadoatie-sona to play melodica in her comic, BUT THEY DON'T EXIST. Make Ninth a very happy Kadoatie? *winks* ~__ninth_gate__
We're always happy to hear about bizarre instruments that we can add to the Neopian Music Shop, so you guys don't have to tolerate yet another different colour of harp or violin.

As you may know, Neopia was struck with a terrible spell of depression after discovering that our precious Neopets Treasure Keepers project would be meeting an untimely demise. I was just curious: are you planning to ever remove the Treasure Keepers code from the Grundo Warehouse? It's been several months now; is it something that was just forgotten about? Are you planning to keep it up until Plushie Petpet Paint Brushes are worth a whopping 1 NP? Thanks! ~factory
For now the code will remain up to make sure everyone that participated in Treasure Keepers has time to redeem their code. However, we will continue to evaluate how long to leave the code available.

Hey, TNT! Have you ever considered giving us an option to see how many posts we've made on the boards, or is that sort of thing impossible due to the data on the server being deleted? Heh... anyway, it'd be great to have! Thanks. ~nobert_8
As you guessed, posts get deleted after awhile to help save server space, so this isn't really a feature we could make available.

Question! I was looking at the Petpet Protection League winners and realized that my Eizzil would've been at the top of the list of Island Eizzil winners, but alas, he's not painted island. If I were to paint him, would he still qualify for that list, or would he need to have been that color from the beginning? End question! Thanks! :D ~aberfitch450
He would've had to have been an Island Eizzil at the time the trophies were awarded. If painted after the fact then he doesn't get credit for it.

Cuteness is its own reward.

*wastes precious Editorial space* ~elementdragongirl
That was just cruel.

Dear TNT,
As a veteran player, I've seen my fair share of April Fools' pranks. Some of them were pretty funny, but the last time I was truly tricked, the layout was changed to rad neon colors and everything ended with a Z. *winkwinknudgenudge* This year, however, you really got me (and a few of my friends)! My sincere compliments to you for scaring the pants off of everyone who used the lab ray on Sunday. Well played, indeed. ;) ~xxdemexx

Hahaha, speaking of cruel! ;D We're glad you all enjoyed / tolerated / sobbed in a corner over our April Fools' Day prank. If there's any emotional scarring, please contact our Support Department. Also, don't worry -- if you read below, you'll see that you weren't the only one we got good this year... /cackle

Uhem... TNT, please excuse my last, rather frantic, Editorial submission. It appears that you really upped your game this year with the April Fools' jokes, because I just about had a heart attack when the lab ray zapped my unconverted baby Kougra into a Darigan Grundo, rather than the Neopet that I chose to zap. Well played -- you got me. Now, I give you 'til midnight to change him back! Oh, and please let the bug report department know that they are to disregard my hysterical submission there, as well... ~username removed

I love all of my Neopets equally! Why must I give one away? I can't be forced to pick my least favorite! Besides, the Pound is down, so I can't even give away the right one. T.T ~username removed

Has the Cozy Kiko Lake Background been activated? I have been checking the Trading Post almost every day since they were announced back in September. My Kikos are upset they won't be spending their vacation in the cozy luxury of Kiko Lake. :(
It looks like it was activated, but not assigned a rarity. That's been fixed now, so you should start to see them appearing now!

Hey, TNT! *gives cookies* In past Editorials, usually Hanso or Jazan will close things out. So, my question is this: would Brynn please close this Editorial? I haven't seen her since The Faeries' Ruin and it would be nice to see her again. ~gogoriki11
Never hurts to ask, we guess...

You drag me into this, and you're going down.

We'll take that as a "no".

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