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Hi, TNT. While I was browsing through Ebay, I found Neopets trading cards for sale. There are so many, and I was interested in buying some, but wouldn't that be against the rules? I don't really think it would be, but I'd rather ask than risk my account. I'm not 100% sure, but can't you redeem codes from the cards in the packs and get items? Would that then be considered buying items? ~i_luv_cows12345
No, physical merchandise produced or officially licensed by us is just fine to buy, sell, or trade online. This includes stuff like real life plushies, action figures, TCG cards, etc. Codes are considered a legitimate part of these items. Items you cannot buy or sell online are virtual items, Neopoints, Neopets, or accounts.

Hey, TNT. I'm Neo_kid3 and I've been wondering this for a while: how can someone submit a story idea for the Storytelling Competition? P.S.: I don't mean part of a story. I mean, like, starting it. ~neo_kid3
If you want to help start a story, you can submit it to the Storytelling Competition during the weekend (the same way that you would enter during the week). When we come in on Monday, we'll see your story and maybe choose it to be the start for the upcoming week. :)

TNT, I'm typing all of this out on my 3DS. If you had any idea how much work that is, you'd let this into the Editorial. Oh, and please remove my username. Thanks! ~username removed
We salute your efforts, fellow gamer, as well as your flawless spelling while using such a device!

Hey, TNT. I was just wondering: why can't you paint a Yooyu faerie? There is a Faerie Yooyu Plushie, and you can be a Faerie Yooyu in Crisis Courier, but you can't paint a Yooyu faerie. Why not? ~the_princess_z
Yooyus can't be painted, as they are all special prizes. We're sure, however, that in the future one will become available as a prize from somewhere. :)

Hi, TNT! *throws rainbows and sunshine and toast* So, let's say Bob sent Bob2 a gift. Bob2 clicked on the event, but didn't accept / refuse (or any other option), and instead sent Bob a Neomail. If Bob2 wanted to accept the gift, how would Bob2 get back to the page where he received the gift? Thank you, and please remove my username! ~username removed
Bob2 would go to his active inventory page, and then click the blue text link directly above the item area that says "Item Event Log." That will take Bob2 back to the page where he can accept items without the event prompt.

If you see something like this,
then you're looking at the wrong log.

I know that sometimes you honor request for smilies and other things, but in a recent Editorial you said not to give you paint brush ideas. From what you said, we aren't allowed to be creative and ask for what we'd like. Also, does this apply to NC items that we would like created, too? I'd like clarification on what we're allowed to suggest if we want it to be created at all. ~dragonwry
Basically, it's the difference between requesting new variations on existing content (such as asking for an eventide Draik, Starry Zomutt, or an Elephante smilie) and offering your own unique creative ideas (like asking us to make a new colour that consists of a black base colour with pink and green polka dots). In the first case, these are obvious extensions of our own content that we simply have not gotten around to creating yet, and we're more than happy to take requests. As far as the second case, assume that you had this awesome polka dot idea, and then posted it on our boards and drew a picture of it. If, at some point down the road, through sheer coincidence, we were to make that colour, then you may be a little irritated that we "took" your idea and used it without credit. Things like that make Lawyerbot go whirring around the office in a frenzy, even if the idea was freely offered to us with permission to use it. This is pretty much why we discourage players from submitting art to us with non-existent colours, just so this kind of misunderstanding doesn't happen.

As far as NC (or NP) items go, you're welcome to vaguely make requests of things, like "a suit of armor" or "a pretty orange sunset," but not specific stuff like "a coat of arms with two yellow Draiks fighting." Basically, the difference between a natural idea that may occur to anyone and a specific creative idea.

Hi, TNT. Once, when I had gotten a Plushie Petpet Paint Brush from the Grundo Warehouse, I went to the Petpet Puddle to paint my Petpet. However, when I got there to paint my Weeble, my paint brush wasn't there! I tried refreshing it for quite some time, but it still wasn't there! So, I ended up putting it in my shop. Is there any reason why this happened? (Don't include my username.) ~username removed
When you go to the Petpet Puddle, only the paint brushes that can be used on your Petpets will appear. Since Weebles can't be painted plushie, that paint brush wasn't offered as an option. Be sure to check out the "All Petpet Colours" page at the Rainbow Pool to see what available combinations there are.

Goodness, TNT! I finally thought that I'd come up with a good design for my one Kougra, and then I log on to find that there is now a paint brush for it. Now everyone is going to think that I stole my idea from the Eventide Paint Brush! I promise, I can be creative sometimes. D: Also, happy January. This month needs more holidays. ~i__am_awesome
Now you know how we feel sometimes! D: Great minds often think alike. :)

Will you please end this Editorial with Dr. Sloth petting a Pink Snowbunny? *Puppyblew eyes* ~seapearl00
We, uh... tried to get them to pose, but then this happened. We're unlikely to try it again, as the counselling the witnesses needed afterward was rather expensive.

Not to mention that horrible burnt fur smell...

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