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Hi, TNT. I've got a strange question that's bothering me today. Say User One accidentally offered an expensive item on User Two's Trading Post lot. User Two accepts, but then User One politely asks them to give the item back. Would User Two have to give the item back? Thanks, and please leave out my username. ~username removed
While it would be kind of User Two to do so, they are under no obligation by any rule to undo any part of a trade that was made and completed without any falsehood or attempt to scam.

*singing* T.N.T., you're dynamite! *stands on top of chair* What would happen if someone were to lend you an expensive avatar item for free and then the Pant Devil stole the item from your inventory? Could you be frozen for something like that? ~username removed
The lender should report the situation to staff and confirm that that is, indeed, what happened, verifying that the person isn't lying about what happened to the item. If a Random Event actually did claim the item, well... that's life in Neopia. The person who it was lent to is not responsible for the cost of the item (unless there was an agreement made in advance), so as always, don't lend anything that you can't afford to lose!

Hiya, TNT! So, say I am so super lucky to find a paint brush lying around on the floor whilst on my side account: is it okay if I send this over to my main account to sell? Not that I would ever be so lucky, but I am quite nosey, so I want to know the answer anyway! Please remove my username, also. :) ~username removed
Is this the anonymous edition of the Editorial or something? o_O Anyway, anything from Random Events on any account is yours to keep, as you can't control getting them. So yes, send it off to your main and enjoy your good luck. :)

I recently spoke to the support staff for Neopets Premium and was informed that you would no longer be able to renew your Premium subscription through the company as of January 4th. Do you plan on cancelling the Premium services altogether? I would really like to know what you guys are planning. After the recent closure of Treasure Keepers I am very worried. ~emaciate
Nope! Premium is not being cancelled. New signups will be turned off around January 4th to make way for an updated Neopets Subscription service. (This new service won't be available for a couple of months, but all new signups will be disabled.) Any existing accounts should continue being billed throughout the time we're launching our new Neopets service, though. We're checking in with the Neopets Premium support staff to confirm. Hold tight! We'll update you as soon as we get confirmation.

Please keep any panicking
to a minimum. Thank you!

Hey, so you know how, when you change a few things on Neopets and you're happy with it, but then sometimes feel like you're going to miss the old thing that you fixed? Well, I was thinking about the unconverted Neopets or whatever you call them... well, my best friend had a UC Neopet, but then when she painted it royal it was normal. She was not in the mood to do anything later. So I was thinking that, when you go to the Rainbow Pool to paint a Neopet pirate / Halloween / faerie / royal, etc., perhaps you could have a choice of keeping it normal or unconverted. That would make my friend really happy. :) ~tulituli9025
Whoops. :X There is no possible way for unconverted Neopets to be created by any means. It's just artwork that hasn't been updated, not a type of colour. Therefore, when you paint an unconverted Neopet, it's going to become whatever the current artwork for that colour is. There is no way to paint a Neopet and have the unconverted aspect preserved, and that is not a functionality we have any plans to change.

Hey, TNT! Can you please confirm if this is a reportable offence? I've noticed users putting the item "Pirate Krawk Plushie" into auctions for over three million Neopoints, the approximate price for a "Magical Pirate Krawk Plushie." Is this considered scamming, since an unwitting Neopian might make a bid, only to realize that they spent two million Neopoints on a simple plushie? ): Thanks, and please remove my username. ~username removed
If they are purposefully attempting to trick someone for their own profit, then yes, it's scamming and you may report them.

I read on a website that, when a user tries to transfer a Lutari, it simply disappears. Will the owner lose the Lutari and not be able to ever get it back again? ~stygimoloch_12
If a player attempts to abandon their Lutari in the Pound, then they will, indeed, run off and disappear into the wild forever. Transferring a Lutari is not possible, as there is no option to do so on the page, which means they won't run away (though they may be cross at their owner for a few days for even thinking about it).

My question is for Dragona: out of all your socks, do you actually wear any of them? If so, do you ever wear mismatched socks? I do it all the time. :D ~neondahlia
All yours, Dragona!

"Yep, I do wear socks, though they often have quite a few nibbled holes in them. And yes, I usually wear them mismatched. For example, today I'm wearing one white and yellow duck sock that has plastic googly eyes, while the other sock is my personal favourite, a dark grey sock featuring Jiji the cat." ~ Dragona

TNT, I am seriously disappointed by your lack of love for the Ponka Petpet species. These adorable little birds can't be painted, despite how awesome a Plushie Ponka would look. Can something be done to remedy this? :C (Also, new Naleap colours would be amazing.) Happy Holidays! ~cupuhtea
You're quite right that a plushie version would be rather adorable. We have informed the Content Department of your Plushie Ponka request! They also let us know that there's already a new Naleap colour on the way.

Now, you said that if someone abandoned the Neopet they chose as their dream Neopet and someone else owns them, that Neopet is then disqualified. What if they moved the Neopet to a side or it was with a different account for a little bit but is back to the original account before Christmas? ~perduco
Hypothetically speaking, if you return the Neopet to the original account before Day of Giving eve, then everything should be fine and it would not be disqualified.

Hello, TNT! I've seen Petpets called Winged Kookiths. I'm kind of confused here. Will there be a Winged Petpet Paint Brush? ~rebeccansb
Unlikely. Some Petpets are unique colours, such as the Winged Kookith or the Spring Snowbunny. These Petpets are only available through special means, and cannot be painted such colours.

Hi TNT, can you please, PLEASE, PLEASE end this Editorial with a rectangular-shaped clock? THANK YOU! ~luvdwayulie
o_O You guys have the most bizarre requests...

Hrm, I'm more of a trapezoid, aren't I?


I just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas from my whole family. I've been playing for over ten years now; my husband used to play years ago, but has been playing for a few years on his current account and our little girl who is nearly three has only just started her account and already loves Neopets. She especially loves Duelling Decks and telling me what all of the numbers are, along with playing Kacheek Seek with her Neopets. So, from all of us (even the one year old, who doesn't have an account yet but loves watching me play Key Quest), thank you and happy Christmas. ~willowkreng

Dear TNT,
When I was applying to my top choice college two months ago, I was faced with the prompt "Tell us about something you do for the pleasure of it." Neopets was, of course, the first thing that popped into my head. I proceeded to describe the wonderful, wacky world of Neopia, which was almost impossible to do in just 100 words. Today, I found out that I was accepted to this school! I just wanted to give my deepest gratitude to you all, TNT, for creating this amazing place that I have been fortunate enough to have in my life. It has taught me so much and become such vital part of who I am. I love you guys! Happy Holidays! *heart* ~username removed

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