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You know TNT, I have been really jealous of some of the neopians out there that have the stamp avatars, just because they are so hard to get. And then I thought that if stamps could be removed from your albums, more of the rare ones would be on the market. Any chance of us being able to remove stamps from our albums? ~jeancgirl
"just because they are so hard to get" Consequently, if we made the stamps removeable (and therefore being able to be traded to other players so they could get the avatar too) then the very reason you covet them so much would be lost, as they would no longer be so difficult and noteworthy to obtain. And just imagine all the boards of players asking to borrow as well. x_X No, we think it's just fine the way it is.

*sweetly makes pouty face* Why doesn't Lulu get a smilie? ~silly_mistake
We didn't realise anyone wanted one. :) We'll fix that.

Hey TNT, is there a way to start over in Habitarium? Because I carpeted every available inch of floorspace in my Habitarium with bacon bits and now I can't get it to load. :* I regret nothing! (but if you help me start over, I promise I won't do it again...) ~fuscare
You can write into support to ask for assistance with your loading issue. :) Also, the mental image of you covering your Habitarium entirely in bacon had us in fits of laughter. You're a player after our own hearts. :)

Hello. Ahem. Is it possible at all, to retrieve a DELETED (not frozen) account!!??(exclamation marks times infinity) Is it!!? (Remove username please) ~username removed
If you well and truly mean a purged (deleted) account and not a frozen one, then no, the account is entirely gone and cannot be retrieved. Purging does free up the username though, so the account could be remade (at least in name), though none of the trophies, Neopets, or any other part of the account would still exist. It'd be just like any other newly made account.

Dear TNT, why is it when you get a warning all your topics just disappear? It's kind of annoying to me. ~rebeccansb
Generally we clear all posts when we warn an account. That way you aren't warned twice for the same thing by different monitors, and it clears any other messages that may have been warn-worthy. Basically, once you get a warning, you get a clean slate so we can better see if you've taken the warning to heart, or plan on ignoring it. ;)

What's up Dudes and Dudettes of TNT!! My daughter was playing on the site and was visiting The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity. She asked me if she visited it enough, would it turn her Neopet into a Blue Grundo. This made me laugh for a second and then I thought..."Hey. It is a magical plushie, after all." Could this be a possible side effect from visiting this poor lonely plushie? My daughter is asking nicely, with Baby Lupe eyes. ~darkstormer666
Aggh! Not the baby Lupe eyes! Nuuuuu... awwww. :) While that is a clever thought, we've never heard of such a thing happening while visiting the abandoned little plushie. Some think he lacks any special powers at all, but some of us know better. *wink*

The Editorial will return in full length next week,
but for now, we're off to do this!

Though one last warm fuzzy before we leave for Thanksgiving...

Hello, TNT. As of this past October, I have been on this site for ten years... The majority of my life. I have no clue what kind of person I would be without you guys. I don't even know what words to use to explain how much I love you and this site and everyone here. When I was little, you gave me motivation to learn to read, type, and do math. I got a little older, and learned how to balance my money, earn quickly, save, and eventually painted my first pet. Then I learned to code, I learned to play the stock market... And now I role play with my best friend, I spend hours thinking up backstories for my pets, I spend even longer drawing them. Art is what I was born for, and I don't know if I'd have figured that out were it not for Neopets. Thank you, TNT, the players, and everyone who makes Neopets the site it is now. *heart* Here's to another ten! ~stormschool
T_T Oh dear, someone must be cutting onions nearby. *gets tissue* Seriously though, nothing makes us more happy than hearing about all the positive experiences players have had on our site. :)

PS: If you're doing any travelling this week, please drive safe and have a wonderful time. See you all Monday!

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