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Hey TNT, I read in an earlier Editorial that (of course) if you solved the Wishing Well avatar, you wouldn't be allowed to profit from it in any way. However, could I tell people the solution in exchange for being lent items like the Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie (TCG), Super Attack Pea, Zafara Double Agent Plushie, etc.? Technically I wouldn't be profiting, just raising my avatar collection number. ^^ ~janna1018
Nice attempt at a loophole, but no, you'd still be "charging" people for the answer, even if you didn't keep the item.

Why won't you guys admit that Jelly world exists? ~neondahlia
Because it doesn't?

Can I draw my Neopet in a costume that is not from Neopia for the Beauty Contest? Please remove my username. ~username removed
Yes, that's just fine, as long as it isn't a copywritten costume or character.

Alright TNT, seriously -- I loved the old round circle that used to be behind Neopets. Back when things were a whole lot simpler... those were the days. Can we have it back? Please? Pretty please? Make it a background? That would be awesome. Thanks. :) You Rock! *insert disco Rock here* YAY! ~twistam
Actually, it's already a wearable background. It's in the NC Mall area reserved for players that have older accounts.

YO, TNT! So, I was reading old Editorials the other day when I came across a very interesting question:

"Dear TNT,
Does the staff always get along? X3 ~dawlly"

To which you replied:

"Ever since the great pizza incident of 2005, we do our best to behave ourselves, but we do have our days... that's what leftover ketchup packets and Nerf weaponry are for."

So, here is my question: what was the great incident of 2005? @.@. (so confused) ~josieaurora
We, uhh... mobbed the pizza man coming out of the elevator and fought over the pizza that we had ripped from his hands. *hangs head in shame* After that day, a very irate Sweets (she's like the TNT den mother) had to lock us in the office area every time food was delivered. *looks over at Sweets sheepishly*

Someone has to keep them under control.
Luckily, they're all scared of me.

I noticed that a lot of old merchandise of Altador characters mentions "Talador." Was this just the original spelling of Altador or what? ~twistam
Yes. We changed it after the creation of the TCG cards, but before the creation of Altador itself, hence the discrepancy.

In the new Neopedia articles about Brynn and Hanso I noticed that, in Brynn's article, it says that she is the colour red. I thought Brynn was orange; she certainly looks like it. Can you clear this up for me, please? ~pie_man_aa
Apparently one of our writers needs to make some monitor colour adjustments! You're quite right that she is orange. :) We'll try to get that fixed soon.

Hi there, TNT! I know this is pretty random, but... is there ANYTHING a user who is under 18 can do to help you guys make Neopets better? I really want to help out somehow, and I feel that sending in reports and tickets isn't helping much. Is there anything I can do? ~ging_bob
There's plenty you can do. :) You can be the best Neopian you can, answer questions for newbies, be honest with your transactions, and report and ignore the trolls. Every time you do well by others, you do well by all of Neopia. :)

Quick question: if I enter the Neohome Spotlight competition, am I competing only against entries from this week, or entries from the previous week also? ~mommymu
You'll be competing against any entries in our database, which can range from very recent to considerably older if they haven't been purged or have been saved by the judge for future consideration.

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Poor Bruno... anyhow. My question: on average, how many questions are sent in to the Editorial every week? Also, is there only one Editor to look through them all (if so, I feel SO sorry or you), or is there a team of you that answer? Have some chocolate while you ponder. *hands a Dark Chocolate Kougra* ~karen_mckenzie
Thanks for the chocolate (and Bruno had it coming; he should know not to drink strange potions by now). We have one poor soul that reads through and selects the questions (this week there were 700), though answering them all is very much a team effort, as it requires input from a lot of different departments.

Hi, TNT! *throws some water* I have a short question regarding the new water Jetsam. How can a water Neopet swim in water? ~boer_claas
The same way the Waterfish does: incredible surface tension.

*waves fin mysteriously*
You accept this explanation without further thought or logic.

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