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Hey TNT, I've been wondering this for some time: if your account gets frozen, will you be unable to get on Petpet Park, too? Oh, and please remove my username. ~username removed
In most cases no, but it can happen if the account is frozen for having a bad username, or if the infraction is considered incredibly severe.

Hey! I was wondering if you are allowed to advertise for someone else, like for their Beauty Contest or Caption Contest entry. I know you can't "sell" advertising, but how about doing it for free? You know, to have my signature say, "Vote for (Username)'s CC!" and then have the link? ~dcoolb
No. Please only advertise your own entries for such contests.

Hey TNT, I was just wondering if the Forgotten Shore daily is allowed on side accounts? Since you have to buy the map first, isn't it kinda like the Lab Map, where you can have it on as many accounts as you'd like? Thanks! P.S.: JELLY WORLD EXISTS, OKAY!? *wishes for Pirate Draik Egg* ~livvy020
No, the Lab Map doesn't give items, which is why it's allowed on side accounts. You may only do the Forgotten Shore daily on your main account, as is the case with most other dailies. Also, you may want to seek professional help if you're going to keep insisting Jelly World exists.

Sometimes I see people on the Neoboards frantically posting, "MISPRICED AUCTIONS! HELP AND I'LL GIVE YOU A FULL REFUND." I was wondering if this could be considered a scam, because it's all-too-easy for a nice member to help bump up the price but not receive the refund. Please leave my username out. Thanks. ~username removed
It's certainly risky, but unless it's happening suspiciously often, or the person indeed doesn't live up to their agreement of a full refund, we wouldn't consider it a scam. As always, it's nice to be helpful to other players, but do understand the risks of such assistance.

Hi, TNT! I painted my Pteri baby and now it's an egg. Will it hatch in due time so that I can play with it, feed it, groom it, and everything else? As it's an egg right now, I can't do much with it. ~klaute
Alas, the baby Pteri is just an egg. It's kind of a joke. It's a static image, so it won't ever hatch or anything. You can always check to see what a Neopet will look like after painting it at the Rainbow Pool.

There's plenty of things you can do with an egg, though!
Like... competitive bench sitting.

Maractite plushies? *puppy eyes* ~blueaisha43
Not the puppy eyes! Anything but the puppy ey... awwww. Sure!

Hello, TNT. *tosses birthday cake* Recently, every time I login, I get a message telling me that I haven't logged on in a while, and to enter my birthday as a security precaution. I play every day. Is this some sort of glitch, or should I be worried? Thanks for your answer. ~iloveblackcats
We've added a new feature that allows players to further protect their accounts by having to enter their birthday when logging in from an unfamiliar location. You can stop this from happening by visiting the Preferences page and deselecting the box by "Login Birthday Prompt."

Does Balthazar have a tail? Different things on the site disagree with each other on this topic. For example, in Extreme Herder or the Battledome he does not, however the Inflatable Balthazar in the Battledome does, as do the Balthazar-themed items. ~kirara_twotail
Being a Lupe, Balthazar does indeed have a tail. Over the years his art has gradually changed, of course, and it seems it depends on the image an artist references when they draw him that results in whether he's shown with or without a tail. So, despite any imagery, lore-wise he does have one.

*throws smelly cheese* Hi, TNT! Just a simple question: which came first, the Draik or the Draik egg? ~babyducklings
In this case, the Draik came first. ;D We designed the Neopets before drawing eggs for them. :D

Is it possible to paint a Petpet a different color and keep the current species after they have been zapped by the Petpet Lab Ray? For example: let's say I zap a Petpet into a Faerie Wibreth, but I want an Island Wibreth. Can I paint the Petpet island and have it stay a Wibreth? ~_toffey_
Sorry, any Petpet that has been zapped by the Petpet Lab Ray cannot be painted, even if it's been zapped back to what it was before it got zapped. The only way to lose the zapped status (and make the Petpet paintable again) is to remove it and reattach it. Removing it, of course, reverts it back to its original form.

Yo, TNT. So, I was recently looking around the site and noticed an item called the Decanter of Death. Databases have no data on it, and the description doesn't help to say what it is. Using it on a Neopet doesn't make anything happen, but it's equippable. What does this item do? Please help, guys.
According to our Battledome queen, the Decanter of Death is a one-time use Battledome weapon that does approximately 2 fire, 2 water, 2-3 earth, 3 darkness damage, and has a chance to defend all light. It seems it was accidentally flagged as a drinkable potion, hence the lack of anything happening when imbibed. It's solely for use in the Battledome, and should no longer offer you the option to use on your Neopet.

So yes, the above item is NOT for drinking.

Oooh this looks good!

Bruno! Stop! We just said--

I'm feeling a little strange...
Great. Just great. You'd think you'd have learned
your lesson by now with all this. *sigh*


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