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Hey, TNT. *hands a bunch of stuff* I was curious. Since you guys do sooo much for us and the site (to keep it awesome! :D ), I was wondering: how many people work for Neopets? (Just out of curiosity, since you guys are AWESOME!) ~doggybird55
We have over one hundred employees working here, including some that work on all of our properties (Neopets, Petpet Park, and Monkey Quest), though most only work on specific ones.

Hey, dynamite. (Heh, see what I did there?) Anyway, my friend recently gave me all of her account information when I told her that I was back on Neopets after leaving for two years. We had joined together about four years ago, and I never asked her for her information or anything. She simply gave it to me and said that I could have it. She has several nice things on this account. I understand that taking the account is against the rules, but I would really hate to see all of those items go to waste. Would it be against the rules to give the items away to random users through the boards? I don't want to be frozen, and I really need some help. Thanks! ~allison_m102
As nice as it sounds, please never access an account that you didn't create yourself. We have no way of knowing if an account that isn't yours was given to you or if you took it. Accessing accounts that do not belong to you is a surefire way to get all of the accounts involved frozen, regardless of the situation behind it.

Hey thur, TNT. I'm not going to throw anything at you because throwing stuff is mean. I was wondering, though: most (actually, let's change that to almost all) of the wigs you release for Neopets that aren't species-specific are obviously geared toward female Neopets. There also seems to be a lot more dresses and flowery kinds of clothes than there are masculine clothes. While I'm a girl, all of my Neopets are male, and they'd like to have nice hair, too. Maybe we could get some more wigs that could easily be used by Neopets of either gender? Thanks! 8D ~leslierulesbaby2
Hmm... you have quite a good point there. We'll pass your request on to the Content Department and artists. :)

Hey, TNT! Is it possible to get a Krawk Petpet from the Wheel of Mediocrity?
Alas, no. The Wheel of Mediocrity doesn't receive nearly enough funding to provide such an excellent prize as that. It's rare enough that the Petpet shop there gets them!

Hi there, TNT. I've been writing an article for The Neopian Times the last few weeks (I'm a slow writer), and I was wondering: assuming that it's on the same subject as the article, are we allowed to link to or advertise a Petpage in an article? ~diamondsableye_8
As long as the Petpage isn't questionable in nature, that should be fine. If the Petpage is not yours, though, we certainly encourage you to get permission before using it in an article or basing your article entirely off the Petpage.

Good luck! May the White Weewoo be with you.

Are we allowed to give our Neopets on side accounts books to read? ~blueaisha43
Certainly! Just (as always) make sure the funds come from your main account. :)

Dear TNT,
It has come to my attention recently that some users have expressed belief in a world made entirely of jelly. That's right, JELLY. Could you do us all a favour and quash this silliness now? I mean, who would believe in a world made of jelly? What utter nonsense! ~karategirlhelen10

Indeed. We just don't understand why players keep insisting upon the existence of such a ridiculous world. We're glad that there are rational Neopians such as yourself who reject such silly theories.

Hi, TNT! *throws squids* First of all, some thanks. I've noticed that you are releasing lots of Neopoint wearables, even more than last year. Thank you very much! I can't wait for more dresses, shoes, shirts, etc. Second: I really liked the Krawk Island event, and the prizes were wonderful! We appreciate your effort. :) Now, to my question: when did the first idea about that event appear? When did you start making it, and when did you finish it? That's all. Thanks again, you're the best! ~leo_flores
Even smaller events take several months of effort. We had the idea back in late 2010, and have been activitely creating it since late March, working on it right up to and throughout the Krawk Island transition. Out of everything that it entailed, the most time-consuming part was creating the Sudoku puzzle aspect.

P.S.: We're glad you're enjoying the wearables!

Would an option to remove avatars from your collection ever be possible? ~badgerbagshot
We're assuming that you mean in addition to the ones you can "lose" and regain, like the Emo Usuki avatar. This is highly unlikely, as we can't say that it's a much-requested feature, and honestly there's other things we'd prefer to lend our programming time to.

HEYZ YOU TNT GUYZ! *throws Onion Balm* COMPLETELY random question: what is the square root of onion? ~kimiko18634
Onions are round. But! If you were to put a small onion in the ground in a square box and watered it, we suppose you could get a square root of onion. If anyone does this, please send pics!

Great job on the Krawk Island revamp, I must say. I noticed, however, that The Treasure of the Black Pawkeet's map isn't *ahem* quite up to date yet. Any plans on some love for that? ~ivie_outrage
We noticed that, too, while gleefully clicking around the links of the snazzy new Krawk Island (like Warf Wharf!). We've already put it on our art makeover todo list. :)

Hey, TNT. I won't throw anything at you; I'll just get straight to the question. I spend pretty much all of my free time on Neopets, and because of this I have gotten a couple of friends who I know in real life to create accounts, because it's probably the best, most surefire way to get in touch with me. When I talk with these friends through Neomail, we sometimes use each others' full real names, talk about our schools by name, and even, on occasion, make plans to have sleepovers and remind each other of our home addresses. I would never give any of this information to anyone who I only know online, and I know it is against the rules of Neopets to do so. I'm just wondering if I am putting myself at risk of being warned or frozen by talking about these things with my friends. Thanks for answering my question, and please remove my username. ~username removed
While we totally appreciate that you talk with real life friends on Neopets (we do too!), please understand that our Support Staff really has no way of knowing if you're making plans with your friend or if you just shared sensitive information with a stranger over the Internet. So, if you have to send personal information to your friends, please use email or some other method so that we don't have to get all worried about you. :)

Why can't there be Cinnamonfish? We could then combine Breadfish and Butterfish with them! ~princess_redbow
Dear Neopets Content Department,
Please hire this girl!

The Editorial Staff

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