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'Ello, TNT! How many submissions did you get for the 500th issue of The Neopian Times compared to all the other normal (but still super-awesome) issues? ~0range_luver
We haven't kept track of exactly how many, but considering you guys have been sending in entries for the 500th issue since April, it's been A LOT.

*zaps TNT* I know you're not allowed to earn Neopoints on your sides, but can we redeem the free lab map piece on our side if we're going to use it for getting the lab on it? Thanks! ~juicedlime
No, you may not redeem this code on side accounts, even if your intent is not to sell it.

*throws Wishing Well* How many times can your account be silenced before it is permanently silenced? ~_only9lives_
There is no set number. It's up to the judgment of our monitors and support staff, and depends on the severity of the chat infraction.

Hi, TNT! I was wondering: if someone's Neopet was female and they zapped her (changing her gender), would it still be okay to dress her / him in female clothes, since she'll always be a girl to the owner? I mean, it wouldn't be considered inappropriate enough to warrant a reprimand, right? Thanks! Please remove my username. ^_^ ~username removed
You can dress your Neopets in any clothing you desire. Clothing is not limited by gender, either via functionality or site rules.

If you want to report someone but are afraid to, are you "safe" from that person? Please remove my username. ~username removed
Reports are completely anonymous. You can also block the player as an extra measure.

Dearest TNT,
I adore being a Premium member - I'll never regret signing up. I do have one question, though: do you plan to update the Neopets Portal sometime in the future? The art and list of dailies are outdated, plus the Portal could do with some extra features (perhaps a preview of the user's Habitarium, for example). I'm sure all Premium members would appreciate the update. :) -love- ~xx_wolf_xx_cub_xx

We are planning to update the Premium service, though at this time we can't offer a time frame. We do appreciate you guys sticking through thick and thin, and hope you'll be happy with the improved service once it's updated. :)

I noticed that we can search for the Faerie Uni Plushie on the Shop Wizard, but I cannot find any of them anywhere. Is there a problem with its rarity not being set, or being set too high, perhaps? ~shadowman2004
It looks like it didn't have an assigned rarity. It is now available as an r96 in the Plushie Palace. :)

Oh happy day!

Hi there, TNT! *throws Yooyu* GOOOOOOAL! Anyway, I love the new swamp gas color, and I hope you guys introduce it to more species soon. :) I was wondering: is swamp gas a Lab Ray color, or do we have to buy the snazzy new paint brush? Thanks! ~zooginz
Swamp gas is a paint brush colour. TrillionFTW released some through trades to get them into the economy quicker. :) Good luck!

Giving away those lab map pieces proved to be quite nice (and chaotic). Trades were going up all over and people were buying them like crazy. I don't know if you meant to celebrate AND throw Neopia's trading community into chaos, but it was fun. Thanks! :D Oh, and please remove my username if you use this. :) ~username removed
We figured you guys could use a little extra excitement! ;D

Dear TNT, I was curious as to why there's only a 25K limit for Beauty Contest uploads. Shrinking a large picture down to the established limit doesn't do a lot of justice for most pictures. Is there any way the limit could be upgraded? Or if not, any reason why it's so low? Thanks! (and please leave my name out) ~username removed
Egads, 25k isn't much, is it? We looked into how much space the Beauty Contest entries were using and we decided to increase the limit to 75k! We'll continue monitoring it to see if any unforeseen issues crop up due to the change.

If you broke a rule but didn't know at the time that it was a rule, and you told TNT that you didn't know, would you be forgiven? ~skittyfan100
It all depends on the site monitors to make that call. That's also what first time warnings are for too. Just a heads up that a certain topic or behavior or whatnot isn't allowed on the site. Also, you don't need to Neomail support every time you accidentally play Kiko Match on your side account. We do understand little slip ups happen, just don't make a habit of them or only "accidentally" do it with avatar games, etc. ;D

Hullo, TNT! :) Thanks so much for all the fun trades / auctions this past week. As for the trades - the two times I ended up offering I never received a notification when another offer was accepted. Therefore, in my Inventory, it still says that those items are being "Traded" (even though they aren't). They're not terribly important, but I'd like to move them out of the way. :D Thanks! ~violentbanana
Sorry about that! According to TrillionFTW, sometimes the trades lagged due to the thousands of offers that were made. If your item is still "stuck" in the Trading Post, try using the link at the bottom of the Trading Post to free it up. We've also heard that just clicking on the item in the Inventory can sometimes help un-stick it as well.

Hi, TNT! So, what with all the "double customs" on the Pound Chat? I see people asking for two customs on two different Neopets for their single pet. Usually this means that they want two Draik customs for their one real word-named Neopet. To me, this seems a bit fishy, but I'm no expert. What do you think? Please remove my username. :) ~username removed
Neopets may only be traded 1:1. You may not do double customs.

So, to receive the Neopian Times Writer avatar, can it be ANY submission that gets into the Times? (For example, do Editorials count or not?) ~ginny_weasley575
Alas, Editorials still don't count. Sorry! But to make it up to you, someone wanted to make a special appearance for the 500th issue!


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