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Hey there, Neopets Team. *tentatively hands you plate of cookies* I was just curious: are we allowed to create a comic series, even though it might not be hilarious? I think dramatic comics should be allowed in as well. ;) I have a great story idea and have made some good headway on it, but I'd rather draw it, not write it. Thanks for answering! ^^ ~setrawr
Dramatic comic series are all right, though some element of wit or humor is preferred. We have had some featured in the past few months. Go forth! Be brilliant!

I have been playing for a long time and I just noticed something for the first time ever. The first line of The National Neopian Bank's description says, "Since any Neopoints you carry with you can be stolen by rabid Mutant Kadoaties or . . . the National Neopian is here to keep those hard-earned Neopoints safe!" My Gelert would like to sue the bank for false advertising, as we have personally been robbed a few times by said Kadoaties and seen our on-hand Neopoint counts go negative. This means that not even the bank protects from said Kadoaties, and therefore we would like restitution. Thank you. ~jcurve98
Lawyerbot says to fill out forms NP-12344A, NP-3434B, C, E, and W, as well as triple notarized copies of form NP-34783443C if you'd like to issue a complaint.

*throws you a lot of hot air* Does my Neopet have to be "carrying" dubloons with him / her in order to see any items at the Smugglers Cove? ~actorkerry
No. If there's an item at the Smugglers Cove, then it will be visible regardless of whether you have a dubloon on hand or not. Of course, if one does see an item there and their Neopet didn't bring any dubloons, then he or she may weep bitterly. We know we would.

Where in the world do you get rare items? Like, Faerie Paint Brushes and stuff? I see them in the auctions! I explore a lot, too. Do you have any hints / clues on how to gain these items?!? ~swift_air
Rare items can be received through Random Events, but a quicker way to get them might be to build your own fortune by investing your Neopoints wisely. Remember to buy low, sell high, and never fall for scams. If someone says they want access to your account (or your password) and that, in return, they'll give you an item, don't believe them. It's always a scam. If you play smart (and by the rules), find some good guides (there's plenty of great Petpages to help you), and trust your instincts, then soon you'll be the one auctioning off paint brushes. :)

So, I've been writing a story with a friend for submission, and we noticed that the maximum word count for an entry is 50,000. We're just wondering: has anyone ever actually submitted a story with fifty thousand words? That seems a bit... long. ~kimmyfied
Nope! We've never gotten an article or series part that was quite that large... although some series have been novel length when you add up all the parts!

It was the best of Neopian Times, it was the worst of Neopian Times...

Hi there! Hypothetically speaking, how would a person fix it if they accidentally submitted an article to The Neopian Times that she (erm, or he) had worked on with a Neofriend but totally forgot to add a note that it was a joint contribution? I KNOW that she (or he *cough* yes) REALLY didn't mean to! ~sarmay77
Please just resubmit the entry with a note and we'll read the updated version. :)

Why aren't there ANY zombie shopkeepers? ~24turtle
It seems it was just never added to the list of colours for shopkeepers. If you manually search "zombie" you'll find there are currently eight to choose from.

*hands adorable Wuzzer* Hey, TNT! I was just thinking about how there are all of these two-in-one Petpets like Noilkeets, and I was wondering if you guys had ever thought about doing this with Neopets. Like a Kyria (Kyrii / Chia), a Drawk (Krawk / Draik), or a Gelupe (Lupe / Gelert). Just a suggestion. ~rollo545
It's not something we're considering, as the art repercussions would be... massive, to say the least.

The minimum someone can donate to the Wishing Well is one Neopoint and the maximum is 99,999 NPs. That means, if someone were to donate each number once a day, it would take 99,999 days to find the Wishing Well avatar, right? :D ~prada_prince
As well as costing quite a bit of Neopoints! If you think that's the way to get this avatar, we suggest getting organised and working together. :)

I've read somewhere that we aren't supposed to send Neopoints to side accounts to buy stuff; rather, we should just buy the item(s) on a main account and send it / them over. Well, my mom has a book Gallery on her side account, so she decided to go ahead and send the NPs for the cheapest grimoire to her side account. It's a good thing she did, because we then realized it was a non-tradable item! Basically, my question is: since this is an item that can't be sent anywhere, it's okay to buy it from a side account, right? ~sassygirlygirl3792
Normally we don't want you purchasing items from the Hidden Tower on your side accounts, but as the items are no sell / no trade, we're willing to make an exception for them. Also, you can send Neopoints to your side accounts; there's no rule against it. We'd just prefer that you send items when convenient rather than juggle NP around.

On the Neoboards, is using the dung emoticon in place of what would be a swear word against the rules? Please remove my username. Thank you. :3 ~username removed
Very much so. Don't be surprised if you find yourself silenced from using chat smilies inappropriately.

I was curious about the process that goes into retiring an item, and how you decide which items to retire? ~hicoolguy
Usually it's older site items that have horribly outdated art, or very low rarities and don't really do much aside from clogging up Neopian shops.

Are you planning to update any of the artwork for older items like Disturbing Gelatin or Haunted Salad? :) ~shannonrivergirl233
BUAHAHAHAHA. Those aren't old items. They're just the product of one of our Artists' Day Off.

Hi, TNT! I was working on my Gallery and noticed that there are quite a few different types of violins, plus some different types of cellos. Could you please make some different violas? It's just that violas are kind of awesomely amazing... or, at least, some more types of cellos. Thanks. ~codswobble
We agree, Violas are awesome! Here are some more for you to enjoy!

Viola now comes in Sassy Pink, Gothic Purple, and She's-so-going-to-kill-us Green!

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