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*throws tons of cookies to get everyone's attention* Now, during the Halloween trick or treat bags this past year, the Elegant Princess Amira Cape was released and everyone really loved it. You guys then recalled it, saying that it hadn't been intended for release! What are you guys doing with all of those gorgeous capes? Don't you think all of us deserve to dress up our Neopets in them, as well? ~christian_ashley
Don't worry. We're already considering another way to release the Elegant Princess Amira Cape. :)

Dear TNT,
*passes out random rainbow foods* I (along with many others, I'm sure) have been wondering: WHAT IS THE FOUNTAIN FAERIE'S PROPER NAME? Does she even have one? If not, could you please make up a name for her, or come up with a small Neopedia article giving us a hint as to what it could be? I simply must know! Thank you for the consideration! ~midnight_star411

Her name is Naia. :) If you'd like to know more about the faeries, you can visit this page.

Hi, TNT. :) I was lucky enough to get a Fountain Faerie Quest now that the faeries are back, but I've noticed that the color transparent doesn't seem to be an option at the Rainbow Fountain as yet. Any chance it'll be included there soon? ~mortimae
Yes, we'll be adding that colour to the Rainbow Fountain soon. Hooray!

Sorry if someone has already asked this question in an earlier Editorial, but what happened to Hoban, Captain Tuan, or First Mate Shumi after the Cyodrake's Gaze plot ended? Thanks. ~notlost
They're still going about their business, trading and shipping supplies, plus eating hearty meals.

Hey, TNT! I must say that I've grown somewhat fond of the new filter's automatic formatting concept, but I don't see why so many codes are blocked by the filter! I don't understand how you guys could possibly block opacity. Could you talk to the programmers about adding support for opacity, as well as many of the new CSS3 properties while they're at it? :) It would be great if we could use all of the new webkit codes and more! ~styled
According to our programmers, we're going to be adding more CSS3 properties and HTML5 elements in the future.

Hi, TNT! *tosses cookies* Will "a red Scorchio tail" ever be the answer to the Mystery Pic? ~loheugene35
Haha. We actually did make that the answer once for a good laugh, because there were always about six people a week who answered with that. x_X

Hey, TNT! I love the new Shenkuu Warrior 2! On Level 4, you get these weird lantern thingies. What are they, and what do they do? This has been bugging me for some time. Thanks! ~mbfanaa667
The balloons allow the princess to make an inflatable ledge by hitting the spacebar. Each balloon can make five ledges.

I really hope I don't pop that balloon with this...

Hello, TNT! *offers cookies* First of all, thank you for this amazing site. :D Now, I have a question that's been bothering me for a long time. I know it is against the rules to access your account from multiple computers, but could you please explain why that's the case? For example: if you are traveling, is it okay to use the hotel's computer to check on your Neopets? Also, let's say you access the site from your computer, but eventually you buy a new one and start using that computer to come to Neopets. Would that be against the rules? Please answer so I can get a new computer! XD (please remove my username) ~username removed
... o.O Huh? You're more than welcome to access your account from multiple computers. Just please be cautious using public computers; always be sure you log out of your account and make certain that your password isn't saved.

Hi, TNT! *gives you cookies* :D I was wondering something. Have you noticed that, when someone on the Trading Post types a long message in their wishlist (such as "1,000 NP pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeee"), it stretches the page sideways? Could you make it so that the extra letters drop to the next line instead? I was just wondering if you were aware of this, or if there was anything you could do to fix it, as it's quite annoying to the rest of us. :) Thanks! ~la_la_93_1992
We agree, that is rather annoying. We've talked to the programmers and this is a change you can expect to see.

Hey, TNT. I won't throw anything at you; I'm sure you're all bruised enough as it is. The Deserted Fairground's page says that it might have been a lot of fun before something drove everyone away. What could that have been? I'm very curious. (: ~tanikagillam
It's a story that's not for the faint of heart or the very young. You have been warned! You can read about that dark night here.

*throws Meepits about* Hello! So, on the Neopian Pound boards, people often create boards about "losing a Neopet in the Pound," like when they try and fail to Pound transfer their Neopets to another account. Would it be considered harassment to post the name of the Neopet that you "lost," or the name of the person who "caught" your Neopet? I've heard from some people that it is and from others that it isn't. Personally, I think it could be considered harassment, because other people may feel the need to take it upon themselves to Neomail the new owner and harass them into giving the Neopet back, but I'm not sure, and I don't think I've seen anything in the rules about it. Thank you, and please remove my username! :) ~username removed
We can't think of any legitimate reason why you would name the person that caught your Neopet in the Pound, except to have others socially pressure them into relinquishing the Neopet that they got in a fair snag. Therefore, please, leave their name out of it and deal with them directly.

Hiya, TNT! I've been working on a story in which I portray my yellow Blumaroo as being Halloween (since I don't have enough Neopoints for the paint brush yet). If I do this, will my submission be rejected because my Blumaroo really isn't painted? Please clear this confusing issue up for me, as it's making my head spin. Thanks! *throws cookies* ~horsehannah_2_2_2
That's just fine. :)

First of all, *throws a stamp at you* thank you for releasing the stamps (slowly but surely) and trying to make them more available. I feel like it won't make a big difference, however, because the richer Neopians will always win the auctions. They will then either a.) use the stamps themselves and therefore they'll be gone forever, or b.) sell them for their own price, which would be around the same price to ensure them a profit. So, as much as I appreciate you guys trying to do something, do you really think this will help at all? ~xmidnightdreamzx
The issue with the old r101 stamps that were given away through competitions like Lenny Conondrum and Better Than You is that, since stamps are placed in albums and basically consumed, they are nearly extinct in the economy. Players can save up for them for years and still never see one for sale at all. We understand that stamp avatars are among the most difficult ones to acquire, and we salute those who have managed to get them as they are certainly not cheap or easy acquire, and one cannot borrow them for an avatar, either. It was with that in mind that we decided to have them auctioned off. If we gave them away through the Lenny Conundrum contest again, that would be like rewarding players with countless millions for answering a single math question. While part of the game is occasionally getting that lucky item worth millions that tumbles into your lap, we'd rather not just give them out like that. It would also devalue the stamp for those who have spent tens or hundreds of millions to purchase them already. This way, it's an effective Neopoint sink (which, remember, will make your Neopoints worth more when there's less NP in the economy) and it does not devalue the stamps, but still puts them into the economy. We've thought about the best way to do this for a very, very long time, and we feel confident that this is the best solution. Also, we're keeping a close eye on the auction. If we find that the player who wins the stamp is a cheater, their account will then be frozen and we'll auction the stamp again, since our intention is to get the stamp into the economy or, preferably, the album of a stamp / avatar collector. :)

I think mr.coconut should be given back to us PRONTO. He's part of the Editorial's signature look! At the very LEAST he should be replaced with another mr.something. ~chestnuttiger787
The debate still rages in the Editorial, with seemingly equal halves shouting for his return and begging that he stay away. For now, we'll try to follow your advice!

Introducing... mr.bagel!

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