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Bat Thing Usuki has been released, correct? It's just so rare as an r100 that it has never made it to market, right, or has it not actually been released? Please remove my username. I do not want to attract attention from the Bat Thing. Thank you. ~username removed
It's best that you don't attract its attention. Good thinking! It has been released (although unleashed upon Neopia might be a better description). With a rarity of 100, however, it is seldom seen (which is probably for the best). Could you imagine the mass hysteria that would occur if it did appear?

So, I know Lutari Island's been closed because of this "really bad storm." That storm's been going on for, like, a year! Are those poor Lutaris ever going to see sunshine again?!? ~iloveharvestmoon98
Bah, that's nothing. There's a storm on Jupiter that's been going on for about 350 years now. Hopefully it won't take that long for the storm over Lutari Island to pass. Don't worry, though, we haven't forgotten about it. :)

Hi, TNT! I've noticed that some members on the Pound Chat stopped advertising other people's Neopets being up for trade without them there for a little while (sadly, it seems to have started again) and when I asked about this I was directed to an old Editorial. I was wondering: is it against the rules to advertise someone else's Neopet as being up for adoption? Obviously you would get permission first, but since you said it wasn't okay for trading I was wondering about adopting. Is it not okay at all, or okay in some situations? Like, if I list someone else's Neopet in my hypothetical agency of UFA Neopets, or if I link to someone else's agency? Thanks! ~luv_my_pets_666
Adoption agencies are still fine, as long as there are no extreme application processes going on. If you have permission from a player to assist in adopting out their Neopet, then it's fine to post about it. The reason we allow this is that the person seeking the Neopet has nothing much to lose, except for a reasonable amount of time and effort spent explaining why they would be a good owner to the Neopet.

'Eloooo, TNT! So is, like, Jelly World--*is attacked by screaming Christmas Meepits and a loudspeaker sounds powerfully* Ahem... so, I noticed that practically all of the Art Gallery winners are images created with computer programs. Does old school art even have a chance at winning? ~_x_bjork_x_
Indeed it does. The Art Gallery competition welcomes and encourages art of all kinds. Less than 2% of our submissions are created using traditional mediums, however, making it seem like we prefer digital art.

*hands out cookies* So, I've been told by many players that you get kicked off the site once you have a few million Neopoints in the bank. Is this true? I'm getting close to "the magic number" and I really don't wanna lose my account. :( Please remove my username. Thanks! ~username removed
Sorry, our first mental response to this was: o.O? We will now offer the more informative response that no, we do not kick you off the site for having too many Neopoints. There are players that have literally hundreds of millions of Neopoints in the bank and they're still here. :) So, no worries!

So, on the boards users are always discussing the "Oldbies." That made me curious: among the current staff, who has been working there the longest and for how long? :) ~bbsachel
It seems Sweets holds the trophy for longest-tenured Neostaff member still working with us. She's been a member of the team since day one in California. Give her a hand!

No really, start clapping.
You don't want to see her angry.
Trust us.

TNT, when some stamps were recently made, they did not have "Stamp" in their name. For the stamps created on the 8th, their names were "Ruins of Faerieland" and "Fyoras Castle." There are also "Glowing Brain Tree," "Holographic Coltzans Shrine," "Holographic Sakhmet City," "Midnight Desert Lupe," and "Neopia Central Scene." These are real stamps! Please add "Stamp" to their names! ~morph150
Done AND done. Thank you for being very specific about which stamps had this issue. It helps us a lot when people send specific information rather than vague comments / questions.

So, how many members of TNT are wearing a hat today? ~quaxidly
We ran around the office to check, and we have three baseball cap wearers (including El Picklesaur), two staffers wearing newsboy hats, and we found Dragona lurking around wearing a knit hat that resembles an owl. It's... staring at us as we work. O.O

Hello, dearest TNT! I have noticed that I have never seen the "Frosted Window Foreground" on any Neopet! I searched for it and it didn't show up! Just curious if it has been released or not. Thanks for all of y'all's hard work! ~battlekid94810
Yep, it's released. We even tested it ourselves. It's a rare prize that you have a chance to find when opening either a Christmas Gnorbu Stocking or a Christmas Peophin Stocking. Also, it's r101, so it doesn't show up in the results of the Neopets search box.

I was reading the Neopedia the other day when I stumbled upon an article about Kalora (the Kau). At one part, it said, "Slowly, she crept along the creaky wooden floors, stopping occasionally to make cricket sounds (don't ask)." I just have to ask, though... why? ~frenchtoasts
Because everyone knows that, if crickets are chirping, then there aren't any other noises! Therefore if she's sneaking, and crickets can be heard, then there clearly can't be any other sounds that would suggest a Kau is sneaking about. See? It makes perfect sense!

Heeeey, TNT :) I recently adopted a lovely Christmas Flotsam from The Pound that was just calling to me. I love him dearly, but I know he's missing some accessories (namely antlers and a nice little wreath for a scarf) and I think they would look really great on him. I know that if you adopt a Neopet it doesn't have any wearables on it, but I was wondering: is there a way to reset this, or would I have to paint him again? Thanks. :) ~another_note
Sorry, you'd need to repaint him to get the clothing.

May I have the honor of wrapping up the Editorial section? :) Play us off, mr.coconut! ~statedglory
Yes, you may.


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